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Vidon XBMC

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H PLUS 004 firmware via MINIX FOTA' started by costaud, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. costaud

    costaud Member

    A question about VidOn XBMC, is support official ? I mean the vidOn team knows that it's done on Minix 8H plus ?
    Because on their forum they say that a lot of player are sold with VidOn XBMC pre installed but it couldn't, and they don't support that, that's why I would like to know if I have problem with this version on my MINIX I can ask help to them ;)
    I tested VidOn XBMC and HD sound passthrough doesn't work ;(
  2. desertplanet

    desertplanet Member

    It's official. They worked with minix to fix the SDK.
    they will have no issues helping you on there forums.
    As for HD audio you need to have the pro version.
    Not sure of you have this version, if not, then HD Audio won't work.
    It's only $15/year anyway, and with that $$ they can make xbmc better than the free version., and tweaked to media boxes. ☺
  3. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    I am looking forward to user reports to with what AV receivers HD audio passthrough actually works. It has been a complaint on Kodi forums that VidOn "trickery" works only with a select few AV receivers.
  4. desertplanet

    desertplanet Member

    Finally got fw004 on my X8-H Plus.
    Tried vidon pro, and got mixed but good results.
    I have a denon avr-x4100w atmos receiver.
    I have several mkv, m2ts etc 1080p files with HD audio, including ATMOS.

    Most mkv files seemed to play perfect with HD audio ☺ ranging from dts-hf MA, dd true hd, and ATMOS.

    There were several times where there was no sound when starting file. I had to stop file and start again.
    Other times that not work, had to use up arrow to skip into video then audio worked.
    Other times had to restart minix then HD audio worked.
    Seemed on m2ts files, had more issues. Some I could not get sound.
    As for PCM multi channel audio movies, they were detected at dolby digital. So did not play correct sounds. Only stereo.

    3D no go yet, plays as 2d.
    Vidon says amlogic is working on 3D iso, so this is good news.

    So far, I'm impressed with minix how far we are getting with this box being so new.
    The future looks good if this pace is kept up.

    HD audio for sure can be improved to work more stable with Av stereos. But it will come ☺
  5. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    That is good to know. Have you checked 7.1 HD audio passthrough?
  6. costaud

    costaud Member

    Great news ;)
    I have the pro version, as I saw in previous post, it seems to have compatibility problem, I'm going to check that.
  7. costaud

    costaud Member

    As I have no HD sound with my pioneer receiver, I'm going to test with your method ;)
  8. desertplanet

    desertplanet Member

    Yep, when it works I get full 7.1 for those 7.1 hd audio tracks☺
    Also ATMOS plays also, so my denon will state dd atmos on display when I load an atmos track,. This was an awesome surprise ☺ as I was hoping just HD audio would work.

    I'm sure over next few firmwares (cross fingers) that we will get more stable audio on more Av receivers. As right now, audio works, but also sometimes have no sound with same movie I just played if I stop movie and try again.

    Work in progress ☺
  9. costaud

    costaud Member

    I have a lot of m2ts + audio HD and no sound on my pioneer receiver ;(
    Only one mkv + audio HD and no sound too.
    I'm waiting for VidOn XBMC update to solve that ;)
  10. desertplanet

    desertplanet Member

    Not sure if this will help, but in the minix settings, I first had auto frame match on, but found that when it was turned off instead more files played with sound..
    Not sure if they are related somehow, but it seemed to help.
  11. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    If you don't mind, can you check 7.1 channel mapping with DTS/Dolby Sound Check files? If you already don't have them, you can find them here -

    DTS HD-Master Audio Sound Check 7.1

    Dolby TrueHD Channel Check 7.1
    Dolby Digital Plus Channel Check 7.1

    @MINIX - Ken has mentioned several times in the past that Amlogic S8xx SoCs only support 5.1 channels. I am wondering whether 7.1 is being incorrectly mapped (Rear/Back Surrond channels are being mixed with Surround channels).

    Edit: Corrected the file links. Apparently, Demo-World prevents hot linking.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
  12. desertplanet

    desertplanet Member

    Sure. I'll try when I get home later tonight.

    I hope it works... ☺
  13. desertplanet

    desertplanet Member

    Ok, just finished testing the dd true hd 7.1 channel test tones.
    The 7.1 was indeed 7.1 true hd mapped correct.
    Each channel played in correct speakers. So surrounds came from only surrounds, and surround back only came from those speakers.
    Looks like we have full 7.1 hd pass through.
    Also retested ATMOS tracks.
    And yep, they played in full glory ATMOS. ☺

    Now to get a more stable lock to Av receivers and this will be perfect.
    As if I play the file and get hd sound, all good for full movie.
    But, when I exit file sometimes, and retry, no sound just silence.
    Found to fix this was to exit vidon xbmc back to minix launcher. And close any apps loaded in background, then reload vidon xbmc and try file again. Then will get sound in HD again.
    Either way, I'm happy with progress with minix, and now vidon. And as time goes on, all will get better. ☺
  14. WeK05

    WeK05 Audio Visual Master Specialist

    That is fantastic! Hope VidOn can improve on AVR compatibility.

    I think we should take this discussion on VidOn XBMC to a separate thread. We may have started to clutter this firmware thread.

    @ Mods/Admins
    Can you move these posts on VidOn XBMC to a new thread?

    Thanks to the Mod/Admin for moving these posts to a new VidOn XBMC thread:)
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
  15. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Official answer must be 5.1. (because the CPU is licensed to do up to 5.1 only)
    SW could do anything.
  16. costaud

    costaud Member

    I know now from the Vidon forum that I have to install the 1.0.0 version, I will test it soon ;)
  17. desertplanet

    desertplanet Member

    Maybe you read my post there on my findings with that version. ☺
    Hope it goes well.
    Make sure you turn OFF frame rate match in minix settings and also in vidon xbmc. As when they are on, I could not get HD audio only silence. Only when they were off (set to 1080p/60) if got audio to work more often. Not perfect all the time, some files had silence until I tried 3 times to load same file, or even just exiting xbmc and closing it from android open programs screen then reloading vidon xbmc.
  18. desertplanet

    desertplanet Member

    Over at vidon forum, they replied that they are working with minix to resolve these audio issue and will be fixed in a new sdk from minix in near future ☺

    I'm glad that minix takes care of us customers. Nice to see ☺
  19. costaud

    costaud Member

    Yes I read it, and I'm going to test that soon ;)
  20. Undergången

    Undergången Member

    The vidon XBMC can not play mkv files ripped from DVDs with Make mkv. you get thrown out of vidon XBMC and end up in minix menu. Works perfectly with the minix xbmc