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Custom Kernel Support for UDF and ISO 9660 - for connecting usb external DVD drives

Discussion in 'X8-H & X8/Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by boaty, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. boaty

    boaty New Member


    I would prefer if support for the file systems of UDF and ISO 9660 were added into the official ROM from MINIX.

    However, could someone consider creating a custom kernal with the support for these two file systems.

    These two file systems are needed in order to mount the actual CD/DVD/Blu Ray disc that is USB connected to the MINIX device otherwise the disc cannot be read.
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  2. Cosmin

    Cosmin New Member

    I have an external sony DVD via USB that work with ES File Explorer, but I had trouble with reading the content of normal DVD (video) because almost no app to play this files/format/content, and if there were the sound wasn't working (maybe because is X8, and not X8-h), and after a found a player, the image was not clear, it was like and old avi ...
  3. boaty

    boaty New Member


    How did you get it to work with Es File Explorer? Are using a custom kernel on your Minix?

    Are you able to open up data files like text files, mp3 etc that you have burned on your Dvd disc?

    I only want CD/DVD/Blu Ray discs support to be able to read data files and video files burned as a data (same like reading a usb flash drive).
  4. Cosmin

    Cosmin New Member

    I have the last beta 9 (I've never rooted) so I don't even know what's with the kernel about... I've just insert the USB, and I remember it didn't see the device at first, but I exit the ES app and opened again (and maybe an update of the EX File Explorer happened - didn't remember well this eighter), and somethign with USBxxxx apeared under sdcard on Local (but the exit thing must happen, I don't know why, maybe I don't wait enough...) . After a clik on the USBxxxx it mounts, and I just open the .vob files from the DVD (it wasn't a original dvd movie, it was my wedding burned in normal dvd menu format...) so I guess from this step, it doesn't matter what file type it is, as long as the OS or the apps recognise it...
  5. boaty

    boaty New Member


    Thanks for your response.

    Have you tested inserting CD discs that you burned?

    Do you have an external Blu Ray drive?

    I don't know why VOB file is not being read as VOB contains mpeg video that any ffmpeg based player should support (MX player and Dice Player are both ffmpeg based)
  6. Cosmin

    Cosmin New Member

    I'm not at home right now, but I will answer when I'll be after I'll test the `burned CD thing`. (and I don't have a blueray, only CD/DVD reader/writer)
  7. boaty

    boaty New Member

    Coincidentally I am at work too.

    We must be in the same timezone. Maybe?

    I'm in/from the United Kingdom, Britain

    OK I understand no Blu Ray in your possession.
    Yes I await your detailed response on the CD test.
  8. boaty

    boaty New Member

    Hello Cosmin,

    It would be extra special if you could make a YouTube video demonstrating you connecting the USB external DVD writer to your Minix device (with also including key details in the video such as the firmware version "beta 9" etc)

    A high-quality YouTube video of you doing this would be cool and would be the first ever of its kind for an Android device connected to TV with dvd writer.

    You agree?
  9. Shardlake

    Shardlake New Member

    Just wondering, did it work?!