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Official Release V13.3.3 final

Discussion in 'Kodi/XBMC for MINIX Releases' started by MINIX - Ken, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear all,

    MINIX official server: http://minix.com.hk/downfile/xbmcminix-armeabi-v7a_13.3.3_final.apk
    Forum Server: http://www.minixforum.com/downloads/download.php?file=xbmcminix-armeabi-v7a_13.3.3_final.apk

    (17 March 2015)
    Here is a modified version for you guys to evaluate:
    - buffer size = 150MB
    - buffermode = 1
    - read buffer = 40
    - both curl set to 500

    The finals include a few fixes provided by Amlogic on top of beta8.

    Team MINIX.
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  2. wcg

    wcg New Member

    Thanks Ken.

    Stupid question: how do I install it?
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  3. k4rluk

    k4rluk New Member

    Superduper Ken, thx a lot
  4. Hugo Alves

    Hugo Alves New Member

    Thank you Ken......Now get work on Kodi!!! (just kidding) :)
  5. rpgmaker

    rpgmaker Member

    Can we get a mirror? minix.com.hk is really slow for everything, even for simple pages. I clicked the link a while ago and haven't gotten the apk yet.
  6. Gopichand Pai

    Gopichand Pai Member

    It says last compiled on Dec 29th. Is it the right version?
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  7. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

  8. Lukas

    Lukas New Member

    This new version is being picked up by my Android anti-virus as a suspicious file so I'll skip this release.
  9. rpgmaker

    rpgmaker Member

    How can it be compiled on dec 29th? Are you just renaming the old beta we had of 13.3.3?
  10. Drakk

    Drakk New Member

    I tried the new 13.3.3 version, but the TV black whan I played Big Buck Bunny in 3D (30 or 60 fps). The voice is ok. Any fix to play this version?
  11. Hi Ken, Any chance of that extra mirror site rpgmaker was asking about? I have been battling to download for last two days as well.

  12. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Mirror was added yesterday. See post #1
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  13. wcg

    wcg New Member

    I've tried to mirror the update but it doesn't show up when trying to import into the usb burning tool.

    The file has been extracted and I see it when I open the folder I put it in.

    Any suggestions?
  14. user.7410

    user.7410 New Member

    Last edited: Feb 14, 2015
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  15. wcg

    wcg New Member

    Thanks for the help user 7410. So I just load the filed directly into the box through my PC?
  16. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    you don't need the burning tool for the apk, follow user.7410's advice above (y)

    you only need to get the apk file onto your minix , or sd card , select it ina filebrowser or use the appinstaller app and it will install
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  17. wcg

    wcg New Member

    Many thanks Frederick. Both of you have helped me immensely with this info. Much appreciated.
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  18. EdT586

    EdT586 Member

    Any advantages of this version versus 13.3.0 on the G4, X5, X5 Mini, X7, X7 Mini that does not do the auto rate refresh ?
    The only thing I noticed was that the exit menu has a few more options ...shrugs shoulders
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  19. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson New Member

    As with the beta versions chapters do not work with m4v files (my ones are made with handbrake)

    However, chapters work okay with the Kodi 14 release (playing the same files).

    Resume play works okay and it is aware of the chapters but you just cant jump to them.

    NEO x8-H Plus with latest updates

    Are you working on a Minix version 14 beta?
  20. user.7410

    user.7410 New Member

    But is a minix optimized helix even necessary now that kodi natively supports amlogic's AVE? Or do the minix modifications have any further benefits?
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