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Sound issue with NEO-Z83-4 (Fix at page 2, #32)

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4' started by jsward12, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    It seems that the new Realtek driver is very buggy,
    we shall reflect this to them.
  2. jsward12

    jsward12 New Member

    @Villa yep so far so good. Sorry for the delay in my response!
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  3. zzpaulkzz

    zzpaulkzz New Member

    Awesome support here. Just got my Neo and was dismayed to here that 'thump thump'. Driver updated and problem gone. Thanks.
  4. redcat

    redcat New Member


    The sound issue is not solved with this update. I still have no sound sometimes (very frequentlly i f not all days in 5 days at least 4 wih no sound) when I turn on the device. To get sound I need to turn off the unit and then turn on again to get the sound. I need a permanent fix for all the unit problems but untill now NON of the unit problems was solved since the day that get the device.

    By the way my TV is a LG 32LF5800
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  5. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    It's not an update, it's a driver downgrade.
    Have you assigned the audio output device to your TV?
    You should return it if you are having various problems that are affecting your use.
  6. Zee007

    Zee007 New Member

    I tried this and still have the same issue. My driver was already up to date. What now?
  7. redcat

    redcat New Member

    Hi Ken,

    Yes the audio output is assigned to my TV LG 32LF5800.
  8. KDB

    KDB New Member

    I had the thump thump issues too. Just applied the audio driver fix and no more random speaker thumps. Thanks Ken!
  9. zurabi

    zurabi New Member

    Thank's a lot! Now issue is fixed already.
  10. Zee007

    Zee007 New Member

    I have the same issue on my bluetooth speaker only. If i plug in the Minix to a TV it works fine, but not via a bluetooth speaker. But the speaker works great with several other devices (PC's, Macs, phones etc).

    Any solution? The bluetooth driver is up to date.
  11. Nelson Chavez

    Nelson Chavez New Member

    I was refer here by MINIX I purchased a MINIX Z83-4 and I have no sound, error says no "audio output device is installed" I don't even see an audio device in my device manger just a bunch of unknown devices, could you please help?
    I have reset the PC as advice by MINIX but no improvement.

  12. Omac1981

    Omac1981 New Member

    Playing audio via HDMi through my TV or via a bluetooth speaker is no problem. However, when I try plugging headphones or my amplifier through the headphone jack output at the back of the minix box, it does not work and I get no sound at all. Can you please advise?
  13. Warobaz

    Warobaz New Member

  14. rgstewart01

    rgstewart01 New Member

    I'm having a similar problem, but I'm not getting two 'thumps', I'm getting three loud pops, then the sound cuts out. I downloaded the file from this thread, updated the driver and restarted, but it's still happening. It only seems to be doing it after the computer has been on for a while. If I turn the speakers off and back on I get sound again, but only for a short amount of time - then it's the three pops and silence again.
  15. Sem

    Sem New Member

    sorry, at the risk of sounding daft. how do I assign audio output to my TV?
  16. DylanE

    DylanE New Member

    After a bit of research I have figured out that this sound issue is related to the power management of the audio chip. It switches off to save power after 30 sec of inactivity and the "thump thump" sound happens when the audio chip is powered up again. You can switch off the audio power management for the latest driver by changing the following registry settings to "0":

    The exact registry key may differ on your minix but you can search for it. For documentation on this check out the attached PDF.

    While you are fiddling around with the registry you can also get rid of the annoying popup warning you about damaging your hearing when you turn up the volume by changing the following registry setting to "0":

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