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Static pop/clicking sound

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by Valentino25, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. silvapa

    silvapa New Member

    I haven't done anything yet. It is a new problem. I have another neo u1 in a different configuration with no problems. This is a new neo u1. I will start working on it today.
    The configuration that works without any issues is (my other neo u1):

    neo - hdmi - tv
    tv - optical - denon receiver

    I will post the results of my investigation ...
  2. Valentino25

    Valentino25 New Member

    Okay! I have exact the same configuration right now.

    Minix - Hdmi - Tv
    Tv - Optical - Sony receiver

    Looking forward to you're post!

    Have a good one.
  3. newbie99

    newbie99 Moderator Moderator

    so you will also test the older U1 at the new scenario (where you now have the audio problem with the newer U1)?
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  4. silvapa

    silvapa New Member

    I will test the older U1 in the new scenario and the new U1 in the working scenario.
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  5. silvapa

    silvapa New Member

    Solved! Open Kodi - select System - select Settings - select System - select Audio Output - make sure you activate "Enable Dolby Digital transcoding"

    The problem is gone.
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  6. Valentino25

    Valentino25 New Member

    Hi Silvapa!

    Great! :D im going to try that to when i am at home! thanks for commenting and have a great day!

  7. Valentino25

    Valentino25 New Member

    I tried what you have done, but still the ticking sound.
    I'm pulling my hair out right now, this is insane.
    I guess i need to live with this random ticking sound, mayby when there is a new update it will be gone for me.. i just don't know what i can do more, i am trying for 4 days now.

    Thanks everybody for the help tho.

  8. silvapa

    silvapa New Member

    Maybe you have other config different from mine. I will post my U1 audio config.
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  9. Johno102

    Johno102 Active Member

    Just to be clear, are you getting the clicking and popping you describe in all apps e.g. Youtube or is it just in Kodi 16.1 and with multichannel audio?
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  10. Valentino25

    Valentino25 New Member

    Yes, i get the ticking sound in all apps. Everything that has audio, not only Kodi.

  11. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member

    do you get your ticking sound if the minix is just sitting there apparently doing nothing ?

    have you checked you have no obscure notifications coming in from other apps you may have...?

    does the volume of the ticking noises change as you change the volume on your minix and or tv ?
  12. Valentino25

    Valentino25 New Member

    Hi, Frederick_99!

    No, it only occurs when there is playing audio. When i go trough the menu there is no static ticking sound whatsoever.

    I turned of the Alarm sounds and Notification sounds, i have only media on at the moment.

    Good question, yes! when i increase the volume the static tick will become louder, so it go's with the volume.

    I also have tried different audio cables for my reciever speakers (JBL 5.1) to check if the cables are mayby broken or something is wrong with it, but it does'nt matter, still having that ticking sound.

    I am going to try hooking up my bluray player, play a movie to see if that also has problems.

    Thanks for helping out!
    When this is solved i am going to buy a cake and celebrate it lol :p

    Okay, i have tried my Blurayplayer and don't get the static tick problem there.

    Also, when the Minix is connected, when i turn the volume up and down on my reciever you can hear the static tick sound also when there is no audio playing, not so loud but you can hear it when you are close to the speakers.

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  13. Frederick_99

    Frederick_99 Well-Known Member

    weird.....so this happens with two U1's you have tried, would be very unusual to have two " faulty" units.

    i assume you are trying this with different audio/video files to completely eliminate that variable....

    if so I would suspect outside interference of some kind....so the other constants are your TV, cables and the environment

    can you try the same TV set up somewhere else in the house, and also with a different TV ?
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  14. Valentino25

    Valentino25 New Member

    Silvapa was the one with 2 U1's. I have just one :)

    Yes, have tried almost anything now, mayby it has something to do with my internet i don't know, i will try later to figure that out, pretty done for now to be honest, almost 4 days trying to fix this issue. When i search in Google for static noise problems i allways see that it has to do with Software. I will wait for the next update and see what will happen.

    I don't have another tv so that is not a option, i can mayby try something at my friend's house.

    I will update when i got this solved, thanks everybody for the good effort!

  15. silvapa

    silvapa New Member

    Hi Valentino. The definitive solution I found to end all audio issues in Kodi was using XBMC.

    My final config is: minix hdmi > receiver > TV

    I have selected hdmi as digital outup device on the minix config. XBMC is in passthrough mode. The receiver is doing all the audio decoding.
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  16. PurpleT

    PurpleT New Member

    Hi Valentino,

    You're not alone for having keen ears or a good sound system.

    I can also hear a soft, random static pop/ticking/clicking noise coming from the speakers when playing music and watching movies with the Minix U1. I've attached a YouTube video below that shows the sampling rate fluctuating between 47.999khz and 48.000khz, which I suppose is related to the ticking noise.

    In the video, the Minix U1 is connected via optical cable to an Audiolab M-DAC with a screen display that shows bit depth and sampling rate of the digital audio signal coming from the Minix U1. Music is playing over Kodi from a USB stick plugged into the Minix U1.

    I've also tried playing music with other apps that streams from the internet. Same ticking noise.

    I've tried connecting the Minix U1 to another DAC with another optical cable, another amplifier and another pair of speakers. Same ticking noise at random.

    I've tried using an Amazon Fire TV over the same setup, no ticking whatsoever. And the sampling rate was stable at 48.000khz. The sound was flawless.

    I've had the ticking noise with the Minix U1 since day 1. The sampling rate used to be stuck at 47.999khz. 3 weeks has passed and today the sampling rate is bouncing between 47.999khz and 48.000khz. The ticking/clicking noise has not gone away.

    I went back to the dealer to get it exchanged with a new unit, came home and the annoying noise is still ticking randomly with the new unit, sampling rate stuck at 47.999khz.

    I'm suspecting that the internal clock needs some weeks or months of running in to get it from 47.999khz (stuck), to 47.999khz - 48.000khz (bouncing), to 48.000khz (stable) before the ticking noise would go away.

    I'm hoping the day would come soon and the ticking noise would go away.

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  17. Sonce

    Sonce New Member


    I have exactly the same problem as Valentino25. Little different setup, but same outcome. Few days ago I bought Neo U1 and immediately updated firmware to NEO U1 FW011, so I have no knowledge if the same problem exists in previous versions. Its subtle but very annoying problem so any advice (or solution) would be much appreciated! Thanks
  18. Martin 123

    Martin 123 New Member

    Hi same clicking problem here with minix neo u1, I have tried on HDMI to TV to amplifier through toslink optical cable and from minix to amplifier through optical and on a different TV and AVR with same problem in all scenarios.
  19. Sonce

    Sonce New Member


    Today I investigated a little farther. Problem persists no matter what I do or how I connect the device. I also changed firmware to the previous version NEO U1 FW010 without any success. So it seems it’s not a software problem. I have made small audio sample for you to hear it. Curiously I discovered that it has a pattern, clicking sound occurs every seven seconds as you can hear! Thanks

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  20. Martin 123

    Martin 123 New Member

    Hi I have found similar issue on the internet with older model of Minix: "Turn on your device and then pul of hdmi cable, then pul it on. No more cracking sound. You have to do the same procedure every time after turning of device. So i don't turn of, mine is always on." (I have not tested that yet, but I will try this ASAP).