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X7 We need updates for the Minix Neo X7

Discussion in 'NEO X7' started by Dave2592, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Dave2592

    Dave2592 New Member


    I have a Minix Neo X7. The hardware is working just fine, and it's a good device. The hardware still has years of life in it.

    But the software is now totally out of date. Minix provided an Android version update to 4.4 (the Android version released in 2013{ in February 2016, and I remember reading at that time that Minix planned to orphan the X7 series and provide no further software updates.

    Now, in March 2018, I am observing that my Minix is no longer stable, and is crashing frequently with the mix of apps I have installed.

    Plus the "XMBC for Minix" is now totally obsolete. XMBC has now moved on to become Kodi, and there are no more plugins and themes available for the version of XMBC provided with the Minix Neo X7.

    Basically, my Minix Neo X7 is becoming unusable, despite the fact that the hardware is still powerful enough to run recent apps and has years of life left in it.

    Please can Minix roll out a hardware update?

    Hoping to hear back from you Minix guys, and with all best wishes,

    Dave (you are soon going to be able to read a detailed review of Minix on my blog)
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  3. Dave2592

    Dave2592 New Member

    Hi Villa,

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I did manage to install the Kitkat image. Thanks very much for the link to the Lollipop image... I'm going to try this. I'm really scared though... When installing the Kitkat image, I thought I'd trashed my Minix... ;-)

    Meanwhile, I've been browsing around and it seems that there has been some work on support for Ubuntu Linux on later Minix hardware. I didn't yet manage to figure out how mature that work is, and where there might be a how-to I can follow.

    Any info about the state of possible Linux support for the Minix Neo X7 by any chance?
  4. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  5. Dave2592

    Dave2592 New Member

    Hi Villa,

    Thanks for that info... I'm going to check out getting Ubuntu or Debian on the Minix Neo X7. That would be SO cool.

    (If I could find a way to zap Windows 10 on my Asus Transformer T100A and get any Linux distrib on it, I'd do it like a shot, too ;-) ... but that's a different subject.)

    I'm looking around on Youtube and these forums for the how-to on how to install the Lollipop image... Would you happen to have a suggestion as to the best/most-reliable how-to to use?

    In any case, many thanks for the very useful tips. :)
  6. MINIX - John

    MINIX - John MINIX Team Member Administrator

    There is no official support from the chipset manufacturer – RockChip – for later Android OS versions, so MINIX NEO X7 will officially remain on it’s existing Android KitKat OS firmware.
  7. pappagone2000

    pappagone2000 New Member


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  8. Ozmyster

    Ozmyster New Member

    Hi there Dave. I to would love to install this lollipop on my 3 Neo X7 units i use here. Did you successfully manage to install and if so how should i go about it mate. What do i need to do and what do i need to have and get to achieve this install pal? I'm a very newby so attention to detail in tiny steps would be very appreciated or i gunner hit a wall at step one mate. Cheers!