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BUG!! U9-H, difficult streaming 4k e H265

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by geggo, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. geggo

    geggo New Member

    Hi, today I recived Minix U9-H. I decided to buy it because my X8-H wasn't able to stream H265/4K. I supposed because LAN speed wasn't enought and I readed U9-H is better.
    I installed new FW via OTA. I niticed U9-H is faster in all way and I tried some movies I had to test this device.

    I try some 4k video in HDR downloaded here and streaming via LAN on my TV from my Synology NAS gigabit. Unfortunately every movie isn't streamed correctly. Only Kodi is able to start the video but report the system is not enough faster and video framerate is very low. ther player (MXplayer, ES player...) aren't able to start them.

    I tried 3 movie with H265 codec and 1080p but 1 of them can't start.

    So I tried to connect an external USB3 HD and situation is better. 4K video start but sometimes with lag.

    I'd like to use only Minix to stream from my NAS but it seems that a Gigabyte LAN is not able to stream a 4K movie. Is it possible?
    Considering that also with external HD the quality is not perfect, maybe CPU is not so powerful to decode them?
    I can return this Minix and change with another.
    Can you tell me what Minix is the best for performance?
    Or do you have any tips to try?

  2. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator


    I use the same configuration at Home : A Synology which stream movies with a gigabit Lan. Eveything works fine !
    Even the bigger 4k HDR @ 60FPS file

    So :
    - check you have the last FW installed (now FW006) Sometimes you need multiple OTA to reach the last version.
    - Install the last Kodi from Google Play (V17.4)
    - Check your network connection (Switch, cable, etc ..)
    - Try an App like this : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.zwanoo.android.speedtest&hl=en
  3. steveg32

    steveg32 Active Member

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  4. steveg32

    steveg32 Active Member

  5. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    The very first tests would be:

    1) Make sure of a direct connection (no AVR) to a 4K TV using the HDMI 2.0 port.
    2) In Android Settings > Display > Screen Resolution > try selecting 4k2k60Hz, then quit and restart Kodi.
    3) Reset all Kodi Audio settings back to default, to eliminate Audio causing video lag issues.
    4) 4K video playback from a USB stick or HDD to eliminate any Networking problems.
  6. geggo

    geggo New Member

    Really thanks guys. I checked all component (switch, LAN, cable and FW) but no solve problem.
    I discover, with my surprise, that once I added library of my movie from my Synology using Kodi, all seems work correctly. I test succesfully my video test in 4K HDR up to 25mbit. But just only with Kodi and lunching movies from it and not from external.
    Indeed if I try to open movies from ES file Explorer and use MX player, Video or other player I can't stream them. So I think is not a problem with LAN speed (or not for all) because Kodi is able to stream.
    Does it happento you too??
    I red switching HDR on or off change a lot quality, but I tired with an HDR video test and I can't notice differences. Any suggestions?

    Then PLEX. I tried for hours and hours in past with X8-H, I love its interface and I would like use it but there are so many options. I managed to stream only SD movies, when I tried with 720/1080p streaming freeze, though I was able to stream with Kodi or othe players.
    I red guides and changed many setting but without success.

    Sure I want to try with this U9 and I hope it work better.
    Can you suggest me what are main option to set in my NAS Synology to get a good performance?

    Thank you again.
  7. wrxtasy

    wrxtasy Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if MX Player or ES Explorer have networking video playback capabilities built into them.
    Poor way to view video anyway when Kodi works so well. (y)
  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    I can access my NAS (XPEnology DSM 5.0) with ES File Explorer and select a video to play through MX Player (or choose other media player) or I can use DS Video and the video plays through MX Player.
    I use MX Player over Kodi whenever possible. I do use Kodi too. It's just about having different options!
    I also don't have any hang ups when something doesn't work whether it be Kodi or any other app, I find a way!
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  9. steveg32

    steveg32 Active Member

    Yep, yep, yup!
  10. Runge

    Runge Member

    Agree! Go with Kodi and you're good 99% of the way when it comes to watching movies and tv shows. :)

    I have the same setup as you @geggo - NAS Synology connected to my Minix on a Gigabit network and a 4K Samsung TV + surround receiver and I rarely have any problems anymore playing 4K and HDR videos after updating to the latest firmware.

    In Kodi go to Settings > System > and change "Delay after change of refresh rate" to 2.5 seconds - this will make the screen go black for 2.5 seconds when starting a video, but this is normal and will result in a correct refresh rate for the video making your viewing experience more fluid. But also remember to setup up the video/resolution in the Minix settings to 4K 60hz (I assume you have a 4K tv seeing that you're trying to view these type of files).
  11. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator

    No refresh rate issue using MX player ?
    Have you tried different movies (23,957, 24, 25, 60, ...) ?
    If not i will try it, maybe with DS Video.