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Switched launcher and now I'm struggling...

Discussion in 'MINIX - Related Apps' started by Darr, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Darr

    Darr New Member

    Hi folks,

    I'm hoping to switch from the Minix launcher to the Nova launcher (it allows me to have a photo background and lets me display only the app icons I use instead of blocks I never touch), but I've hit a wall...

    I'm missing two things the Minix launcher bundles: the "All Tasks Killer" and the USB reminder/unmount button that shows on the top right corner when a USB drive is installed.

    Any idea where I can find replacement apps? There are plenty of "Task Killer" apps, but since most apps are written for phones (and apparently, the thought of a USB stick hanging from the ass of a phone is hilarious) I'm really struggling to find anything that allows me to quickly unmount USB drives without climbing into storage options and unmounting from there.

    Any help from the gurus?

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  2. Nuno Craveiro

    Nuno Craveiro New Member

    Try Kill Apps, from google play store. It allows you to install a widget on main screen. It's not so fast has all tasks killer from metro launcher because it opens as app window with the progress. But It works fine and, in my case, it found several apps hanging on the systems memory that i didn't use for months but were launched on system boot, resulting in a big performance improvement.