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Windows 10 Creators update

Discussion in 'NEO Z83-4' started by amcohen, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

  2. CptDobey

    CptDobey Member

    I am not sure this articles applies to the issue we had. It is not a problem of space on the main partition but a lack of space on one hidden Efi system partition. On our Minix it is 60 MB and Windows does want it to be 100 MB.
  3. Markus88

    Markus88 New Member

    I've been messing around with the update for a day now and this seems to be the fix for it. I'm at 85% installed now. I'll update when it's done. Thanks, amcohen!

    edit: yep, it's gotten farther than it's ever gotten before. Even had to reboot to continue. 99% sure the update will succeed now. In the event this update cannot install on any Z83-4 without fixing this, Minix should consider writing a good, simple guide or possibly writing an automatic tool to help fix this problem. I really like this product and I'd hate to see it fail because of something like this.

    edit2: Creators Update is installed now. I can 100% confirm amcohen's guide works.
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  4. Caduceus26

    Caduceus26 New Member

    I was thrilled to read that this solution worked for others and it seems like a very logical approach.

    After taking the steps you outlined above I ended up with a System Reserved partition of 445 MB, System (C:\Windows) 8.3(31% free space), Recovery 373 MB. Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant failed with "Something went wrong" at 88% complete.

    There is must be something "hinky" about my box. Back to the drawing board.
  5. CptDobey

    CptDobey Member

    You still have the solution to wipe out everything and re-install W10 ;)
  6. Caduceus26

    Caduceus26 New Member

    Not the option I choose as long as there are other ways to get at this issue. In addition, the Creator Update on this box isn't critical at the moment although I like to have all my systems running latest versions with all updates applied.
  7. MacB

    MacB Member

    as Ken already stated: in post #60 http://www.minixforum.com/threads/windows-10-creators-update.16242/page-3#post-131377
    one should wait until it comes up - all other tries are NOT recommended!
  8. Bobg8zwf

    Bobg8zwf Member

    Couple of comments.
    1) Successfully installed creators update by resizing system partition. One question, is the recovery partition necessary or can be deleted?
    2) Successfully upgraded to windoze 10 pro. No issue with any drivers, everything seems to work fine. (I did not need to install any "extra" drivers).
    BUT. I did have a problem with windoze upgrade key. First I tried to upgrade using the home to pro route where it connects to windoze store to permit a $99 upgrade. I couldn't for some reason. So I used the VK7 etc upgrade key. Installation went fine and no problems until I tried to activate. The store would only let me purchase a full price key. Talked to Bill Gates's lot for more than one hour, but got no-where. So I gave up and purchased the full price key.
    I might request a partial refund, but I very much doubt the request will be successful.
    I have no idea why I could not purchase the upgrade. I do not think it was an issue with Minix or the Z83-4, more likely a problem with windoze store.
    At any rate all successful but windoze cost a bit more!
  9. WWHK

    WWHK New Member

    Thanks to all for a helpful chain of dialogues regarding Creators Update. Can Minix give a word of assurance that it is "OK" to delete the 16mb recovery partition ? A fresh install is not what I intended but very tempted to get Creators Update. Thanks!
  10. WWHK

    WWHK New Member

    I have the Beelink AP34, with 64 GB. But the EFI partition is 100 mb (totally empty) and the recovery partition is 480 mb (totally empty). Used the Windows update tool to get the Creators Update. Zero hiccups

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  11. WWHK

    WWHK New Member

    Hi guys, is deletion of the 16mb partition a must? Can I just squeeze C: to get an unallocated space of say 500mb, then expand the 64mb EFI partition to take up that extra 500mb unallocated space?? Thanks!
  12. CptDobey

    CptDobey Member

    To be extended, the frees space has to be next to the partition you want to extend. As far as I remember, the 16 MB one is between C: and the one you want to extend.

    I do not have anymore that 16 MB partition on my Minix for weeks without any sign of trouble. More over I never had that 16 MB partition on any other pc I have.
  13. WWHK

    WWHK New Member

    Thanks Dobey, will give it a try
  14. Lorein Watson

    Lorein Watson New Member

    To fix the error 0xc1900200 in Windows 10 it is important to first check the requirements as if you PC is not having the sufficient space or meets the requirement than there are chances you start getting the update error 0xc1900200 in Windows 10.

    In some cases, you won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 10 due to the reserved partition size. So to resolve error 0xc1900200, expand the size of the partition. To do this there are many online free tools available that will help you to expand the size easily.

    The entire information is taken from: http://www.fixwindowserrors.biz/blog/fix-upgrade-error-0xc1900200/?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=ref&utm_campaign=bl
  15. WWHK

    WWHK New Member

    Hi guys, Creators Update first trial after expanding the EFI partition in progress...will report result soon

    Bad news...this round it didn't say that I don't have enough memory in my EFI partition, but just said something went wrong with error Oxc1900200.

    After Minitool Partition Wizard, my disk config as follows: 503Mb EFI, C: Windows 28.3 Gb, and Recovery 374 Mb.

    Any clue??

    I might go ahead with another try, but won't spend anymore time if it fails again. Seems there are quite a few bugs here and there after Creators Update, read this:


    Here's another good reading to prepare for the update:

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  16. WWHK

    WWHK New Member

    Hi guys, after some twists and turns, Creators Update finally made it. These are what I did prior to the update:
    - CCleaner to clean up garbage files and registries
    - Troubleshoot system updates, the process fixed a few errors and corrupted registries
    - Disconnect ALL USB peripherals
    - Disable wifi once download has completed

    Then sat back and let it run. Took an hour to complete.

    Checking back on C: , only 1.87Gb is left, and I found that a big chunk is taken up by a new folder named "Windows.old", so I think this is a provision for users who want to take a U-turn back to the previous build.

    So the next phase would be to observe the bugs of this phenomenal update. Hope this helps!
  17. WWHK

    WWHK New Member

    One thing I'm not sure of...can I save/move this windows.old folder to an external storage (flash drive, sd card)?? Has anyone done that? (Or maybe just delete it straightaway?)
  18. WWHK

    WWHK New Member

    I got it. If upgrading to Creators Update is a chosen point of no return, we could use Disk Cleanup to remove that.
  19. WWHK

    WWHK New Member

    Hi all, my Z83-4 seemed to have taken a new life after the update! From cold start (AC on Power on) to full loading of desktop, wifi connected, and all USB peripherals recognised...in less than 35 seconds. I clicked to check drivers and found that some devices have a different version number than before. Guess Microsoft has taken this opportunity to freshen up the Windows drivers sets to work better with other hardwares. So, no regrets at all with this upgrade!
  20. CptDobey

    CptDobey Member

    I recommend(ed) to use the Windows 10 cleaning tool (disk cleanup), ran as an Administrator. It will allow you to get rid of that directory in a better and easier way than a simple "delete". It will also clean other stuff.