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USB Burning tools

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H Plus Official Firmware Releases' started by Fredrik72, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Fredrik72

    Fredrik72 New Member

    Please Help
    Tryed to uppdtaed to Lollipop but failed. Now the machine is not answering
    I.ll tryed to installed X8H_PLUS_FW011_20170119 on burning tools but fails everytime.
    I use burning tools USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.6.2.
    Everytime i get this
    [16:34:31 584][HUB8-3][Inf]--0-7-0-16
    [16:34:31 584][HUB8-3][Inf]--CheckFileRunState succeed
    [16:34:31 584][HUB8-3][Inf]-- low_power
    [16:34:31 589][HUB8-3][Inf]--Send command success
    [16:34:31 592][HUB8-3][Inf]--Read command status success
    [16:34:31 592][HUB8-3][Inf]-------------ERASE FLASH-----------
    [16:34:31 592][HUB8-3][Inf]--disk_initial 1
    [16:34:31 593][HUB8-3][Inf]--Send command success
    [16:34:40 663][HUB8-3][Inf]--Read command status success
    [16:34:40 663][HUB8-3][Inf]-------------Download meson.dtb-----------
    [16:34:40 664][HUB8-3][Err]--4-3-9-4
    [16:34:40 717][HUB8-3][Err]--[0x30401002]UBOOT/Partition meson/Identify/USB Control setup error
    [16:34:40 718][HUB8-3][Inf]--Close device handle 0x00000898

    My machine is Neo x8-h plus jx8hpbox14b04955

    Please help me/ best regards Fredrik