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*Success* Fw009 Custom Rom, TWRP, rooted

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by Rawhide85, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Rawhide85

    Rawhide85 Member

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  2. traidory

    traidory Member

    I'm using it, very good:)

    Trimis de pe al meu D6503 folosind Tapatalk
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  3. Essam

    Essam Member

    I am using it too; very good; booting and KODI/SPMC seem (qualitatively not quantitatively) faster; AnTuTu 6 Benchmark slightly over 33000 (iPad Pro 9.7 scores 170500).
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  4. Rawhide85

    Rawhide85 Member

    @traidory, @Essam- Yes it is. I really like how light it is, just the essential apps included. Also, how great is it to finally have TWRP. Cheers

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  5. Essam

    Essam Member

    I am an Apple user; AirPlay with AirPin Pro, both audio and video work also perfectly. In fact, nothing to complain until now.
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  6. Rawhide85

    Rawhide85 Member

    Just a preview of some of the changes made by @abdul_pt

    So what's changed? :
    • Deodexded
    • Rooted with SuperSU
    • Replaced the obsolete GAPPS package for OpenGapps nano
    • Added init.d support
    • Added nano text editor
    • Added bash enviroment
    • Included a Nexus10 build.prop
    • Included an OTA app
    • Included TWRP
    • Themed Minix Launcher, MboxSettings
    • Added a few kernel modules. NTFS, EXFAT and some more gamepads
    • And more ...
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  7. dodger

    dodger New Member

    Hello, can I use USB stick for installation?
    Is the follow steps are the same?
    • Download the recovery image and the rom zip, rename the recovery image to recovery.img and place it on the root of your FAT32 formated ExternalSD card along side with the rom zip.
    • Completely turn off your device, okace the ExtenalSD on the box and power it on while pressing the reset button. TWRP screen should appear. You need a mouse to navigate in TWRP.
    • Click on install, and select the rom zip file. Confirm and flash.
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  8. Rawhide85

    Rawhide85 Member

    @dodger- I was not able to use my USB to install. But your instructions are correct. Just be sure to use your ExternalSD card. Also, if you run into any issues just go to the link in the OP for help. Good Luck
  9. dodger

    dodger New Member

    @Rawhide85 Thanks for replay.. I already make SD card for testing the rom..
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  10. Rawhide85

    Rawhide85 Member

    @dodger - Great news brother. Now you can enjoy your X8H-PLUS to its full potential. Cheers

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  11. Andi

    Andi New Member

    how do I turn to the original minix firmware?
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  12. Rawhide85

    Rawhide85 Member

    Check the stickies.

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  13. markwerline

    markwerline New Member

    Original link not working
  14. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  15. markwerline

    markwerline New Member

    That worked thank you. I'm all installed but experiencing DF-DLA-15 error in Google play, anyone else have this issue with this ROM?

    I cleared cache
    Updated payment details
    Unmounted SD Card

    No resolution yet. If I can't fix it I'll install another ROM.
  16. Nasyriq

    Nasyriq New Member

    Hi guys. Pretty much a newbie here. I've tried to flash TWRP so that I can flash abdul's rom.
    Downloaded USB Burning Tool but all recovery.img that I've downloaded so far, be it from the forum or from freaktab, all were showing parse burning image fail.
    Right now I believe I've somehow corrupted my recovery by flashing wrong root (X8-H instead of X8-H Plus).
    Do guide me to flash TWRP recovery and abdul's rom :(
    Your help are much appreciated :)