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Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by haiwuya, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. haiwuya

    haiwuya New Member

    U9H use Cortex-A53 processor amlogic s912-H.

    Accroding to ARM Official website,the Cortex-A53 processor is a high efficiency processor that implements the Armv8-A architecture.
    Accroding to Amlogic Official website,S912 is high-end UHD HDR multimedia SoCs with 64-bit architecture.

    NOW ,the question is:

    Why the U9H cannot install the kodi for ARMV8A(64BIT), wether release or nightlies?

    Anyone knows please teach me.
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    ARMV7 is what you should be using.

    Something to do with the "Supported ABIs"

  3. haiwuya

    haiwuya New Member

    Thanks villa.
    I think it's only means compatible,but NOT the best performance of the CPU?
    Just like x86 also support armeabi-v7a and armeabi? OR depend on Android OS version?

    64bit device(arm64-v8a, x86_64, mips64)can run 32bit ,but it will lost optimized function for 64bit such as ART,webview,media,etc.
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  4. BurchSung

    BurchSung New Member

    Hi...i am a new user here. I want to know when SATV automatically upgrades to the new beta, it would remain on the 32 bit version, so one would have to 're'install the 64bit version, if I'm not mistaken?Is there truly any benefit between the two, or is it more about being future ready?