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Ubuntu desktop on neo x8h?

Discussion in 'X8-H & X8/Plus Custom ROMs, Kernels & Discussion' started by Joehaen, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Joehaen

    Joehaen New Member

    Hello minix community and developers,

    Will there be the possibility to get Ubuntu desktop on the minix neo x8h as a custom rom? Maybe dual boot?

    Is somebody working on that?

    I just found stane1983/amlinux in the Internet, but he's working on an xmbc Linux for amlogic not on Ubuntu

    I know that amlogic released the basic Linux kernel for the S802, but I really don't know how to build a system, and I only have the box at the moment (no pc)

    Thank you for any answers :)

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  2. Yordan Konov

    Yordan Konov Member

    That would absolutely rock.
    I have other Linux machines but having Ubuntu on the Minix would be grand !!!
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  3. Joehaen

    Joehaen New Member

    I've found this on the Ubuntu arm site:

    "For some devices, installation images are available from releases.ubuntucom or cdimage.ubuntucom For other devices, netinstalls are recommended, although this will require a custom kernel/debian-installer build for your target device."

    Anyone knows what this means? Anyone got the ability building an Ubuntu distro for this great device?

  4. notjoe

    notjoe New Member

    I am very curious about this as well. Has anyone had luck with this?
  5. dagelf

    dagelf New Member

    I've seen some news of success on the X5 and X7 and some progress on X8. I have an X6 which I am working on... for which I am hopeful because it exists for at least one other S805 (ODroid C1).
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  6. Pixabilly

    Pixabilly New Member

    Any new to this one? Possibly can install Ubuntu Mate? They have ARMv7 device support, but not sure if this is it?
  7. javanesse

    javanesse New Member

    waiting for this too. really really want it