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Will the X8, X8 Plus or X8-H get Lollipop

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H, X8 Plus & X8' started by Gh0st, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    Hi guys,

    I see the question asked a lot about whether these models will get a Lollipop update (mainly for Kodi 17 needs).

    I have talked to John so I can give you guys an answer and unfortunately it is no.
    As some of you are aware AMLogic provide the SDK (Software development kit) to MINIX and they make the firmware for the boxes from that.
    Unfortunately AMLogic do not provide a Lollipop SDK for the S802 chipsets used in these models.
    Which means it's literally impossible for MINIX to make a Lollipop based firmware.
    It is sad and it is something MINIX would happily provide if it was in their capabilities to do so.
    I also know that MINIX are showing your complaints to AMLogic in the hopes they provide better support for the chipsets they release.

    I'm not going to tell you to just buy a new model as I know that is out of reach financially for some people.
    I'm not sure what MINIXs plans are in regards to their MINIX XBMC.

    Sorry I can not give you better advice or news but I wanted to be able to at least give you some answers and insight into this situation.

    Edit: Actually my best advice for those who want Kodi 17 is to give this a try!

    I'm not sure if it would work for X8 or X8 Plus. but this is a community effort and these boxes are extremely difficult to hard brick so get in and have a go if you're keen!
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  2. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    I would think some would be confused as to why the X8-H Plus is singled out to receive the update, but that's to do with it being the only one of the X8 series to have the Amlogic S812 chipset and I believe that's the SDK that Minix have been given. People will get mad at Minix but really, it's Amlogic that are not supplying the Lollipop SDK for the S802 chipset. I think it's as simple as that.
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  3. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

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  4. datrh

    datrh Active Member

    for kodi 17 only
    see my signature.
    these works.

    on the u1 i've try
    1. http://demo-uhd3d.com/fiche.php?cat=uhd&id=155
    2. http://demo-uhd3d.com/fiche.php?cat=uhd&id=151
    3. http://demo-uhd3d.com/fiche.php?cat=uhd&id=144
    these runs without a glitch.

    on my x8-h , because i'm on wifi (upstairs with the router downstairs), the best i can do it's 720p but this is ****ing stable.
    if someone will be kind enough to tell how the baby runs with 1080p, 4k, 4k hdr, i will be grateful.

    i'm not a linux guy but a true windows user so no needs to be a geek to runs these babies with libreELEC.

    ps: the 802 distro is a usb distro so it didn't boot from SD card without tweaking.
    and even wifi is shitty, not usable.
    my advice : use the s812 on s802 device , it works almost perfectly.
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  5. colonol

    colonol New Member

    Are minix going to continue their relationship with amlogic or do nothing? They need to be seen to be doing something if they can't influence them in some way. This has disappointed many customers. I certainly won't be buying minix again.

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  6. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    As far as I'm aware they are going to continue the relationship.
    Can you name me any of the chipset makers that support a chip that has been superseded by at least 2 newer revisions over 2 years after they were produced?
    Did your Vivo Xshot with a Qualcomm chipset get Lollipop last year?

    To me it's like complaining that my old single core celeron can't run windows 10
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  7. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    Ah, you see @Gh0st that old single core celeron that can't run windows 10 is a bloody godsend.
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  8. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    The rate the majority of people are going with technology they're all going to disappear up their own aresholes, this current trend of demands for Lollipop, lollipop is all down to Kodi isn't it? - because Kodi is all everyone cares about now as though that is the reason the android box exists, but when the rascals at kodi decide that API 25 is the minimum, then the same set of people are going to be asking if their X6 can be updated to Marshmallow, and if it does not, well, watch out Minix because we'll never be buying your products again and that'll teach you.
  9. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    I'm struggling to understand it all.. I have a 4yr old X5 with a Kodi 16 equivalent on it, it plays all my 1080p content fine.
    It can use every Kodi addon I've thrown at it (most of the main ones). So I'm not even sure what it is that's so special about 17 apart from you know... it's a higher number.
    I think I saw some people wanted it for the Kodi 17 Estuary skin. I just googled "Kodi 16 Estuary" and that seems to be a thing.

    Here is a list of the most popular video addons for Kodi... they all have Kodi 16 versions

    I know there's literally hundreds of addons for Kodi but the majority of people want those very addons.

    As far as the people never buying a MINIX product again... it works for me because they don't contribute anything to this community other than stating how cheated they feel because their box wont toast bread for them.
    They then threaten to either buy a cheap bottom of the barrel box that works GREAT.... today (poor man pays twice though) or buy an Nvidia Shield... I'm not kidding, I'd buy a Shield as well if I could justify spending around twice the price just for the added benefit of using the Wii/Gamecube emulator Dolphin.

    There are solutions for all the X8s to get Kodi 17
    There are solutions for the Z64 A to get Kodi 17

    So I'm done
  10. Menorca Man

    Menorca Man Active Member Trusted Helper

    Perhaps the problem is that many of the people doing the complaining will be Android phone users who buy their devices on a two year contract, after which they usually choose to renew the contract and upgrade to the latest and greatest shiny new model. During that two year period their phone may or may not receive an OS update, depending on when in that particular model's products life cycle they purchased it. Meanwhile, all consumer-centric manufactures will drop support for their older/discontinued products and try to encourage you to buy their latest releases. That's how mass-manufacturers, including Minix, stay in business. It's called capitalism!!! :rolleyes:

    In 2012, after a lot of research, I decided to purchased a new VW Golf Sport TSi. Eight months later VW brought out a newer model. Do I feel cheated? Do I hell!! My car still performs superbly and continues to meets all the requirement that I originally purchased it for. As does my Minix X8-H Plus of course!! :)
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  11. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    Exactly right, in other words... Don't buy a product for what it will do in the future, buy it for what it will do now and hope for the best in the future.
    Especially in regards to the technology industry.
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  12. mark2

    mark2 Active Member

    If you can't get kodi 17 to work on your VW Golf you can always get libreelec to work;)
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  13. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    I was living in numbskull paradise with my NUC happily running Helix 14.2 until a few months back when I stumbled upon the fact that Jarvis had been out for almost a year, so I installed it and took the opportunity to clean house and reconstruct my addons. I realized that I did not gain anything from the process, but my Kodi had gone from 14.2 to 16.1 which was a bigger number. What was happy for my old head was that confluence was the same, all the switches were in the same place and as usual, the RSS feed was disabled and removed in the first moments, which was probably why I was as happy as Larry running 14.2 well past it's sell by date.
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  14. Higgs

    Higgs Yellow Dude Super Moderator

    I'm still running 14.2 on a Samsung nc10, converted from XP to openelec.
    It does everything that kodi 16 does on my U1.
    I tried kodi 17 on Windows laptop but wasn't impressed and went back to 16. I might try again when I get my new u9 set up.

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    ENDRJUPL Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    I upgraded to kodi 17 on NGC-1 and to be honest it doesn't run any better. I'm still trying to get used to the estuary skin.
  16. me who

    me who Member

    I guess there are a lot of people who are happy with Windows Vista still too. How DARE anyone want to an upgrade to windows 7 even if their hardware can run it fine :(
  17. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    The hardware may technically be able to run it fine but if AMLogic don't release an SDK then it IS impossible. If the chip makers don't make it possible that makes it impossible for me, you, MINIX or anyone except for the chip makers themselves. You should be emailing them with your grievances.. I've got a pretty good idea what the reply would be (if you get one)
    "we no longer support this chip, please upgrade to the S912 if you wish to use later firmwares"

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  18. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    It seems @Gh0st that the message is difficult to get across to users, and spelling it out does not work. The comment about Windows is a little off base, after all, Windows updates have never been free, except for the disaster of Windows 10 for a lot of people who believed they were getting a brand new operating system but then lost the ability to use legacy hardware or software, even sound in some cases. Windows 10 is not a better OS than Windows 7 and Windows 7 was only a marginally better OS than XP although some would say that XP was the best. Is Lollipop better than Kitkat for Android TV users who don't need Kodi 17?
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  19. mg64ve

    mg64ve New Member

    Just sent an email to AMLogic saying all my disappointment.
    Guys, please do the same!!!!

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  20. Gh0st

    Gh0st Australia's Finest Since 1981 Administrator

    That is the best thing I've seen in regards to this. I strongly urge everyone else to do the same.
    Even if they made these older "obsolete" chips open so the community can get together and port Lineage OS or whatever.
    I agree with people who are disgruntled that older yet capable hardware is totally forgotten by these companies, I just don't like the blame being put wrongly on MINIX.
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