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This may force me off Minix- HTTPS & streaming

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX Releases' started by swamprat96, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. swamprat96

    swamprat96 Active Member

    Damn- all the blurb and reports said the interface was much improved. Ah well I'll keep both for a while and see how I go. Thanks Villa
  2. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    I've been running Krypton for a while on my NUC, but some personal frustrations resulted in me backing off again to Jarvis, and all the add-ons that I use on a regular basis work fine, so I see all this panic about Kodi 17 and people being forced off MINIX to be a little puzzling, my NEO X8-H Plus running Kitkat is doing a fine job of providing a full evenings entertainment if I want it to, both with streaming from the Internet, or from my networked drives. It is stable and reliable. What's wrong with that?
  3. sidsilver

    sidsilver Member

    What is pass through?
  4. swamprat96

    swamprat96 Active Member

    where Kodi allows the source audio through untouched- eg Dolby 5.1 on a video
  5. swamprat96

    swamprat96 Active Member

    Nothing. And you are right- its working fine now. But a lot of the streamers are moving to HTTPS this year. If you don't stream- no problem but if you do then you need 17.1. Muy minix box is working very well right now with only a few issues with certain types of media easily avoided- I'm just looking to the future. I also will be moving to a 4K TV soon
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  6. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    @swamprat96 and yes, when any of my tech stops working I will buy something new that works for a while, story of my life over the last 20 years and I am not complaining.
  7. swamprat96

    swamprat96 Active Member

    as have I but I've had this unit 18 months or so. I usually get at least 3 or 4 years out of most gadgets.
  8. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    You have to put the blame somewhat at the feet of Google for all of this, we're nine years into Android and they've cracked out 14 versions of their operating system so far and of course, Amlogic cannot sit still either with churning out new, and faster, and feature rich SoC units, and dropping support on the "older" units quickly. Then, to have a go at everyone besides MINIX, you have the KODI group who have made a conscious decision to drop support for KitKat, and if that is the pattern, then the next variant may drop support for Lollipop. We're all in some big sausage machine that only seems to be accelerating.
  9. swamprat96

    swamprat96 Active Member

    That's an excellent point. This need for constant change with no interest in backward support is really the issue. There's nothing wrong with KitKat. It's super stable and just works. But the developers don't care and just want to make new all the time. Throwaway society
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  10. Spyke

    Spyke New Member

    That is so true with throw away society. I have seen this time and time again in the satellite world. It was the same way back when, and will continue into the future. We just have to accept it and enjoy while we can..
  11. Andrew

    Andrew Member

    I have an X7 and recently upgraded to SPMC V16.2 or was it 3..... In any case I use SPMC as all the other Kodi versions cause passthrough audio dropouts.
    If I were to move to a different vendor and install Kodi would I still have passthrough issues?

    I would be happy to stick with Minix brand as the X7 has been great but should I consider any alternative Android boxes?
    I use streaming but also watch a lot of content off a PC connected USB drive and would also be great to have HEVC X265.
  12. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    @Andrew - I watch the old auction site there and the last, used, NEO X8-H Plus sold a few days ago for C$77 plus shipping, and that particular model supports HEVC x265 and will get a (one off) version of Lollipop from the MINIX support team. The X7 also still sells quite well and regularly achieves C$80, and my theory there would be that you could sell the X7 and buy an X8-H Plus for quite a small delta (I'm considering doing the same with my X6) - the one major caveat to this is that support for Lollipop on the Google store and Kodi etc, will begin to drop off, because logically, it is two versions of the operating system behind the current. I bought a generic S905 with some spare paypal cash, I can't say I'm impressed with it, it works but it has a couple of issues that will not be fixed or ever upgraded, why? - because there is zero support, no forums, no support team, no assured pipeline into firmware. The generic boxes are cranked out, have variances in the motherboards and tweaks and cludges in the "one off" operating system that is sufficient to give the appearance of stability, but it's a crap shoot. If you're buying a new box, consider carefully between Android and Windows, Android is always changing with no sign of slowdown, however, Microsoft have stated that Mainstream support for Windows 10 will continue until Oct. 13, 2020 and extended support will end in 2025, so from a future proof position, you might consider a two year window for an Android box, or three t0 eight for a windows box. The major consideration for a windows box will be a minimum SSD of 64GB although on Windows8.1 I have managed quite well with 32GB for the last three years and I still have a year of mainstream support left and extended until 2023.
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  13. Boogaloo

    Boogaloo New Member

    @ swamprat96,
    I would like to know how you skinned your Minix box to boot right in to Kodi using a skin ? Can you elaborate on that? I would love to get my U9-H set up just like that.

  14. rmaijala1

    rmaijala1 Member

    I am using xbmc launcher from the play store. Install it and access your Android settings and make it your home. That's it. You can still access your Android apps via the programs in kodi. You can also add them to your favorites list.

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  15. bobwat

    bobwat New Member

    I think you are talking a load of **** ,so i go & buy a new MINIX if it's not for Kodi why bother. So what do you use your MINIX box for?
  16. Quincy

    Quincy Active Member

    @bobwat I use it for cutting down trees and mixing concrete it also is good as a lure to catch salmon and sometimes a pick up cat shite it the garden so now you know what i use it for if that makes you feel better........

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  17. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    I probably use kodi less than 10% of the time on my Minix boxes.
    A quick check of my recent apps lists shows, YouTube, chrome, Spotify, tunein radio, play music, Fpse, genplusdroid, maps, Facebook, Gmail, tapatalk, tasker, Google photos..............

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  18. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    UK TV apps, You Tube, Browser (at this moment typing this post!), Email, Other media players...... :)

    Oh and of course occasionally the same as @Quincy but my cat's bury their own! :rolleyes::ROFLMAO:
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  19. Bender

    Bender New Member

    I still don't get why people want to use exodus to stream movies or tv shows. I use Kodi to play my local content only. The whole point of having an android box is the access to the wide array of android apps. Google "top 10 android streaming apps"! I could name them here but not sure if that is allowed. All you need is 1 app! Totally idiot proof to use no configuration and every stream works guaranteed without buffering. The app I have in mind looks just like Netflix and is as easy to use, with the difference that every thing that is media relevant is there.

    I am in Europe, yet I pay for a US Netflix account and even have a Hulu plus account. Yet I prefer using that streaming app on my minix. That is how convenient it is. Are there any other reasons for using exodus that I am missing?

    and I am not referring to the apps available in the play store..... just to clarify

    and regarding comments about the nvidia shield.... Yes it has superior hardware, but does not give you the full android experience (many apps need to be sideloaded). You could flash it with another rom but will lose the game pad functionality. Minix is the way to go IMO.
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  20. kingsizept

    kingsizept Member

    I just saw HAMILTON win the GP of China in F1 thanks to Minix.
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