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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by mis3, Oct 4, 2016.

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  1. midnight

    midnight Active Member

    I believe it is to do with Netflix, as they have to authorize devices to have the ability to stream HD or higher quality......it sure would be nice if that happens to our Minix devices !:unsure:
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  2. idlefriend

    idlefriend New Member

    Official announcement is required on this.But as of now they don't have licence for Netflix.
  3. midnight

    midnight Active Member

    I think Netflix should consider giving more Licenses out to more brands.....if you can view their product in higher qualities I think sales would increase for them ! You can now download certain moves and shows from them so maybe they are rethinking things :)
  4. nms43

    nms43 New Member

    Looks like I'm joining the waiting game as well. Just called and cancelled my back ordered U1. Decided I'd rather wait on the U9 which should be more future proof for my needs.

    Feature request: allow it to output 5.1 pass-thru over optical to my amp while simultaneously outputting pcm audio over HDMI to my TV!
  5. midnight

    midnight Active Member

    Some things are worth the wait (y) I'm sure when it is released it will be top notch !!
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  6. mis3

    mis3 Member

    I, for one, will not wait indefinitely. I will order a new Andriod box before the end of the year.

    First choice is U9 (if available) and the 2nd choice is a cheap S905x box.
  7. sangaz

    sangaz Member

    Ive been waiting to upgrade my x8h+ for a while and the U9 sounds Great.

    At the moment my x8hplus, works fluid and but I'll be waiting till the u9 comes out..

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  8. born2lose

    born2lose New Member

    on the minix-shop.eu site (that recommends itself as an authorised reseller - not sure if that's true), the availability status for the U9 has just changed from mid-December to January 2017. looks like we aren't getting it before the holidays.
  9. Chris Wright

    Chris Wright New Member

  10. born2lose

    born2lose New Member

    well, when the u9 was first announced, delivery date for Europe (Germany) was set to November 2016. then they changed to mid-december... and this week they changed again to Jan 2017.
  11. Bob Roberts

    Bob Roberts New Member

    Not arriving for Xmas, then.
  12. mis3

    mis3 Member

    Yes, time for Plan B.
    My Plan B is a low cost S905 x box, I will order next week to get delivery before the new year,
  13. Panto

    Panto New Member

    Im sure it will have HDR and youtube 4k

    One thing I did notice with the newer chip in the crappy Chinese versions is the hdr even if turned off displays the black color very dark so much you cant see the details in dark colors on the screen.

    Hope the new minix isnt like that
  14. idlefriend

    idlefriend New Member

    Yes,you will get HDR and Youtube 4K and we are expecting Netflix 4K too.
  15. midnight

    midnight Active Member

    Hopefully Netflix HD quality will come to all Minix devices :unsure:..... that would awesome !!
  16. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    No Netflix 4K, no..., sorry...
    We don't have the say...
  17. midnight

    midnight Active Member

    I understand, hopefully Netflix will realize that allowing more devices to have the HD, 4K ability will only help them have a better product . Happy holidays to you and your family !! thank-you for all hard work and all the best in 2017 :)
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  18. Viggen66

    Viggen66 New Member

    I read somewhere that android 6.0 is the problem don't let run custom api only native ones from Google, knowing if this statement is true can't guarantee
  19. mis3

    mis3 Member

    In the past few weeks, a few of my friends have purchased the S905X or S912 boxes. I actually setup the boxes for 2 of them, one S905X (1gb/8gb) and one S912 (2g/16gb) I used each box for a few days and I did not see any problem with them, at least not in Kodi.

    In Kodi and for 720p/1080p video streaming, I did not see any difference between the 3 boxes (U1, S905X, S912). So, S905X is competent enough for Kodi but I would get one with (2gb/8gb). I can get one for $50CAN which is less than 1/3 of the canadian price of U1.
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  20. Viggen66

    Viggen66 New Member

    The issue here is not the chip or the box itself but the software, minix is by far the one who bring the best quality of software.
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