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USB Type-A ports are not working

Discussion in 'NEO C, USB-C Multiport Adapter' started by StevenKJChen, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. StevenKJChen

    StevenKJChen New Member

    I just bought the adapter Minix NEO C mini today. The HDMI and Type-C ports works, but Type-A ports doesn't work as expected. My notebook is Macbook Pro 2016 with Sierra 10.12.3. Here are my cases:

    1. I plugged my iPhone 7 into the Type-C on the adapter, but nothing happens (not charging).
    2. When I plugged my usb flash drive(Transcend 8G) into the Type-C on the adapter, the led light of the drive just came on for few seconds and then came off.
    3. When I plugged external hard drive (WD My passport) in, the WD turned on with the light (not flashing) but it did not show up in Finder.

    As mentioned above, the Type-A ports don't work totally. Could anyone help me to find out the problem? I'm in an urgent need of using the Type-A ports.

  2. StevenKJChen

    StevenKJChen New Member

    Hello Ken,

    Is there any new firmware for my issue?
    If it is still not working, the only thing I can do is to return it.