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Wake On LAN WOL Not Working on Z83-4

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4' started by rlehs, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. rlehs

    rlehs New Member

    I have a new (3/1/17) Minix Neo Z83-4 that I have installed the new version 1.4 bios provided by Minix in this forum. I have gone into the bios and turned on the wake on LAN wol function. I have also for general purposes turned off sleep mode based on inactivity in windows 10. I have both logmein and an asus router that can send wake on LAN request from both within my network and also outside of it. But once I shutdown my Z83-4 I am unable to wake it. It is direct 1gb cabled with a cat6 cable into one of the ports on my router. I have some Dell desktops that I also have wol configured and they wake up without any issues. Do I need to configure something else in the bios or with the efficient power setting to get wake on LAN to work? Other suggestions from others who have this configured and working? Thanks
  2. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Wake on LAN works but you need to "Shut down" Z83-4 = off,
    not "Sleep" = screen off only, not off so you can't wake it.

    Please try.
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  3. rlehs

    rlehs New Member

    I did the shutdown function from Windows 10 as you noted and I'm still unable to get WOL functioning. I've included a page from my Logmein Console that shows another computer in the same LAN environment that has WOL activated so I know it functions in this LAN. But the Z83-4 doesn't show a Wakeup option. I also have a Magic Packet option in my ASUS Router to wakeup pc's and that doesn't work either? Ideas?
    PS 533.JPG PS 534.JPG
  4. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Hi, we are sure the above method works because we have been telling some of our business clients the same thing and it's ok?
  5. James Beaumont

    James Beaumont New Member

    hi, for me wake-on-lan does indeed work when the z83 is off but not, as you say, when in sleep mode. This seems odd, as normally it is when the pc is sleeping that I want to wake it and use it. your comment that sleep only turns off the screen isnt' what I see as when in sleep mode i cannot ping the z83 or connect to it in any way - so I have to be physically at the machine to wake it (e.g. with keyboard or mouse), which isn't ideal. What am I missing?
  6. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    It works that way because Z8350 is primarily designed as a mobile processor for tablet, not a desktop processor.
  7. rbuhl11

    rbuhl11 New Member

    Is it possible to wake up the Z83-4 on WIFI?

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    I do not understand the difference.

    "Shut down" Z83-4 = off,
    not off so you can't wake it.
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  8. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    It's pretty simple really!
    Shut down the device if you want to use WOL
  9. diqipib

    diqipib New Member

    Hi. I've got the same trouble with Z83-4. It doesn't wake by WOL. All other computers in the net wakes normaly. I used EtherDetect, to check if wol packet comes to Z83-4:
    screenshot (open)


    It doesn't wake up in sleep mode, neither in shutted down state.

    BIOS: CHT0A160

    Ethernet Driver Version: Realtek 10.13.1223.2016

    Please, tell me, what am I doing wrong ? :unsure:

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  10. Andronym

    Andronym New Member

    This Driver doesn't work, I had the same problem with WOL. Download the original MINIX Drivers from this link. Go to divice manager and install driver manually.

  11. diqipib

    diqipib New Member

    Andronym, thanks for reply. Please, can You tell me where in this archive I could find driver for Ethernet realtek adapter (Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller) ? o_O

    Thats what I see:

  12. Andronym

    Andronym New Member

    Diqipib, sorry. I realized there is no driver to install from MINIX.
    I had same problem, WOL doesn't work whit earlier installed driver V.10.xx from Realtek. My currently installed and working LAN drivers V.9.xx was installed within Windows.
    Try to uninstall completely currently installed drivers (check the box "uninstall installed software") from device manager and rescan for new devices. Now the installed Realtek LAN driver version should be v.9.xx.

    If needed I can tell you the exact Version of LAN driver later. At moment I'm not at home.

    I think this device can't be waking up from sleep because of connected standby feature, it's a new kind of sleep for mobile devices. But wake up device when it is off works for me since I'm back to v9.xx.

  13. diqipib

    diqipib New Member

    Andronym, thanks for Your reply ) ! Please can You share Your driver. I still can't find working version 9.X.
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  14. Andronym

    Andronym New Member

    Did you try to uninstall currently installed Drivers completly as I mentioned in post#12?

    My Driver is from Microsoft not Realtek. Version 9.1.406.2015 and was installed automatically by Windows when I completly uninstall Drivers from Realtek (Version 10.x.x).
  15. diqipib

    diqipib New Member

    Andronym, thanks for Your help. I've almostly fixed the problem. Driver uninstalation didn't help me. I've done it in 2 steps. At first I uninstalled it from "Add Remove Programs" and rebooted. After that Windows restored drivers itself and set it back to 10.x. So I tried removing drivers manually from Device Manager. But, despite I checked "Remove Drivers and programs", after reboot I got 10.X again. So, I decided to update to the latest drivers - 10.23.1003.2017. And now WOL works ! One thing I can't fix is - awaking from Sleep mode. And I still can't find how to make "Power Managment" tab visible in propeties window, like this:

  16. Andronym

    Andronym New Member

    Hi diqipib. The behavior of driver Version is strange but if version 10 works for you it is okay.
    And about WOL from sleep and Power Management, both will never work! Read post #2 in this thread from Ken (MINIX). This is related to the mobile CPU in this device and new feature called "connected standby" in Windows 10.

    Power off = WOL works
    Sleep = WOL won't work
  17. diqipib

    diqipib New Member

    Andronym, ah, that's it. Now it is clear. Tnaks for the info.
  18. cusna

    cusna New Member

    Der Sir,
    I have one Z83-W,
    it does not work wol
    I have tuned off fast startup, have setting in the driver lan wake on magic packet = enabled, ecc
    but in the bios I not found references to wol
    thanks in advanced
  19. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator


    Have you checked that ?

    (See the screenshots)
  20. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator