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This may force me off Minix- HTTPS & streaming

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX Releases' started by swamprat96, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    You could send the shield back and get a U1 or the U9-H
  2. swamprat96

    swamprat96 Active Member

    Yeh I'm going to hang on to it. It took me months to get the Minix how I liked it and I suspect the same with the shield. I now have amazon prime going here in australia and the hi-res netflix and youtube is nice. The Flirc I added to it has now given me all the options I need for the harmony
  3. bachikho

    bachikho Member

  4. bigrednurse

    bigrednurse New Member

  5. swamprat96

    swamprat96 Active Member

    Ow my ears are bleeding.
    That's a PC not android. Anyway the MInix is staying- just going to run both in parallel.
  6. kingsizept

    kingsizept Member

    I just saw HAMILTON win the GP of Great Britain in F1 thanks to Minix.
    1) Hamilton, 2) Bottas, 3) Raikkonen.
  7. Damien Xenos

    Damien Xenos Member

    With regards to controlling the box I use my tv remote (HDMI-CEC) for launcher and Kodi use. The only thing it does not do is context menu. Too lazy to try and assign key for this with the key mapper. Great for WAF. A2 is the backup used 1 per month.

    Amlogic's lack of desire / business model to not update SDKs will catch up with them. I don't have an NVIDIA but that is where the appeal is. I used Android tv and speech navigation is excellent that's what I would use on it

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