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Windows 10

Discussion in 'NEO Z64 Windows 10/8.1' started by Higgs, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Astro75

    Astro75 Member

    No. Because the "online" update check this point. And it is okay.
  2. Astro75

    Astro75 Member

    Problem solved. Windows 10 installed...

    Should i really tell the true how i did it? :oops:

    I have a really nice design USB drive...
    That you can plug in the unit with both face of it.... Normally you can not. But with this very slim one you can...

    So it was pluged in the wrong side/face.

    As i plug it correctly, i could boot on it and... doing my fresh install... with success! :cry:

    Windows 10 is now up and running... (y)

    Next step: doing an image (like acronis)...

    But thanks for you help
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  3. Astro75

    Astro75 Member

    Done with Macrium Reflect Free

    Make a rescue media (USB Drive)
    Image/Restore with UEFI okay

    Note: Macrium Reflect Free rescue media is an Windows 10 PE that it does not see the microSD card!
    But the image can be write on the same USB Drive as Macrium rescue media.

    I am not sure if i want to try a restore ;-) Should work. To be test if crash is coming.

    Anyway, an image of windows 10 Minix UEFI units is makable.
  4. Clwinbe

    Clwinbe New Member

    I switched my device over to windows10. I installed the new bios, did the system rescue to windows 8x, then upgraded using the Microsoft upgrade tool to 10 home version. No issues. I find this device to be a delightful windows machine. Very good picture quality and getting 5.1 passed through my receiver works perfectly. It is zippy enough for all media and apps.

    At the very least, I have a system that can be updated now. It was in storage for a year. It's very useful now.