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Static pop/clicking sound

Discussion in 'NEO U1' started by Valentino25, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. Martin 123

    Martin 123 New Member

    Unfortunately this is not working :(
  2. mehgurd

    mehgurd New Member

    Hello all. "Glad" I came across this topic, I too am experiencing this issue!
    I have the latest firmware installed but have been noticing this issue on all previous firmwares I had installed on the box.

    My setup:
    Minix U1 -> HDMI -> TV
    Minix U1 -> Optical Cable -> Panasonic Receiver

    I have the same "click" sound that other users have been describing here.
    In my experience the intensity of clicking sounds depends on the amount or frequency or type of audio that is being passed through the optical cable.
    For example, yesterday, I was watching a 5.1 movie in XBMC. When there is a scene with (almost) NO audio, I never have a clicking sound. When there is a scene with high audio intensity, I get a LOT of clicks, like every 10 seconds sometimes.
    I would like to point out that the clicking sound for me does not seem to be present ALL the time in a fixed sequence (like someone else described here).

    I can also tell you that I also have the same setup when I play PS4 (I just switch the optical cable to the PS4) and I NEVER had any clicking/ticking sounds, whatsoever.
    I can also tell you that the Minix U1 replaces and old media player I had, in the same setup, and ALSO, I did NOT have any clicking/ticking sounds, whatsoever.

    I really would like to hear some of the devs/mods feedback on this as this clearly is a universal issue for users connecting their minix to a receiver using an optical cable.
    I'm also quite sure that even more people have this issue but I think lots of people just ignore it because they think they're watching a bad rip or their media server is glitching.

    I REALLY hope we can get this issue pinpointed and solved as it's starting to annoy quite a lot.
    Feel free to ask me any more questions of possible solutions or diagnostics.
  3. Martin 123

    Martin 123 New Member

    Hi today I have made factory default reset, but with no effect. In my scenario there is a 7 to 10 second click pattern but with variable intensity (sometimes it is barely noticeable).
  4. mehgurd

    mehgurd New Member

    Follow up message. I also tried the youtube app and have the same clicking sound.

    I used a very good youtube audio test video for troubleshooting:

    I can NOW confirm a similar pattern as described above: around each 7/8 second I get a clicking sound!
    Maybe other people can confirm this finding? Will make a video of my user experience if nothing really helpful gets posted here!

    ALSO. I can confirm that this has NOTHING to do with the digital audio out!
    I completely turned off my receiver and even disconnected the optical out cable and the same clicking sound appears thru my TV speakers. TV is connected to the minix using a regular HDMI cable.

    I've conducted the above youtube test on my PS4 -> Optic Cable -> Receiver setup and had literally 0 clicks/pops during the test so this IS 100% a Minix related issue. Not Optic cable, Not receiver, Not Xbmx, Not Kodi but Minix (or Android).

    Will continue to troubleshoot. Hope we can get a dev in here to tackle this with us as I'm getting really fed up with this annoyance!
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017
  5. Martin 123

    Martin 123 New Member

    Hi, I can confirm same clicking in 7 second intervals here but sometimes it starts at 7th second sometimes at 11th second of the test. Some clicks are loud and some are quiet but all are annoying...
  6. bitweasel

    bitweasel New Member

    As a data point, I binned a different Amlogic box because of noisy/terrible HDMI audio out - bad sound, with dropouts. I don't have a way to get multichannel audio to my amp over optical.

    The minix is not audio perfection, but I'm not hearing ticks or pops. My speakers are essentially not replaceable (no longer manufactured; when I needed to replace a tweeter it took a year to source the part) so if I'm hearing distortion or harsh noises from something in the chain, it goes away.

    My setup is

    Minix -> bluray player -> video to tv
    -> bluray player -> audio to 5 channel integrated amplifier

    I almost never use the volume control on the minix - since it's routed to the integrated, it runs at full output volume either on purpose or over the passthrough for multichannel tracks.

    In this setup, I am not hearing clicks.

    The wrinkle here is that the bluray player has analog outputs, so I'm using its DAC to run 2 or multichannel out to the amp - there's no optical path handoff.

    I don't know how many bluray players have HDMI in as well as out, but if that's an option for someone experiencing this problem to test eliminating the optical handoff, it might be worth a try to see if the issue is all the spdif or only some.

    I do have a 2 channel optical DAC, I can try setting that up and running it to the amp input to see if I have the issue on my system.
  7. bitweasel

    bitweasel New Member

    So, I ran some tests. I recently reverted from the 011 firmware to the 009 firmware, and doing so also reverts Kodi to 16.2.

    In that configuration, SPDIF was showing periodic dropouts on multichannel digital audio - DTS 2.0 was OK on SPDIF for me, but not DTS 5.1 or DD 5.1. Once I set up to look at that I also found that on the multichannel tracks, HDMI was dropping out.


    I then went ahead and upgraded Kodi to the 2016-09-11 Minix Kodi variant, which had been working well for me in most contexts. Doing so resolved the issues both on SPDIF and HDMI, still running within firmware 009A.

    I don't know how relevant my audio routing is to anyone else, of course. The SPDIF DAC in question has some ability to work with dolby audio streams - it mixes them down to 2 channel only, though.
  8. mehgurd

    mehgurd New Member

    @bitweasel altho I do appreciate you keep this topic alive, I think we are talking about a different problem here.
    I really don't have any audio dropouts. As you can read in my post above here, the clicking noise is not even related to Kodi or SPDIF.
    Can you try downloading the Youtube app from the play store and play the above youtube movie I posted and write down your findings here?

    @Minix team, can we get some official feedback here from fe. @MINIX - Ken or @MINIX - John ? I think the issue is fairly easy to reproduce.
  9. mehgurd

    mehgurd New Member

    I've been browsing the web for some possible causes for audio clicks and their solution and this article should be a check-off for the devs: http://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/eradicating-pc-audio-clicks-pops

    My main takeaways from the article:
    Clocking problems:
    I really hope this can get investigated asap as I'm getting very annoyed with this.
  10. Sonce

    Sonce New Member

    I send my device back and required a new one. Guess what? New one has the same problem. Perhaps is a little too soon, but one could conclude that this is general problem for Minix Neo U1 (or at least for certain series of this device). Perhaps it’s possible that the majority of users does not pay attention or notices this problem, because they mainly use some sort of passthrough and don’t process sound in Neo U1? Every sound processed by Neo U1 gets pop/clicking sound. I think it’s time for official explanation from Minix. Thanks!
  11. Martin 123

    Martin 123 New Member

    Hello, I am also interested in Minix team opinion about our issue. What should we do? Exchange boxes until we get working one? Or wait for another software upgrade? Someone is reading this thread? Someone is working to resolve this problem?
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
  12. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    We can't reproduce it... have you considered the chance that your unit is just a faulty one?
    I mean... I'm using it almost every day, if there are pop sounds, I would have noticed that for a long long time.
  13. mehgurd

    mehgurd New Member

    Hi @MINIX - Ken , good to see you here. I think its perfectly possible to not notice the clicking/popping sounds if you aren't paying close attention to them.
    FE. yesterday, I watched a documentary and only heard 1 really loud click, for the rest it sounded ok.
    I DO want to believe that my unit is faulty but multiple users have had their units replaced and the same issue persisted.

    Can you confirm that you tried opening this video ( https:// youtu.be/URrEtyFSENc ) in the Youtube app and you have 0 clicks? Can you post a video of that? Maybe your definition of "a pop" is different.
    IF it's possible I would like to have my unit replaced, I will check if that's still possible, I bought it from Amazon a while ago now...

    I really want this issue to be gone or I will be buying a different player anyways, it frustrates me very much. Once you hear it, you cannot unhear it and it takes me out of the movies/series I'm watching!
  14. Martin 123

    Martin 123 New Member

    Hi, are you testing on a recently produced unit or on old one? I mean maybe problem is related only to new units or some series?
  15. KellyND1

    KellyND1 Member

    I've got a new u1. I just started getting these awful static sounds when playing movies in iptv. I I finally tried and turn the enable pass-through off on the sound setting and my problem was solved.
  16. Martin 123

    Martin 123 New Member

    Hi, thanks for a feedback, you mean KODI settings? I have this issue not only in KODI (and I have tried every KODI pass-through setting).
  17. KellyND1

    KellyND1 Member

    Yes, the settings in Kodi. Best of luck to ya.:D
  18. mehgurd

    mehgurd New Member

    I have to disagree on that. Pass-through has been disabled here from the beginning.
  19. Graham Archer

    Graham Archer New Member

    Hi all. I am having the same intermittent click / static sound from my recently purchased minix neo U1. I bought it to replace my 8 h plus which was failing badly. I'm beginning to regret the decision to stay with minix. I've tried all the solutions detailed to remove the noise to no avail. Any suggestions please. It's doing my head in. Minix > Sony receiver > to Sony 4k to all via HDMI.
  20. mehgurd

    mehgurd New Member

    How do we bring this up to the developers?
    This clearly is a COMMON flaw in the Neo U1. I'm getting fed up with how this issue is being ignored and even being put under the carpet.