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Subtitle problems with File Managers

Discussion in 'MINIX & General Android Apps' started by mdmrx, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. mdmrx

    mdmrx Member

    there are several file managers-browsers in minix. I have installed one; "solid explorer" which is very practical. It works like a pc. tried "file commander" before too.
    But whether I use es or solid exp or else, if I surf in the software and find a movie file and click on it, it asks me to choose a player. I m chosing Kodi. Movie file starts to play, kodi shows/displays the forced existing subtitles but it never shows external subtitle of my native language which are next to/in the same folder with the movie file..
    I have files on my laptop, on an external hdd attached to Dune media player and another external hdd attached to the minix u9.
    if I go to a movie file on the hdd attached to minix, kodi sees the external subtitles but if I try to play movies on dune or laptop, kodi doesnt see the external subtitles..
    (there is no problem if I browse via Kodi's file manager , it plays n shows subtitles but it is more complicated and sometimes it gives error that "it is out of time"..)

    What I want is, whatelse file browser I use, Kodi must show all subtitles..
    other video softwares are worse.

    anyone knows which setting must I do? thx
  2. CybeRider

    CybeRider Active Member

    It is not an explorer thing. No matter which way you choose to put the movie to play, as long as you use Kodi to play it here are the steps:

    If you are using the default theme in Kodi 17 you will see in the bottom line of the player mode, on the right side 4 icons which are labeled (in English, or translated, and from left to right): Media Info; Bookmarks; Subtitles; Settings.

    The label Subtitles gives you access to the Subtitles add-ons , that allow to find the external ones.

    To browse your own subtitles, in your own private network and devices, you must click that one icon labeled 'Settings', and then 'Audio and Subtitle Settings', and then 'Browse for Subtitles'.

    Hope this helps. :)
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  3. mdmrx

    mdmrx Member

    thx.. when I click "browse for subtitles", there is a blank black screen.. it doesnt see the subtitle which has the same name with the movie file. and on that screen there is no icon for more browse options
  4. CybeRider

    CybeRider Active Member

    Please check in "that screen" that you have the "Enable Subtitles" button activated,

    if you do, Kodi is not seeing your sources...

    Try this:

    Start Kodi and click the center icon in the upper left corner for global settings.
    Click File Manager in there.
    Select Add Source
    Select Browse and choose your source, the place where you kept the movie.

    Working now?
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  5. mdmrx

    mdmrx Member

    yes.. it has already been working..I have mentioned that on my first message..the sentence in paranthesis..
    but kodi sometimes lose connection with network sources, so I want it to work on file managers..
    that s weird.. if kodi starts playing a movie after clicking on a file browser, it must also see the subtitle file which is in the same folder..

    thx... hope to find a solution

    a few tries.. I have added the folders of hdd drive to favorites of Kodi. It has a big icon but name of the folder doesnt fit in the icon. on file manager the option "rename" doesnt work..
    when I chose "rename" I m writing the new name of the hdd, click OK, but no change..
    I think they must work on kodi much more and they must consider the user's criticism..
    or a shortcut of file manager on main page would be better.
    by adding folder to favorites and video.. new shortcuts has appeared.. so it seems I will use kodi's file manager..
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  6. CybeRider

    CybeRider Active Member

    I've been fidling around with some content and subtitles to trace your issue and realised that once you have the content in the same folder of the subs, and the content have the exact same name, except of course for the ending ".xxx" file type id, Kodi does reproduce them together. I used ES File Explorer to lauch the content with several different files and they all worked as expected. So, I'm running out of ideas over here.

  7. mdmrx

    mdmrx Member

    Thx for your tries.
    Subtitles work Fine if I find the video file from hdd attached to minix.
    Problem happens when I try to play video files n Subtitles from other network sources with es or other file Managers.

    No problem with kodis file Manager.
    By chance I see that kodis file Manager also has copy, cut, paste. But in Some cases These options arent seen.
  8. CybeRider

    CybeRider Active Member

    Those options should be seen from a longer click over the file name when you select in the File Manager, should the concerning files have the correct access permissions over the network.

    The simple fact that your shared folders or devices don't get to be automaticly included in the file management inside Kodi, and you have to include the sources manually, drives me to find file management to be a bit tricky in Kodi. I do prefer a more traditional way of managing files, in which you can set an automatic search for available devices and have instant access to the content available and pick what you need from there. I do agree Kodi is a very good, maybe the best, media player, but IMO it is a mediocre file explorer tool. Experts in Kodi will probably have a different opinion though, as can be found in the expertise forums regarding that app.

    However, regarding the subs, it is true that they are not automaticaly displayed in Kodi when you try to play from a different source from regular file explorers. I just checked that over some content I had in shared folder of an old pc over the wifi network. However that was solved once I included the pc as a new Windows source in the Kodi File Manager, instead of starting the file from the Android file explorer, where it was already easily traced. Then, in Kodi, going through Movies, The said pc, Content folder, Movie name, did play it with the subtitles saved with the same name in the movie folder immediately.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
  9. mdmrx

    mdmrx Member

    yesterday I added my external sources to kodi's file manager and then saw that those are now in Video folder of kodi.. also added to favorites.. so instead of other file managers, it seems I will have to get used to kodi file manager :)

    network icons and the name of the folder or device names..

    dune is my other media player.. when I click on it, I see two hdd of dune
    0-zorr is a folder name belong to my laptop
    verbtm is external hdd of minix

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  10. CybeRider

    CybeRider Active Member

    That's the way to go @mdmrx . It can create a truly attractive library. Great job so far! :)
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