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Strange sound problem on wake up.

Discussion in 'Beta Firmware' started by Toshka, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Toshka

    Toshka New Member

    Hi there!

    I have a strange problem with my Minix X-8H. All works fine except one thing. When I turn it off and then back on (after a certain period of time - like after a night or sometimes after just an hour of stand by) there is no sound and the video is really slow on all files. What I have to do is reboot the device (soft reboot with a remote control - not with a power button on the side). Than it goes back to normal.
    Killing all tasks - doesn't help.
    Quitting and restarting XBMC - no effect. The sound is off in the whole system, not just XBMC.

    I use M2 Airmouse, but it is not the sound switching issue as a disabled the USB sound output and neve use the remote control sound.

    I use the oroginal firmware - no betas installed.

    Any ideas?

    Help! Tired of restarting it all the time.
  2. gjs999

    gjs999 Active Member

    You need to update , its a firmware issue
  3. Toshka

    Toshka New Member

    Thanks! Should I take the latest beta?
  4. genem

    genem Active Member

    Or wait a few day's for the final.....otherwise backup and use the beta 2 in the mean time.
  5. Toshka

    Toshka New Member

    Thank you!
    How do you back up the whole system on the box?
  6. genem

    genem Active Member

    Titanium backup from the playstore....