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Suggestion: SAMBA file sharing for USB drive

Discussion in 'Firmware Wishlist' started by Pardus116, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Pardus116

    Pardus116 New Member

    It would be very useful to use Minix as native SMB server for windows (example: for backuping PC)
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  2. Nosve

    Nosve New Member

    I subscribe for this request, I usually feed my other media players via SMB server, having an integrate solution would be perfect.
  3. messer

    messer youthful doter Dev Group

    That's simple ... search at the Google Play Store for "samba server" and you will find a bunch of apps.
  4. Pardus116

    Pardus116 New Member

    And work it?
    Please. Describe the sulution without root??? Thanks
  5. messer

    messer youthful doter Dev Group

    Due to the fact that I have no un-rooted device I am not able to say whether it works without root.

    And sorry mate, if you wish to get a description you should take the time to read those description on Play Store by you own ...
  6. lwk

    lwk New Member

  7. Nosve

    Nosve New Member

    No, at the moment there are no solutions without root, the point is exactly this, rooted device are not supported, enabling natively in the firmware the samba server will put the functionality officially mantained by minix, like other software offered in the package.

    This is the meaning of this request, at least from my own point of view.
  8. ARS

    ARS New Member

    +1, samba is a have to, it should be preinstalled, for those who don't want to bother with rooting. I think this and native NTFS write support is the most important feature that should be integrated!
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  9. Pardus116

    Pardus116 New Member

    I tried minix root of x8h
    Servers Ultimate in minix does not work.
    server frequently disconnects.
    In my galaxy phone everything works fine

    will be enough to start stable FTP server
  10. messer

    messer youthful doter Dev Group

    To be honest ... I have no clue why the server doesn't work smoothly for a rooted device. I am using it via LAN since weeks (and not only on the X8H) and I never had any issues.
  11. owl

    owl New Member

  12. David Kedves

    David Kedves New Member

    +1 I am voting for this new feature... (previously i had a DUNE HD media player, and it was a very nice feature that i could access the attached hard-drive contents trough an samba and/or nfs share...)
  13. pids

    pids New Member

  14. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder Member

    I support the request. All the apps I tried, paid and free, with and without root simply do not work. When one worked, there was no write permission. Please add this.
  15. sweman

    sweman Member

    SambaDroid (Pro)
    Been using it for a long time!(Root)
  16. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder Member

    That didn't work either. I think it managed to give me access, but without write permissions.
  17. sweman

    sweman Member

    Are your device Rooted?
  18. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder Member

  19. sweman

    sweman Member

    I can Read and Write in mine.Just like walking into one of the harddrives.
  20. CRD

    CRD New Member

    I just subscribed after buying the X8H Plus. I am coming from two WD Live hubs.

    I can't believe that Minix doesn't allow me to do what I have been doing all these years: accessing the attached external USB disk from my PC (FOR BOTH READ/WRITE) with Samba.

    So, I do NOT want kludgey root solutions.

    Please provide Samba server functionality in the kernel soon!!

    Thank you!