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U1 and Libreelec

Discussion in 'NEO U1 Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by 9800pro, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. Lock

    Lock Member

    Hi guys, I'm very new to LibreElec (one hour ago I didn't even know it does exist).

    So far here's what I understood:

    - Kodi 16 beta, the one developed for Minix is not getting updates anymore.
    - Kodi 17 dropped the Amcodec support, so hardware acceleration can't be used anymore as it freezes the Minix on some h264 video files.

    So the only solution seems to be Kodi on LibreElec. Here's my questions:

    - Is it 100% working? I mean no issues / less issues than the above Kodi 16/17?
    - Is there a late/simple guide? I read about using a miniSD that I don't have, is it ok a USB key too?
    - Once installed (downloading all stuff now) is it able to auto update or need to reflash it at every update?
    - Is it possible, in case it works well, to completely wipe the Minix from Android and install it as main OS (I only need Kodi, so...)

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  2. kingsizept

    kingsizept Member

  3. Lock

    Lock Member


    It works! :)
    Ok, I used my noobie luck with Rufus and flashed the USB, put the sonething-called-dtb.img, booted my Minix and it started. :)

    Now... I see I've Kodi 16, I was expecting to get version 17. What can I do from here, to update it to 17.3 and restore my Minix Android 17.3 settings?
  4. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    1 Yes it is 100% working
    2 It may boot from USB it may not if it don't you know you need SD card
    3 When updates are available you download a Tar file this you will find out on LibrELEC site
    when installing enable SSH then you can find it on your network from a laptop/pc open update folder
    then put Tar file in update folder reboot then it will automatically update (this is for OS only)
    all other updates such as repos or addons update auto
    4 Yes it is possible to install to internal but you are advised to test first
    but you can run both Android and LibreELEC
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  5. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    If you have Kodi 16 you have downloaded the wrong version
  6. Lock

    Lock Member

    Thanks Mark2. :)

    I can see the LibreElec appearing on my Finder and I can access it. Let's say I want to update Kodi, what I need to do?
  7. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

  8. Lock

    Lock Member

  9. Lock

    Lock Member

    It works perfectly. Finally!

    I'm going to test it for a week or so, then will seriously evaluate the idea to install it over Android.

    Many thanks Mark2.
  10. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    Your welcome I've used it since last Sep/Oct no problem
  11. Vinylity

    Vinylity Member

    You should be running LibreElec from a bootable SD card or USB drive, not from the internal hard drive of the Minix. I have been using it for some time and the HD sound is working fine, provided that you are using the right device tree. There is a specific one for the Minix Neo U1. Here is the link to follow to find out how to set everything up properly:

  12. DannyJCL

    DannyJCL New Member

    How to disable HDMI sound for use with optical?
  13. Vittorrio1980

    Vittorrio1980 Member

    I've been running LibreElec/Kodi 17.3 from USB for a while now, and I gotta say, video playback is MUCH smoother than using Minix's own version of the software and Kodi's version for Android. Love it! Since switching I haven't felt the need to research a problem - cause I haven't had any. If anyone is wondering what LibreElec is like, just give it a try... you've got nothing to lose only your time. If you install to USB or MicroSD, if you don't like it, take out the USB/MicroSD and go back to what you were used to.
    I do have one question though - has anyone tried both USB and then MicroSD? Did you see any speed differences in showing movie art if you click down really fast and go to the bottom of your list?
  14. Colmas

    Colmas New Member

    I have been using LE for about 6 months, with no issues at all. Currently running LE 8.0.2e from a Samsung EVO Plus microSDS card. I did try the USB as well, but could not get it to boot into LE. With the microSD boots into Kodi very smartly and works beautifully. Since installing LE on the U1, I must have had a dozen updates so far, so LE is very well supported and any issues are ironed out. Of course, I can also access any android based software, by logging out of LE and booting from internal. And back to LE by restarting the U1. All in all a very nice system.

    With regard to the USB vs microSD, there is heaps of information on the Kodi/LE forum, and the general consensus is that the microSD is faster than the USB but likely slower than booting from internal memory.

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  15. uberduke

    uberduke New Member


    I think this has been covered in this thread before, but...

    I'm running off a USB-3 stick currently (as I had difficulties getting it to boot from micro-SD) but I do have it on micro-SD on a similar class machine and I don't see any huge differences. I would say if you run from a USB stick, make it a fast USB-3 device - I know the U-1 only has USB-2 ports but the faster the stick, the more you can saturate the USB-2 data bus. Also, if using micro-SD card, get one that is rated fastest at 4K random read/write operations. Kodi does a lot of 4K operations and, so far, the best card I've found, available locally, for that is the Samsung EVO+ card. In either case, installed internally will be faster but if you need the Android system as well, make your LE boot devices as fast as possible and you should get perfectly acceptable performance.

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  16. Vittorrio1980

    Vittorrio1980 Member

    Interesting. Thanks, guys. I'll see if I can get a Samsung EVO +. Sure if I don't notice any difference in speed it's still going to look better than it does now with my Sandisk USB 3 drive sticking out the side of the Minix box. Since switching to LE I haven't booted to Android once. Is there information readily available if I wanted to tinker and install directly onto the internal memory? I understand the risks and have flashed Android onto the Minix box after everything went tits up during an OTA update.
    I really appreciate your advice as I'm sure do so many others
  17. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    Have a read in the link will tell you all you need to know about install to internal
  18. uberduke

    uberduke New Member

  19. Vittorrio1980

    Vittorrio1980 Member

    I'm fearful, but I'll give it a go. What's the worst can happen? Hehe
  20. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    Nothing to fear it should be fast on internal as its fast enough on SD card
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