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VPN not recognized?

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by Scott Kim, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Scott Kim

    Scott Kim New Member

    I'm new to the Minix TV box and have been learning a lot since getting the device. Having a weird problem that I can't seem to resolve and wanted to see if anyone here could help me. Using VPNUnlimited and configured the VPN in the Network Settings page. I'm not using the standalone app. After I got the VPN configured, pressed the "connect" button and after a moment, the window said the VPN was connected. However when I select the VPN settings, for an "always on VPN", in the upper right corner of the window the current configuration doesn't appear and the VPN icon on the main screen never lights up.

    Can someone help me get this thing working? Thank you, Scott
  2. busli

    busli New Member

    Once you are connected in vpn section of wireless and networks, the whole box is connected to vpn and you don't need an app. Go into internet browser and go into Whatismyipaddress and it will show you your ip address and you can see if it is through vpn or not.
  3. Scott Kim

    Scott Kim New Member

    Thanks for the response. I went to WhatismyIPaddress and it showed my address at the VPN site. However I'd like to have it connect automatically whenever I used the Android TV box and it would be nice if the VPN icon on the main menu lit up. Any idea how to achieve these last two?
  4. busli

    busli New Member

    I don't know much about android. I guess you'd have to use apps but apart from that I don't know. I always connect manually.
  5. Scott Kim

    Scott Kim New Member

    I had assumed the Minix would search for and recommend updates like my Mac does. However after poking around in the app drawer, I discovered it didn't and that there were updates available. One update fixe the VPN icon not lighting up which gets me halfway there, at least I know when it's running. Now if only I could get the VPN to connect automatically when I turn the Minix on . . . . . . . .
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  6. gary lewis

    gary lewis New Member

    not sure why you do not simply set it to run on start in your vpn app or am i missing something