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WLAN issue

Discussion in '[Bugtracker] NEO X8/X8-H 002 beta 8 firmware' started by slowdown, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. slowdown

    slowdown Nursing Case

    Yesterday i used both LAN and WLAN the first time.
    So far WLAN worked fine. But unplugging the player from grid, i recognized that NEO always restarts with WLAN off - only LAN is awailable after "cold reboot". Starting NEO via soft reboot or from sleep mode, WLAN is still "on".

    Seems to be a real bug?

    Another point is the Network priority.
    WLAN priority seems to be over LAN. If both are activated, only WLAN is available. Firmware cannot handle 2 IP adresses?

    For example: I want to remote NEO via WLAN with the APP remodroid. WLAN is required for this function due to an APP restriction. On the other hand i want to connect to NAS via LAN as always concerning higher bandwidth.
    This is not possible as NEO disables LAN IP if WLAN ist "on" with a second IP.
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