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TWRP Recovery for Neo-X8/H

Discussion in 'X8-H & X8/Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by Sexter, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. xxrock

    xxrock New Member

    Please help me. I flash wrong version of recovery (X8H PLUS instead of X8H). Now i can't boot into recovery (black screen), also root access doesn't work too. But device boot normally. How I can restore recovery? I can not do it with terminal (dd if=...) because i don't have root. I can't do it with zip-file (uodate) because i don't have recovery. I connect device to computer and try flash recovery.img with USB_burning_tool but when I try import file recovery.img I get error "parse burning image fail". What can I do?

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  2. messer

    messer youthful doter Dev Group

    To be honest - I am surprised that you can connect to your box with the burning tool ... I had some trouble with that when trying out TWRP because I didn't get the connection in combination with TWRP.

    ... however - I would strive to install the complete firmware image (link) instead of the recovery image only. As far as I know the burning tool needs the complete firmware (might be wrong but give it a try).
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  3. Psyssors

    Psyssors New Member

    You could try reflashing the correct .zip through the UPDATE&BACKUP app.
    Put .zip on root USB or SD
    select .zip from update app

    Some people report that the app causes reboot to recovery. If this is the case it probably won't help you but it's worth a try.
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  4. Leo83

    Leo83 Member

    Did you ever restore your recovery? I am currently on the HardwareGuru version of 002 beta 9 and I wanted to update to Finless 003 but it doesn't want to install and I can't get to the recovery, I suspect because I don't have any recovery...

    Edit: I solved my problem by using the burning tool to flash official 003 version
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  5. archie

    archie Member

    Just a warning! If you do decide to flash twrp on your minix device you will no longer be able to update via ota. Use at your own risk
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  6. Rawhide85

    Rawhide85 Member

    Looking forward to flashing this tonight. Thanks for the link.+q

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  7. Stephen Rice

    Stephen Rice Member

    All I want now is the stock recovery... twrp n all da can forget about it....


    Sorry CAPPS but it is a question that I really could do with help k all :)
  8. glockman4519

    glockman4519 New Member

    Well, the easiest way to get your stock recovery back is to flash a stock firmware package. The whole thing. It will wipe everything but leave you with a fresh copy or clean slate to do what ever you want. If you decide to flash a custom ROM afterward, just flash the ROM and not the TWRP recovery file too.
    Hope this helped.
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  9. Stephen Rice

    Stephen Rice Member

    How will I do that, with the usb burning tool? I csnt seem to get that to work and I have now recovery ughhh its been a pain to say the least!
  10. glockman4519

    glockman4519 New Member

    To be honest, I'm not sure now. I would say to continue using it as is, that is of the device is working and get another device. It is important, very important that before flashing any thing that you are sure it is the right file/zip for the right device.
    On other devices this could have bricked the device. At least, from what I am reading, you can use it, but just no recovery. It seems that if you can't use the burning tool and you can't use the update software app built into it than you are out of options. But I am no developer, just a long time flasher, so I may be wrong. I would be looking for another device.
    Good luck.
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  11. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

  12. Riski3Run

    Riski3Run New Member

    I had a year ago a TWRP in my Neo X8-H but i flashed it to stock coz I wasn't able to get OTA.
    With root was nice - no ads etc.But my Minix had problem with WiFi connection so that was reason to go back to stock recovery and get few OTA's and now they fix this problem.
    I just simply use USB Burning Tool - remember it was quite difficult but everything went good.Since then I am on Stock.