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Write access to external SD-Card?

Discussion in 'NEO U9-H' started by AlexRain, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. AlexRain

    AlexRain Member

    Till now the Minix U9 H looks interesting for me.
    Stock Kodi seems running out of the Box with all relevant features like framerate adjustment, passthrough and so on.

    But there is soemthing really important for me and for understunding this, i have to reach back a little bit:

    atm i have an android media player with wich i am not so lucky for some reassons.
    it has had the restriction, that apps couldn t write to the insertet external sdcard.
    it was not possible to use for example the kodi backup plugin and also helium could only write to internal sdcard but not to the external.
    it took me a long time to fix this with a working version of busybox for my device and a tool called XInternalSD.
    (it seems that XInternalSD works, it needs busybox. so i had no choice then flashing busybox...till now i don t exactly know what busybox is and i also don t care. the reasson for the "don t care further down)
    i was trembled if i flashed busybox, becouse busbox was telling that it can be that it can brick the device.
    at the end, everything worked, fingers crossed and apps could write to my external sdcard, also kodis backup-plugin!

    i don t want to have the same nightmare again, if i decide to buy an minix u9 h.
    it should be of couse that users can use their external sdcard for all apps and not only filemangers wich can for some reasons write to external sdcards.
    please don t understund me wrong, but i also absolutly don t care from the perspective of an enduser wich i am, if this proplem depends on android 6 or something else!
    i want to have, that i can use my external sdcards with write access for all apps, also with kodi backup-plugin.

    i also don t care, if its fault of the app-developer that the app can t write to the external sdcard, then i saw that it was suddenly, somehow but possible, that apps wich weren t able before, could write to the external sdcard after flashing busybox and installing XInternalSD. so everything like, its the devs fault, or its android faults are only the have truth for me and yes, i am no expert and maybe there are also some technical aspects wich i don t know, but honestly, i also don t care, i just want to use my external sdcard like i am used to be. all apps should can write on it and if possible, without flashing some strange tools, wich can brick the device.
    therefore my question: Is this possible with neo u9 h or not?
    can an external sdcard used with minix neo u9 h in the way, that all apps can write to an external sdcard?

    p.s. sorry if this all sounds maybe a little bit angry, but if i think back how much trouble i had becouse this proplem, there is no other option then to get angry again. nothing personal!
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  2. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    the answer may be partially yes. The limitation is with Android 6. I only have SD and external write problems in KODI, which makes it more of an Android 6 permission issue with KODI. I have a 64gb sd card installed and use adoptive storage settings. If you choose adoptive storage for an SD card it will make the card part of the overall memory of the U9. This way you can move apps and save and backup to it, as if it is the built in RAM. It may slow your box down a little depending on the speed of the card and slot. I notice none to very little slowdown, mainly on the painting of the screen in KODI, due to my graphic intensive build.
  3. AlexRain

    AlexRain Member

    Thanks for your Feedback!

    Sorry that i have to say that so directly, but to use an external sdcard as adoptive storage is big bullshit!
    - if you use the external sdcard for backups and for some reasons, you must set the device back to factory defaults, also the sdcard gets then deletet!
    - its also not anymore possible to use the sdcard as removable space in other systems
    - its slower

    therefore to use an sdcard as adaoptive storage is absolutly no option for me.
    i have no save space for backups and important data if i do so. no way!

    it seems there is no other way then to use addtional tools that apps can directly write to sdcard also with neo u9 h, becouse it seems depending on android.
    therefore i am asking: is there a working version of busybox for minix u9 h?
    if so, then i can use the same way to have write access to external sdcard like with my device i have now.
    i don t like this, but it seems the only way.

    some thoughts about this proplem:

    before i used the solution i told above, kodi backup-plugin was able to save backups to the internal sdcard. it was even able to save backups to an storage in my network, but it was not able to use the insertet sdcard in the same device.
    with other apps similliar proplems.
    thats ridiculous! you can use networks storage to save data but not the sdcard wich insertet in the device!
    who ever is responsible for that, this person must hate customers and i hope that he will pay the price for this chicane!
    the worst thing a company can do, is a war against their own customers wich pay the bills.
    the whole android 6 can t write to sdcard -story is absolutly ridiculous and a big worse joke!

    my opinion!
    sorry, but the more i think about it, the more angry i get.
  4. pusb87

    pusb87 Well-Known Member Trusted Helper

    for someone who is aged 117 i would respectfully suggest that you try not to get so angry, and by now you should have learned that venting your anger in this way gets you nowhere...
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  5. AlexRain

    AlexRain Member

    My Anger is not against a specific Person.
    The spoken Proplem concerns many people and in my opinion, it is an impudence that people can t use their external sdcard in the right way.
    i think i have the right to be angry about it and i also have no one personal offendet!
    if you have nothing aginst freedom of speech then you have to acept, that people say in their words, what they think about such chicanes!
    if you want to do something constructive you can also answer my question if a version of busybox exists for the u9 h.
  6. MrBig

    MrBig Active Member

    We all have the right to be angry. But there are certain things that are beyond our control. We cannot force the creators of Android to lift security, because KODI can't access certain folders or we can't backup our devices. Maybe the powers to be want to see KODI die a slow death, because of the way it is used. Or maybe some feel it poses a security threat. I've seen it in the past before. I get mad about stuff all the time, but I keep it to myself, because I would be preaching to the choir here. Most of us feel the same way about a lot of restrictions, licensing, etc. But business is business. And businesses usually don't like free software.
    You can try "Easy Kodi Setup Backup/Restore", from the Play Store. It worked well for me.
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  7. Cizzz

    Cizzz Active Member

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  8. AlexRain

    AlexRain Member


    Thanks for your feedback! the following is only my opinion and no offense against you!

    this sdcard-proplem has for me nothing to do with security, the oposite is the case:
    if i must set back the device for whatever reason to factorsy defaults and have the sdcard used as adoptive storage all data on it also get deletet.
    how can that be a gain for security? in each case the user should have the choice if he want to have this not gain of security -lie, or write-access with all apps to an external sdcard.
    well i think to keep the anger about such user restrictions for yourself, is the wrong way. also google want to have your money!
    we are no supplicants, we are paying customers and yes, i think we have the right to demand and say what we think about such things.
    i will not preach or whatever, i just say my opinion to this desaster as paying costumer!
    if a company want my money and no matter what company this is, should not treat customers like that.
    you mentioned also the word backup! this is also an important point. also an aspect that makes the minix u9 h is interesting for me is the reason that it seem to exist an TRWP for it, with wich the user is able to make fullbackups.
    i don t want to work anymore no matter on wich system without the possibility of haveing fullbackups!

    A correct configured system, is like an custom-made suit! you spendet days, weeks or even month with configuring that everything is working like it should.
    if you have no backup and have to set back the system, you have to do all this again, again and again.
    for me that is a form of torture!
    people wich are responsible for that, steal you the most important what exists: your lifetime, wich you would never get back!
    so to enforce people to have no backup with whatever restrictions be it with no write access to sdcard or no posibility for fullbackups like TRWP, condemn you, that you must everything setup again, again and again.
    only becouse they took you the posibility to have fullbackups wich are played back in a few minutes.
    at the end of your life, you maybe calculate back and then you maybe determine, that you were enforced to invest month of you life or even years, only becouse the people wich are responsible that you can t have fullbackups, with restrictions like the sdcard-proplem.
    sorry but for me this is also a form of crime against humanity becouse of the mentioned reasons and the people they are responsible for that are gangsters against humanity.
    but anyone can and should have an own opinion about this case, no one must agree with me, but i expect that also my opinion is aceptet.
    the last part was not meant 100% serious, but from a factual viewpoint, its not completly wrong;)

    i hope anyone can answer my question if a version of busybox exists for the u9 h. then i would have the posibility with the tool XInternalSD to have write access for all apps to the external sdcard.
    this is also an important point for the decision to buy this device or not.


    Thousand big THANKS for this Information!!!

    if its not to much work for you, can you please give me links to all needed files?
    slowly i get happy again:)

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  9. Cizzz

    Cizzz Active Member

    This is a permissions restriction from Android 6.01. You can only save files and backups in the Kodi folder on the hard drive or TF/SD card: look for Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files on your card. Full access there. Every app gets its own folder on SD where it gets full access.
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  10. AlexRain

    AlexRain Member

    Is this also the case if the u9-h is rootet and busybox and XInternalSD are installed?
    on my box now (an android player from an other manufacturer) if have android 6, don t know if it is 6.1.
    but with the two namend tools, i have full write acess with all apps to my external sdcard.
  11. Cizzz

    Cizzz Active Member

    That is correct. I have it set up this way on my U9 and have full access.
  12. AlexRain

    AlexRain Member

    Great, thank you very much again!
    then i should have now all needed informations.
  13. Cizzz

    Cizzz Active Member

    Just use Marshmallow SD fix in Xposed instead of Xinternal SD. That works just fine and developed for this Android version 6.1.
  14. AlexRain

    AlexRain Member

    Thanks for this hint!
  15. steveg32

    steveg32 Active Member

    @AlexRain: This worked for me ...
    I use X-PLORE File manager to create/copy/move files/folders, etc. But you could also use ES File Manager (lots of Bloatware now) or Total Commander.
    This info can be credited to the kodi.tv/forums
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  16. AlexRain

    AlexRain Member

    Thank you steveg32,

    i know that filememanger seems to can write to external sdcards with android 6x.
    Its a big mystery!
    Some people say, its a restriction with android 6 and if an app wants to write to the external sdcard, it just must ask for write-acces then its possible.
    Well if its so easy, why not all apps have that in it?
    I testet several apps with different androidversions on different android-devices, where everything has write acces to the external sdcard.
    Apps wich have no proplems under older androidversions to write to the external sdcard, are not able to do that anymore under android 6!
    Some of them not even showed the external sdcard as destination for writing.
    If with some tricks android 6 is prepared that apps have write acces to the external sdcard, the same apps wich couldn t write bevor to the external sdcard, wich not even showed the external sd card as destination for writing, the same apps! showed then suddenly the external sdcard as destination and could write on it!
    So for me there is something lazy about this. I have the impression that not the whole truth is told about that proplem.
    If its so easy that an app just must ask to write to the external sdcard and then it should be possible, why not all apps have implementet that? I know i repeat me;)
    But i also don t care about that proplem with android 6 anymore becouse i found a solution for me.

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