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Will the Z64-A receive a Lollipop update

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Android OS' started by Gh0st, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. macarmagh

    macarmagh New Member

    Cut your losses mate, this "media centre" is not worth the hassle, nobody expects miracles as Intel have dropped android support but there was / is so much wrong with this unit on top of that.

    The issues are never addressed, have a browse through the forum, I like you bought in to the marketing, OTA Updates, etc. Add in the incompatibility of many apps and using the unit quickly becomes a chore.

    I like you paid 120 quid plus a further 15 for a usable remote, if kodi is your main use on this box then install one of the builds that support this android version, for anything else I recommend you purchase something else.

    As a comparison I could have purchased a google box at the same time for 89 quid, which is well supported, sometimes we make silly choices I suppose.

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  2. blzbob73

    blzbob73 New Member

    Yeah true but its like buying a washing machine only to find that you can't get spares after a year or two.Might as well have bought a firestick instead of the Minix. People reading these posts will be put off buying from Minix so it's their loss.
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