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[WORKS] 6TB HDD in USB 3.0 powered dock

Discussion in 'NEO X8-H Plus' started by Dr Goodvibes, May 6, 2015.

  1. sob80sup81

    sob80sup81 New Member

    Hi, can anyone share on each step of external hdd connection to Minix?

    Few things i'd like to know;

    - Partition requirement
    - Maximum supported hdd capacity
    - Recognizable format
    - Getting streamed media saved into hdd automatically
    - Rooting requirement

    Many thanks in advanced
  2. xKMAN83x

    xKMAN83x New Member

    I purchased a 4tb Seagate Backup Plus desktop external HDD, it came formatted to NTFS and it works no problem plugged into the back usb ports on my X8-H Plus.
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  3. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    I formatted my 5TB external USB drive to 1 NTFS partition. Plugged in the USB port (wish it was 3.0).
    Not sure of maximum size the box will recognize, but I assume more.
    Recognizes the entire drive.
    To save streamed media to external drive automatically, you would have to go into setup and configure defaults.
    No rooting required.
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  4. lizeey

    lizeey New Member

    It's great 6TB HDD dock. i'm currently using Liztek 4TB HDD dock
  5. boaty

    boaty New Member

    This is very inspiring to me and it makes me love my MINIX Neo U1 even more as an Android power house of a media hub :) Thanks guys for your Terabyte drive confirmations :)
  6. another

    another New Member

    Hey guys, don't want to start a new topic, so i will try to ask here:
    is it possible to connect simultaneously several ext. drives (seagate go flex 2tb and seagate expansion desktop 4tb) with X8-H Plus ?

    update: well, got my U1 recently, drives are plugged in and running.
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  7. mosin1

    mosin1 New Member

    thanks all of u