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SPMC 16.x (KODI) modified for Rockchip

Discussion in 'General Rockchip ( x5mini/x5/x7/x7mini )' started by HardwareGuru, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Hello everyone,

    After a lot of requests i made a modified version of SPMC 16.x
    Passtrough works for X5 and X7 series.
    *Tested on the Forum Kitklat CE firmwares.

    Please note that we will not maintain it as a bugfix version.
    This will not replace the "XBMC for MINIX" !
    You get what it is.
    When a newer version comes out we will do our best to make make it work again.



    See attachment, apply patch and compile spmc as usual.

    Best regards,
    Forum CE Team


    Attached Files:

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  2. Molle

    Molle Member

    My setup:
    • Minix Neo X7
    • Wasser-2.0.3 ROM w/ oc'd kernel and patched boot image
    • Marantz NR-1602 receiver connected with HDMI only
    Status: OK (see below)
    • Multi-channel DD/DTS passthrough works
    • Audio sync is ok with stereo soundtracks
    • Occasionally DD or DTS soundtracks are recognised as 2.0 stereo when a clip starts and there's no sound. Stopping and restarting the clip usually fixes it.
    • Audio is exactly 0,5 seconds off-sync with multi-channel soundtracks. Setting audio offset ahead by 0,500s fixes this.
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  3. krpes

    krpes New Member

    Can you post the settings you need to have configured, both Minix, SPMC and/or Android settings? I had it working (downloaded from X7 fw thread), but had to reboot device and then I lost all sound.

    My setup:
    - Minix X7 with latest stock FW (OTA)
    - HDMI connection to TV
    - Sonos Playbar (DD capable, not DTS) connected to TV, TV has passthrough (works with other sources also)

    This is how I got it working:

    - SPMC -> System -> Settings and Audio Output: checked "Enable passthrough" and "Dolby Digital (AC3) capable reciever". I did not check Enable dolby digital (AC3) transcoding or DTS Capable speaker. All other on default, aka 2.0 channel sound etc.

    - Minix settings: RK29_RT5616 5POINT1 MULTICHANNEL selected as output device.

    Rebooted. Now I had stereo sound working properly, but DD 5.1 was totally silent. Then I went into Android -> Sound settings and selected output device as "HDMI Bitstreams" -> works, get DD 5.1 and also stereo sound works.

    When I first got it working I did exactly same way, but after reboot I think sound was set to "RK29_RT5616" in Minix settings and I had no sound whatsoever. About Molle's 0.5 sec off-sync: I suspect same, but haven't watched much 5.1 channel yet.

    Ps. Great work on making this work, thumbs up :)
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  4. FestivusOz

    FestivusOz New Member

    Hello HWG (all),

    Long time reader and previous poster on old forums. Not had to read or post on these forums for a long time as the CE edition firmware from HWG, Gufone and Kar was excellent. Created a new account to say thanks for this release.

    My setup:
    Minix X7 (stock 250) --> Denon 4311c (via USB) --> LG 60LA6230

    I never had issues with Minix XBMC 13.3 (video,audio, multi audio except for audio offset) however in the last few weeks I have installed Emby server to manage multiple Kodi database. The Emby add-on was compatible with Kodi 14+. I had tried SPMC v15.2 and got video issue. I had just done some research @Molle had posted that SPMC 14.2 might be the solution and stumbled across this. Works flawlessly with Audio, Video and Emby in the little testing done with video, emby and audio (stereo, dd5.1 and dts). Thanks.

    @krpes I would enable AC3 and DTS if your AVR can transcode them. Also I thought it was a known issue that sound is lost on reboot and you need to go into Android sound settings and select/reselect default audio until you hear it return then select bitstream. HWG note that I also sometimes loose sound after playing DTS or DD5.1 followed by stereo then have to repeat this process to get sound back. I suspect this is a known fault. Annoying as the wife/family complain and can't fix it. Compared to where we started with this box trivial. So again thanks.
  5. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback guys
  6. Phil

    Phil New Member

    I have neo X7 with FW010. HDMI connection to Harman Kardon 5.1 amp. Vizio 55" tv via HDMI to the amp. 1080p video is smooth - no issues. DTS and Dolby Digital recognized - no delays for the 5 samples I tried. Just the standard passthrough settings on Neo & SPMC work fine. Fantastic. I've been waiting a long time for this - THANKS!!! I hope to muster up the courage one day to upgrade to kitkat :)
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  7. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

  8. Rodrigo Martinez

    Rodrigo Martinez New Member

    My setup:
    • Minix Neo X7 mINI
    • X7Mini kitkat 250
    • Onkyo TX-SR578 SPDIF (audio) HDMI (video only)
    Status: OK (see below)
    • Multi-channel DD/DTS passthrough works
    • Audio sync is ok in most cases
    • Audio is delayed some times with multi-channel. Setting audio offset ahead fixes this.
    I will continue testing it, thanks!!!
  9. scrabble

    scrabble Member

  10. Noct

    Noct New Member

    I just updated to 16.2 on my X7 Mini and overall it's working well, but I am still having a few issues:
    - Occasional force close immediately after the end of a video.
    - Stereo upmixing isn't working. I'm getting no sound through rear speakers when listening to a 2 channel stereo source.

    Anyone have any tips or ideas?
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  11. sviet2k

    sviet2k New Member


    I have a Tronsmart box RK3288 and really disappointed of the support.
    Then I am looking for other box (not the Shield) that can play correctly DTS and AC3 .

    I just tried this SPMC 16.2 on RK 3288 box and has white noise in the television speakers but my receiver can play correctly AC3 (Very impressive)

    Here is my setup:
    • Tronsmart -> TV via HDMI -> Receiver via SPDIF (My TV has SPDIF output)
    • Enable pass-trough option
    Android Kit kat:
    • HDMI bi-stream
    • Receiver can play correctly AC3
    • There is white noise from speakers of TV then I have to mute TV. Is there an option to turn off the sound to the TV automatically ?
    I need your help to propose me a Minix model that KODI/SPMC can play correctly DTS/AC3 and there is no white noise on TV speakers.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. ryadre

    ryadre New Member

    Unfortunately I didn't have much luck. X7 with wassers rom with spdif to my older onkyo amp. Have been using spmc 14.2 which Has been working well. Tried this new version but the audio still drops out every so often with pass through and surround sound. It would also delete my skin settings each time I exited and turned kodi back on. I have now reverted back to trusty spmc 14.2 and is working well again. Such a shame as I had high hopes it would work for me after waiting for a solution. Thanks anyway for your work.
  13. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    I only test our own firmwares.. why it does not work on wasser i dont know.
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  14. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    This version is for rk3066 and 3188.. so you are lucky that at least one thing works :)
    * the minix u1 i can advice if you want everything to work
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  15. EagleEye

    EagleEye Active Member

    He HWG can you test latest SPMC? it has s/w deinterlace build in maybe nice for IPTV channels. but not sure it will effect audio ?
  16. sviet2k

    sviet2k New Member

    You are right that I am very lucky that AC3 is working.
    Thanks a lot for your advice. I will take a look on the Amlogic U1.
  17. gvega

    gvega New Member

    pvr simpleclient or any pvr is working on those vrsions of spmc how can i make it work?
  18. Phil

    Phil New Member

    Update - some problems. Flac files sometimes just stop and either go to the next song or resume playing after a 1 or 2 second delay. The original Minix XBMC does not act the same playing the same files. Haven't noticed any problems with videos though. So I still use the original XBMC for my stuff (ie. music and owned movies) and only use SPMC for video add-ons that don't work on the older XBMC.
  19. giko

    giko New Member

    No PVR IPTV simple client addon built-in?
  20. jowharfazal

    jowharfazal New Member

    My setup:
    • Minix Neo X7 Mini
    • Wasser Firmware
    • TV connected with HDMI Cable
    • Onkyo receiver connected with Optical Cable
    Status: Working Perfect :)
    • Multi-channel DD/DTS passthrough works
    • Audio is slightly out of sync, but with a setting of 0.175 ahead, corrects it.
    • Occasionally DD or DTS soundtracks get cut for a split-second.
    I used to have SPMC from semperpax website which had, after it was upgraded to 16, DD/DTS passthrough stopped working.

    With this version, every thing works just FINE!
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