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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by mis3, Oct 4, 2016.

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  1. Jayce Ooi

    Jayce Ooi New Member

    Interesting... Saw it at GearBest where ships between Feb 20 - Feb 28.
  2. skynet

    skynet Active Member

    Not anymore :(
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  3. kingsizept

    kingsizept New Member

  4. Rui Oliveira

    Rui Oliveira Active Member

    "...out of stock"
  5. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

    I don't understand how something that has not been released can be Out of Stock? o_O
    That would infer that they have been in stock before! :rolleyes:
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  6. Rui Oliveira

    Rui Oliveira Active Member

    yep i agree with you of course... how can they sell a device that has not been released....
  7. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

    Some are saying "Pre-sale" but I wouldn't trust that! :eek:
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  8. Nenito2k

    Nenito2k New Member

    Hi all this is my 1st post..but i have been following this great forum got various weeks now..
    Anyway i emailed Android Warehouse and they did confirm early march release!
    Price also seems to be 170€ so yes premium side!
    Anyway i also gor mailed from john but did not get any clues...he just confirmed to me that amlogic is working closely with kodi team to make the soc very compatible..
    I really hope the u9 lives to its expectations...as i have been holding back from zidoo, zappity, himedia q5 pro...even mede8er teased its new generations players on FB a few months back...
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  9. mis3

    mis3 Active Member

    From what I read of different benchmark testings, performance of S912 is not that much better than S905. I have tried Minix U1 (S905), one box with S905x and one with S912.

    I used the boxes only for Kodi for 720/1080p videos. Maybe my requirement is low, I have found no difference in all 3 boxes. You will probably see the difference with the S912 if you are a gamer.

    Not sure if the information of Andriod Warehouse is correct. If Minix is to release the U9 in about 3 weeks, they would have announced it.
  10. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

    Not necessarily! o_O
  11. mauroragusa

    mauroragusa New Member

    I wonder why in minix website is not 'added as new product

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  12. mis3

    mis3 Active Member

    I wonder the same. Makes no sense that Minix is releasing a new product "in secret".
    Apparently, they do not want the general public to know about this product.
  13. Nenito2k

    Nenito2k New Member

    @mis3 ...s912 is better than 905 by far...seems you have low requirements..here is why:
    - real 10 bit video output...this changes everything!
    - DV support and hdr10..rec 2020 colourspace...
    - more power...
    Vs the 905x the difference ins very weak indeed..

    In the next few days i will have specific questions for @ken and @Villa regarding this soc...
    And the boxes that run with the 912..are crappy firmwares...so probably not a good start
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  14. Nenito2k

    Nenito2k New Member

    Minix has announced the u9 for October‚ then november‚ and Christmas‚ then nothing...so this time i am sure they will announce it just a few days before release to avoid those past communication mistakes
  15. mis3

    mis3 Active Member

    Yes, my requirement is low. I use the box only for Kodi and I am lucky to get 1080p video sources, never mind 4K.

    I am now using a S912 box and most of the video streams are h264. I don't recall I ever saw h265 video sources available in Kodi. S912 has extra features like VP9, HDR which are not available in Kodi video streams, at least not now.

    I did read that the benchmark results of S912 would improve with mature firmwares. This article was a few months ago and I do not see any improvement as all.
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  16. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

    Please do not ask me! :confused:
    I am purely a member of this community just like yourself! :)
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  17. mis3

    mis3 Active Member

    Not sure. Minix would have a lot more than a few days to announce the product.
    Once the hardware and software are finalized, it will takes weeks to mass produce the boxes; and then some more time to ship to the retailers.
  18. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

    In my experience the device will be available for purchase when MINIX announce it!
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  19. Nenito2k

    Nenito2k New Member

    @MINIX - Ken & @Villa & any other real expert on kodi & amlogic
    I decide to ask theses questions in the U9 topic because they are related to it...coz for the past 6 months many people debated and we really need information/clarifications:

    1- @Movie78 (reliable member - kodi forums) stated that S912 cannot read DV meta-data....if true this makes this soc on the same level as Realtek 1295 TEGRA X1 and Hisilicon v200 that are NOT compatible with DV ! If true, what is the point of selling it as Dolby vision ?

    Additionally @wrxtasy on that same forum gave a good explanation quoting @fritsch (Android Kodi developer):

    "Deceptive marketing repeating the words "supported" all over the place as though everything will just work out of the box. When a lot of it is all, bullshit, especially where the S912 is concerned...
    AMLogic has NOTHING to do with this broken software. Those are vendors that ship a very, very early pre-release they got from amlogic as an early Android 6 testing sample!
    We tested with AMLogic and their final v6 release does fully support Kodi and we support all their audio formats, including dolby atmos, dts-hd, truehd ... What the users with the broken v6 (Android OS) have on their machines was never meant for public release, just some "money makers" shipped that totally broken"

    or is minix using a customized version on U9 ?!

    2- Kodi team confirmed that S912 is not advised for Kodi...is there any hope that you an make this change soon ? Also libreelec developer says he WILL never do a version for S912...i did not understand why exactly, but this is not encouraging...
    Will KODI 17 & 18 (when comes out) Work flawlessly on the U9 ? as of now kodi 17 has problems on RTD1295 and hisilicon V200 chips and even tegra X1....

    3- Is the video ouptbut of S912/U9-H fully 10bits ? 12 bits ?

    4- Does the U9 and U1 use a wrapper with external player (like zidoo, himedia etc...) it seems unclear to me; this is crucial as kodi OFFERS INFERIOR quality video and PQ is not as good as with the native player of the devices abobe

    5- If minix has no wrapper maybe its the reason everyone says Realtek and hisilicon offer better PQ than amlogic ?!

    6- Minix being a Sponsor....what do they release their Xbmc version a year later ? is there hope this situation will change this year? kodi 18 will probably finally include full 10 bits HEVC - 4K HDR support so...we don't want

    7- LAST but most important question...will U9 use this famous V6 amlogic firmware ?!

    I know this is a lot of asking...but WE REALLY need to be clarified...because we have been waiting so long and have no clue on what is going on...
  20. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

    Sorry, I get my info from this Forum and the internet just like most members!
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