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Still buffering..... Neo X8h XBMC 13.3

Discussion in 'X8, X8 Plus, X8-H Official Firmware 003' started by Cylon1978, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Cylon1978

    Cylon1978 New Member

    So I tried the beta firmware and the official 001, 002 and 003.
    Guess what, still experiencing buffering movies.
    I have no doubts about my home network, even a older Xtrend 9500 can stream the HD content.
    Tried wired and wireless but still crappy.
    Are more people here experiencing this annoying thing or is it just me.
    Also tried the advancedsettings.xml settings but nothing..

    180 euro's for this piece of S.. bothers me very much..
    I cant use it.


    CANEKiTA New Member

    What are your .xml settings?
  3. wlighter

    wlighter Member

    I am mobile so forgive me if I can't give you my exact settings.

    I have this issue as well previously. This is what I added in the "advance setting" XML

    - buffer size = 150mb
    - buffermode = 1
    - read buffer = 40
    - both curl set to 500

    This works for my network. Some trial and error might be needed depend on your network speed.

    The setting basically force buffer for all media source type and don't turn the connection to slow speed once the cache is full.

    You may refer here for more details
  4. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    What kind of HD contents are you talking about?
    Local area network? Or from the Internet?
    How about file size?
  5. CANEKiT@

    CANEKiT@ New Member

    Was just trying to help you out, you might want to give these .xml settings a try....

    Buffsize: 278921216

    (Create a folder in root of class10 ext_sd card and name it "xbmc_temp")

    < Substitute><from>/storage/emulated/0/android/data/hk.minix.xbmc/files/.xbmc/temp/</from>


    These settings work for me!
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2015
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  6. wlighter

    wlighter Member

    what effect does the path substitution brings?
  7. Gasz2

    Gasz2 New Member

    Thanks for your post. I use your recommendations and now SPMC 14.1 and Minix XBMC 13.3.3 final are working great without any buffering message. I use a WD My Cloud with NFS shares. Until apply those params to advanced settings I could not view any HD content without buffering every little seconds. I could view the same content with ES File Explorer and VLC or MX Player but not with XBMC/SPMC/Kodi.

    Now all is working great !!!!
  8. Cylon1978

    Cylon1978 New Member

    So, finally got some time to try stuff, this is now my .xml file...
    No idea what you mean with curl settings but I tried it anyway (-;


    So guess what, local media and streams work just fine now.
    Not sure if my cachemembuffersize is ok but it seems to work.
    I only had time to test a couple of minutes but its way better then before.

    Thanks all, appreciate your help and patience.
  9. wlighter

    wlighter Member

    The cachemembuffersize can be smaller no worries. My personal setting is 200MB

    The curl setting is correct too. You can tweak the setting by looking at the codec info screen.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2015
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  10. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Why don't they make the default buffer larger?
    I don't understand. It requires no effort.
  11. wlighter

    wlighter Member

    LOL. You tell us. You're part of the MINIX team.
  12. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Are we talking about XBMC?
    We don't touch the core of it.
  13. wlighter

    wlighter Member

    maybe the original xmbc/kodi wanted compatibility with low memory devices.
  14. Cylon1978

    Cylon1978 New Member

    But who is to blame, xbmc or the neo cause it probably has a low ethernet throughput..
  15. Tengujin

    Tengujin Member

    What do you mean with "low ethernet throughput" ?
    the Neo has only a 100mbit port, so the maximum throughput the Neo can handle is around 95mbit (100mbps minus the protocol overhead), which is more than sufficient to handle high bit-rate content (like 4k video which has an average bit-rate of 35-45mbps)

    In the 1st place I would blame xbmc, which has a default video buffer of 20mb, so you definitely will need to tweak this to a higher value to stream internet content problem free (100mb buffer is a decent average).
    On the other hand I don't know what the current TCP window size is on the Neo, as a too small value can also cause slow download speeds, no matter how fast your ISP internet connection is.

    Maybe Ken can check with his team what the TCP window current value is?

  16. wlighter

    wlighter Member

    Since 002 i believe the tcp buffer has been increased.

    Actually, base on my own test there is a caveat to this. Ethernet direct to my main router gave me the expected high throughput as you mention. So that was OK. But when I plug the same X8H ethernet to my Wifi Bridge it suddenly become NOT OK. My test found that TCP is running about half speed of that of UDP. So SMB and NFS that runs on TCP is all getting throughput of around 35-45Mbps. And DLNA which run on UDP gets around 70-80Mbps. I tested the wifi bridge with WDS and Client Bridge mode. At first I thought it was the wifi bridge problem. I plug another device to the wifi bridge and tested the same scenario for SMB and NFS and I get good reading at 70-80Mbps. So its a mystery to me till today why X8H has a lower speed.

    But fortunately I can still work with 35-45Mbps with the help of the above configuration for additionalsettings. Without those configuration, no way. Because I believe the default setting is no buffer for local media stream. The moment the usage suddenly spike momentarily above 35Mbps usually, I will have stuttering. So buffering is a must to smooth out all this.
  17. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    hi, 150MB should be 157286400 instead of 153600???
  18. Cylon1978

    Cylon1978 New Member

    Yes, I changed it later.
    Still buffering when playing big mkv files though..
    But it is way better then before...