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Sound Output Issue after sleep/reboot

Discussion in '[Bugtracker] NEO X8/X8-H 002 beta 8 firmware' started by Silverback, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Silverback

    Silverback Member

    Minix NEO X8-H
    Beta 2 Rom flashed via OTG
    Wifi On
    Bluetooth On
    Mele F10 PRO connected
    No SD Card, No USB Drive
    Remote Control on
    Output Sound to USB disabled

    I've noticed that when I put the box to sleep and turn it back on my audio setting changes from hdmi pass-through to spdif pass-through. The exact same thing happens when I reboot. Anybody else notice this?
  2. MuscleMan2000

    MuscleMan2000 Member

    I have experience the same and I can say it have to do with mele f10 pro it's cause the problem for me to and I must reset sound output often, before I use minix a2 remote with no problem at all I have only this problem with mele f10 pro

    Edit: I have it on spdif but it change to pcm for me it's annoying
  3. Waylon

    Waylon Member

    Try Soundabout app from play store. It allows you to define your output and saves it.