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X7 mini SPDIF audio settings (and AirPIN)

Discussion in 'NEO X7 mini' started by Meiner, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Meiner

    Meiner New Member

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to link up my Neo X7 mini to my old stereo, which has a good old chinch stereo input. If output audio via HDMI to my projector and from the 3.5mm audio there to the stereo, everything works fine. However, this means I always need to have the projector on to play some music with the projector off (using AirPIN, which works fine itself).

    Instead, I have now tried to use the optical SPDIF output and an SPDIF to stereo converter (search "Swees Audio converter Digital (Toslink and Koaxial) to Analog (Cinch)" on amazon.de). However, for some reason I failed to get any sound.

    What are the settings I would need to output all sound via the optical SPDIF connector? In particular, in the two different settings apps, I have the options of
    • RK29_RT5616
    • Rockchip-SPDIF
    • RK29_RT5616 & Rockchip-SPDIF
    • Rockchip-SPDIF passthrough
    • RK29_RT5616 5Point1 Multichannel
    and in the other one
    • Default device
    • SPDIF passthrough
    • HDMI bitstream
    Can someone explain what these mean and which one to use for my case? Or is the SPDIF to stereo converter not compatible with the protocol that is generated by the X7 mini? My understanding was that SPDIF is equivalent to PCM 2.0, which I think this device should support?

    Other option is of course that the new SPDIF to stereo converter is simply broken. Any ideas how to test this in the absence of any other SPDIF/TOSLINK devices?

    Any hints appreciated! Thanks a lot!

    - this is the latest -250 firmware (Android 4.4.2) - in case this matters.
    - I'm not using any XMBC, SPMC or KODI