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Official Release Win10 RS4 clean installation 250 GB SSD

Discussion in 'NEO N42C-4' started by gerhardenninga, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. gerhardenninga

    gerhardenninga New Member

    my nice MINIX NEO N42C is fine running "win10 pro RS3" on 32 gb . I did a backup of the Drivers with the DoubleDriver program and saved this files.
    Now I want to do a clean RS4 installation to a clean 250 gb ssd and stop the actuell 32 gb OS.

    Is it a right way to disable the ECC version of the OS,- as discribed in thtread "Re-installing Win10 to SSD" by Higgs, Mar 22, 2018 #2-, and restart with a UEFI bootable USB RS4 Installation stick. Do the installation and reinstall the Drivers with DD?

    Will the machine automatically restart with the UEFI stick? Suggestions and help, please . //Gerhard
  2. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  3. gerhardenninga

    gerhardenninga New Member

  4. gerhardenninga

    gerhardenninga New Member

    I think this way should also help to do a new Installation on emmc:

    1. backup, save and store (small Usb stick 1-2 GB) the N42C drivers with the DoubleDriver tool (Google)
    2. prepare (Rufus) an UEFI USB install-stick with your chosen Win OS. Simplest way is download your prefered Win -ISO from internet
    4. put this stick to a N42C USB port
    3. from your (at this moment unsatisfying) running system start /settings /update & security and there Restoration. Chose enlarged start (second buttom) and now"start from a tool" and chose the os-install partition of your prepared USB stick
    4. the machine will restart with windows from your US-stick. After asked for the language, chose (at left side) "repair Options" in the next picture.
    5. at the new picture with several options chose the terminal and there type "diskpart", enter
    6. with diskpart, "list disk" and then select ("number of the emmc") and now type "clean" enter. >>>>>> the emmc will be erased!!!! NO WAY BACK !!!!
    7. leave diskpart and terminal and go back to th picture you came from and back after the language question and now chose "install".
    8. your installation-stick will do his work and install fresh windows, as you wanted.
    9. after installation and personalization work you want to do, keep the driver USB storage from the beginning step.
    10. restore your drivers with DD (DoubleDrive) to the new system.

    11. I hope you E N J O Y (I`m a DE please excuse my poor EN, and try the steps for training, the first step with no way back is "clean" at diskpart.
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  5. gerhardenninga

    gerhardenninga New Member

    Leider scheint keiner besonders an meinem Projekt, die neue SSD direkt mit einem Windows Installations Stick zu programmieren, interessiert zu sein.
    Ich kann heute jedoch erfreulichen Fortschritt melden, und konnte windows direkt installieren. Es gelang mir, eine Original-Copy auf die neue 256 GB Festplatte bringen.

    Fogendes Vorgehen:

    1. mit ParagonHardDiskManger eine Copy der C: Partition auf 32 GB USB Sick
    2. mit dem Win tool imagex64 und Terminalbefehl(Administrator) "imagex64 /compress fast /capture e: c:\install.wim "Windows 10 Pro" /verify" eine install.wim erstellt. Dabei mußten wegen der Verifizierung ca.10-20 Dateien der Copy gelöscht und zum Teil ersetzt werden, bis der Vorgang erfolgreich abgeschlossen wurde. Das Ganze dauerte auf meinem sehr schnellen Macbook Retina 15 ca. 10 Stunden.
    3. mit Rufus und einer von windows deladenen passenden ISO einen 16 GB UEFI USB Installationsstick erstellt.
    4. in der sources Datei des Stick die Original install.wim gegen die in 2.) selbst erstellte ausgetauscht.
    5. den so präparierten USB Stick ii den N42C eingesteckt und über Start/Einstellungen/Update und Sicherheit/Wiederherstellung dann unten 2.Bottom "von einem Gerät starten" windows auf die neue Festplatte installiert. Die Festplatte muss, damit die Installation startet (im Dialogmenue) geloescht werden.
    6. Die Installation ging problemlos und schnell. Ich habe jetzt einen N42C mit Doppelboot: das alte System auf der eMMC und das neue auf der DIY.
    7. Die EFI Bootdatei und die BCD sind auf der eMMC. Soll die DYI Installation ganz unabhaengig werden, kann man wie bekann im BIOS die eMMC stoppen und dann mit dem neu erstellten USB Install-Stick Win neu auf die DYI installieren.

    Mir hat diese Arbeit viel Spass gemacht, vielleicht hilft sie einigen von Euch bei Eurer Arbeit weiter. Gür mich ist es ein schoenes Hobby // Gruss Gerhard
  6. gerhardenninga

    gerhardenninga New Member

    update for people interested:

    today I have "constructed" once more instal.wim made (as described above in #5). In addition this time I used a brandnew N42C with Win RS2 (-version registry fixed- , on the newest state actualised and afterwards with usual(standard) win tools adjusted).
    The total procedure now went substantially faster than the first time because the terminal went through action without demolition(abort) flatly, and no file corrections were necessary. (I suppose, data/files of the first used system was corrupt by versions updates or for other reasons).
    The whole(complete) action: Copy with Paragon and deployment instal.wim lasted approx. 4 hours.
  7. gerhardenninga

    gerhardenninga New Member

    The work to this project was finished completely and successfully.

    "Mission accomplished "

    and I would like to point out once more to the fact that I have carried out this only privately(in private) as "hobby".

    The following progress:

    -with in #5 and #6 in this threat constructed Uefi USB Install Stick (with the help of "RUFUS"-tool) connectec to a N42C port I was able to do about BIOS control (area of BOOT....#3 USB device) on the eMMC as well as (after stop eMMC -see other where described-) on a built in 250 GB SSD. The before cloned operating systems were put in totally without any problem. Although I used two different N42C with different serial no. for the install.wim generation no activation problem occured.
    -it is necessary to do installation routine in two steps. in the first step the content of the data carriers(storage media) must be destroyed with "diskpart" on command; prompt of windows (to put("select disk #", "clean") and prepared to GPT ("convert gpt"); then in the second step do "instal " in the normal win instal routin.
    - to explain(carry out) these steps the repair routine must be called first (after confirmation of the language) (on the bottom left/down) to come promptly from there to the command prompt to prepare the disk. Then the installation is begun in the same menu once more and now is carried out with "instal ". Windows partitioniert and formats the Dtenträger automatically.
    - The pure(clean) installattion up to the company readiness of the cloned system lasts approx. 15 minutes. The preliminary works(preparations) in BIOS and with "diskpart " about as long.

    I uploaded the install.wim files (RS2 and RS4) and and a zipped actual DoubleDriver storage of the RS4 system to MEGA. My cloned systems are in German language, you can easy change this in the windows settings. The systems are actual updated.
    Administrators and trustet forum member can send me a PM. I will share this work with interested persons. Maybe, you give me a like. I am a new member with restricted rights.

    Thanks, and have a good time. I love this nice MINIX N42C, Gerhard
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  8. gerhardenninga

    gerhardenninga New Member

    Supplement to the previous remarks.

    For many the way about the generation instal.wim is too complicated and time expensive. They especially to transfer a device once read configured with all programmes on others.

    if one wants to carry out only a RS4 Clean instal, suffices the installation of an USB-install-stick constructed from the RS4 Win ISO (RUFUS)
    - connect the prepared to the N42C, restart and call BIOS with tipped "DEL" .
    - on BIOS select the"BOOT" side and there #1. Here select(elect) the connected stick, with F4 store, then ESC
    - then the next sheet on the right, here "SAVES CHANGES AND EXIT", Enter
    - the device restarts and instal (as usual) the new operating system

    After the institution and before first reboot in the new sytem, appeal BIOS with "DEL" and under BOOT with #1 again put "windows boot manager. With "CHanges and EXIT SAVES" restart.

    Greeting Gerhard
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  9. Ostap

    Ostap New Member

    Please share with me the saved drivers. I have a problem with windows 10 and I could not save the drivers ...
    I would be very grateful for the help.

    I apologize for my English - I am from Ukraine ...
  10. skynet

    skynet Moderator Moderator