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Top X questions and solutions

Discussion in 'General - Guides and FAQ' started by ENDRJUPL, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. JockeSve

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  2. Thieske (NL)

    Thieske (NL) Member

    I am using the Minix Neo X7 with the Minix XBMC 13.3 version.
    Sometimes a stream have this problem, but then it is a problem at the source.
    I you have this problem with all streams... then you can try two things. (so far i know...i am not an expert :) )

    1) Increase the fill-rate of the cache, ad in the xml file also the readbufferfactor (http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Modify_the_video_cache )
    or create the file like they mentioned on this website.

    2) Mikey settings. Personally i tried this but the best setting for me was the advanced settings of Micky in the Xunity maintenance tool.
    You can selected this if you have Xunity. Only problem is that he was using a small amount of MB for cache, so i change thisto 100MB. But the settings works great for me.

    You can also use the xml file. The XML file contains the following tekst:

    <!-- mikey -->
    < advancedsettings>
    < /advancedsettings>

    Most of the settings he descripe are standard/ default.
    He is missing the readbufferfactor, but it works very wel for me and i am only using a 30Mbit connection.

    the strangest thing is when I used the other file (with alsmost te same settings), i believe the movie stotters a litte bit during playing.
    Perhaps i imaging it haha, but this option works fine for me.

    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    I updated the FAQ a little.
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  4. Dennis Axisa

    Dennis Axisa New Member

    You said that one can install apart from the XBMC minix other version like xbmc gotham, kodi,etc

    But can you tell us what is the real difference between these software and what advantages can one get with installing different version? Will the box handle different programmes?
  5. Thieske (NL)

    Thieske (NL) Member

    Currently i did change my way of using the XML Advanced settings. Perhaps this information come as use.
    Especially if you find it difficult to make the xml file yourself.

    In the pas i did use Xunity Talk beside the TV Addons (formely know as xbmc hub). In the maintenance tool i did change the Mickey XML settings.
    Currently i am not using Xunity anymore, main reason is because I don't need Istream anymore.
    This because the feature of searching movies in more addons at the same time, is now also possible in the Genesis addon of TV Addons.

    If you are using TV Addons, than there are two possiblities.

    1) The first one is in the maintenance tool of TV addons. There is a feature to make your own advanced cache setting like you want in Kodi. After that it automatically make a xml file for you. You will find this in the Maintenance tool - System tweaks and than you can create/ edit advanced settings. (in there you go to Edit settings - network settings - network ) .... there you find the setting you can automatically adjust
    Personally it did not really work for me. I had the feeling the movie stotters a little bit more after changing this. So I would advize the second possibility.

    2) change a pre-configured advanced xml setting
    If you are using tvaddons,then go to the Maintenance tool - system tweaks.
    In there you enable Zero Caching setting. This option (caching on HD) is not what you would like to have, because is is better to cache from RAM.

    So... you leave Kodi and go to "es file explorer". Then go to the file that it just created. This is on the minix X7 :
    android - data - org.xbmc.kodi (or hk.minx.xbmc) - files - kodi - userdata - advancedsetting.xml

    Open the XML file and adjust it. You only need to change the cachemembuffersize from "0" to a value (for example 100MB = 104857600).
    And you need to add in the tekst the line of the buffermode and readbufferfactor. After that you should have the settings like below.
    (as you see, they are almost the same as those of mickey123 in Xunity so it doesn't really matter that you use ths one or that from Mickey.

    < /advancedsettings>

    For more information about the settings you find "what it is" on the following website:

    The first link explains what the cachebuffer, buffermode en readbufferfactor are. (and what they recommend).
    Personally i did exprience problems when i change my cache to 150 MB, so i did leave it on 100 MB. The readbufferfactor i did change to lower and higher numbers, but i don't really notice a difference.

    The second link explains more options that are available.

    In short.....
    Buffermode is what you like to buffer. When you selected 1 you take all filesystems.
    Cachebuffersize is number of bytes used for buffering streams ahead in memory
    readbufferfactor I believe this is the speed of the buffering and have affect on the network bandwidth.
  6. Cecilia

    Cecilia New Member

    So sad that i cannot use this update in my X8H, I have problems streaming live tv
  7. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    Which update?

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  8. Fructis

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    Hi man!

    Will this Advancedsettings.xml also work on the X8-h Plus?

    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    advancedsettings.xml file is universal. Will work on PC and any android device.
  10. Fructis

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    Thanks man!

    I also have to ask.
    Will this file help playback of local files in xbmc also?
    When playing 40+GB it takes a bit of time skipping 30 seconds or more. Will this help getting rid of that?
    I want to use this advancedsettings.xml so both playback and skipping forward will run as smotly as possible.

    And the second part i have to ask about is which file is correct?

    The one at your first post has this code

    And the code in the xml file that i downloaded from one of your other post contains this:


    Which one should i use? And is there any other modifications to do to get maximum of my X8-H PLUS

    Thanks in advance!
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    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    I'm experimenting with various values and lines in advancedsettings.xml and right now I'm using this one. You can see here if you find something that suits your needs: http://kodi.wiki/view/Advancedsettings.xml

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  12. Fructis

    Fructis Member

    Thanks man! Really appreciate it!
  13. Userseven

    Userseven New Member

    I have a problem with the XBMC buffer on my x7. From time to time, with movie files larger than 10gigs or so, the playback stops and the "buffering" bar appears. I'm playing files from my NAS, over gigabit hardware, using the 100mbit Ethernet of my unit. The problem manifests only with XBMC, on the same unit MX Player I will not encounter any problem playing movies 15-20gigs in size. With apps that display the network usage in real time I determined the problem: while MX Player fills his buffer at any speed XBMC seems to be stuck at about 3 megabytes/s that clearly cant cut it for large movies with higher bitrates.
    Next I tried the advancedsettings.xml tweaks. The file that i'm using now is something like:
    But I can't seem to make it work. When I press O on my remote the cache is shown as zero while the B (buffer level I presumed) stays at 100%. When a high bitrate scene starts this will start to drop, and fill back up. If the buffer level drops enough, the movie stops while filling the buffer again. How can I fix this?
  14. Arc Light

    Arc Light Member

    Hi Userseven, have you tried a different addon? I found that even though my advancedsettings file was in place and working I had one addon that didn't seem to use it and the cache read 0 regardless. I wonder if you are having the same issue. Try a different addon like YouTube and see if the cache still reads 0.
  15. Userseven

    Userseven New Member

    I don't use addons... not voluntarily :) My situation should be very basic, I'm watching movies from my XBMC library over local area network from a cifs share on my nas. I'm not streaming movies per se. But setting buffermode to 1 should, as far as I understand it, cover ALL types of content, even from a locally mounted hard drive. I can't seem to make it work though, I've overwritten the xml ten times over, each time closing the xbmc or even restarting the unit. It is as there is no dvancedsettings.xml file present.
  16. JimBobVFR

    JimBobVFR Active Member

    Where did you save the XML file? And what version of XBMC do you use? Your description sounds like it's not picking up the XML at all, almost like it's not in the right place or there's something wrong with your file.

    If you created the file on windows could it be the file is inadvertantly named with a double extension? I.e. ".XML.txt" or similar.

    You could use the maintenance tool add-on to create an XML file with a random setting in it, then edit this file directly with your desired settings.
  17. Userseven

    Userseven New Member

    I understand your concerns but no, there is no problem with the file itself. It's created using Sublime Text as XML and the content is mostly copy pasted from wiki. I've copied the file to sdcard/android/data/hk.minix.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata/
    I'm using official 010 firmware "Pure 1080P package" variety. XBMC 12.4-MINIX

    LE: Ok, according to kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Modify_the_video_cache some of the content of my custom XML file could not work with my version of XBMC. I've just upgraded to 13.3 and the cache magically started to work. I hope this will fix my issue once and for all.
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  18. hydraSlav

    hydraSlav New Member

    Since you have a workaround, maybe you know the root cause of the issue? I have a similar problem where the sound stops (http://www.minixforum.com/threads/complete-sound-drop-out-intermittently.4483/) however for me at happens more often than just after reboot, and I can't exactly play another video every time before I launch any stream.

    Why is this happening? Is my hardware defective? Will they fix it through warranty?
  19. Rrrr

    Rrrr New Member

    Got my X8-H Plus a few days ago, ...learning curve.

    Thanks for this thread, I would like to add to the top x questions:

    1. How do I switch between open applications (using the android launcher)

    2. How do I get access to the Minix box from my windows pc?
    (I did not resolve this)
    I find it quite tiring to move and edit files on the minix (eg for key mapping, see below)

    1. What is the best Kodi player for my model and how to download and install if its not in Google Play Store?
    I installed Kodi 14.1 apk from Kodi website into my downloads folder.

    2. How and where do I add different remote key mappings to my Kodi?
    I have tried to use ES Explorer to create a file remote.xml like this /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/userdata/keymaps/remote.xml
    But it does not seem to work....
    I need to add one CEC Panasonic remote control mapping of "GUIDE" key to ContextMenu.
    I am failing to succeed for 2 hours already (Keymap Editor does not record my Guide key either)
  20. vijay bhambhani

    vijay bhambhani New Member

    i am using minix x8-h plus i m having buffering issues while watching movies what setting should i use can you provide advancesettings.xml please.