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Official Release X5 Kitkat 250 ( february 8th 2016 )

Discussion in 'NEO X5 Official Firmware Releases' started by gufone, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. o1nk

    o1nk New Member

    Or proxysite Google Play to make it look like you are in the UK. Then install SkyGo
  2. gonzus

    gonzus New Member

    New user here. I have a Minix NEO X5 (16 GB) (as shown in the box). I am trying to flash the latest ROM, as found in the x5mini-rk3066-250 RAR file I downloaded from this forum. But after flashing, my MINIX box is stuck in the splash screen that shows MINIX and an Android character (and says HDMI at the bottom right corner). I tried reflashing, for which I had to open the box and short two pins, as instructed in a post in the freaktab website (cannot post the link here, not allowed by the page), and that worked OK, just like the first time, in the sense that the RKBatchTool ended up printing a green line saying the process had completed. The last lines of the log say:

    12:18:38 583 <Layer 2-1-2> Test Device Start
    12:18:38 599 <Layer 2-1-2> Test Device Success
    12:18:38 614 <Layer 2-1-2> Download Firmware Start
    12:20:59 621 <Layer 2-1-2> Download Firmware Success
    12:20:59 637 <Layer 2-1-2> Reset Device To Msc Start
    12:21:00 660 <Layer 2-1-2> Reset Device To Msc Success
    12:21:00 680 <Layer 2-1-2> Wait For MSC Start
    12:21:05 356 <Layer 2-1-2> Wait For MSC Success
    12:21:05 387 <Layer 2-1-2> Find User Disk Start
    12:21:05 418 <LAYER 2-1-2> ERROR:GetAllDrive-->CM_Get_Sibling(instance 6376) failed,GetLastError(0)
    12:21:05 434 <Layer 2-1-2> Find User Disk Pass
    12:21:07 957 <Layer 2-1-2> Format Disk Start
    12:21:13 647 <Layer 2-1-2> Format Disk Success
    12:21:13 678 **********Restore Done Success<1> Fail<0> Time<178574>ms**********

    This second time I left the MINIX box on for about 25 minutes, and then unplugged and restarted it; back to the splash screen. I also tried unplugging the HDMI cable and leaving the box on for another 20 minutes, but it is the same, back to the splash screen.

    Should I do anything in particular after I finish flashing the ROM? Leave it on for a while? Reset the power? Plug / unplug an HDMI cable?
    Any other hints you can provide?

    Thanks in advance.
  3. KKaresz

    KKaresz New Member


    After this firmware update, when I see movies *.avi, *.mkv , the sounds are very bad.
    Trembling voice.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    problem resolved
    ... my HDMI cable poorly connected
    now sound OK.
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  4. gonzus

    gonzus New Member

    I solved this by flashing from Linux (love it, bye bye driver problems) and / or changing the USB cable. Cheers!
  5. chris2646

    chris2646 New Member

    Hi all,

    Do you know if i can use that firmware for x5 minix 116A ?
  6. Villa

    Villa Well-Known Member Super Moderator

  7. chris2646

    chris2646 New Member

    Hi all,

    i have a problem after the firmware update on my minix neo x5 116A.

    For the driver no problem then with the tools no problem at the end it indicate that the update was succesfull.

    But when i put on the minix i have the page minix and hdmi at the corner but it's not working then nothing else.

    somebody can help me please ?

    best regards
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  8. Villa

    Villa Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    Do you have an X5 or an X5 Mini?
    You failed to reply here...
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  9. chris2646

    chris2646 New Member

    it indicate on my box minix neo x5 16GB but now i can't use it !

    it's not mini !
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  10. Villa

    Villa Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    Ok, so which firmware image have you flashed to the device?
    If you took the firmware from the link I gave above then you will have issues!

    I suggest you flash again, whether you used the correct image or not!

    Download link (to be used for a Fresh install or pre CE210 versions)
    (drivers and Flashtool included)

    FYI I moved all your posts to here.
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  11. chris2646

    chris2646 New Member


    it's ok now whith the good file lol ,i am very happy with that new firmware it run quickly and there is the good applications

    thanks for the person which help me

    bye bye
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  12. Villa

    Villa Well-Known Member Super Moderator

    So you did flash the wrong firmware?
    Sorry if I confused you in any way! :)
  13. jabugo

    jabugo New Member


    The current version CE250 does not work with xiaomi gamepad.
    Do you have plans for a new future version or a fix?

    Let us to know please. A simple yes or no, would be enough. That way we can wait or look for other ways.
    Thank you in advance, regards.
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  14. dafank

    dafank New Member

    Is there any plan to release a lollipop or marshmallow firmware?

    Enviado desde mi LG-D802 mediante Tapatalk
  15. Babylonia

    Babylonia New Member

    Hello, got an "old" Minix X5 for testing. No IR remote Control anymore, but do have plugged in a 5 GHz USB dongle and do use a wireless mouse.
    That did work immediately. After that I could pair a bluetooth (3.0) keyboard and even two different bluetooth mouses.

    From what I see as information (NEO-X5), it is an old Android version 4.1.1

    Kernel version 3.08+
    root@unbuntu #124
    SMP PREEMPT Thu Mar 28 16:50:31 CST 2013

    Build number 2013-03-26 4.1.010........ etc.

    From more early messages I do read that upgrading problems can occur within the brightness of video.
    Also some problems using bluetooth devices.
    As I specially shall make use of bluetooth keyboard + mouse, is it advisable to keep the current Android version and/or drivers?

    Maybe only update to Android 4.2 ??
    What are the advantages to update to more high Android version?
    Only used for playing video. I could already, manage to get a movie running from my NAS. (By app "DS File" from Synology).

    Please some advise?
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  16. Franko14

    Franko14 New Member

    Hello I download most recent neo x5-116a is 4.4.2 do you no when they going to put version 5.0 please thank you
  17. Zanghe

    Zanghe New Member

    Good morning, I'm new member. I would like to improve the performance of my Neo X5 and I am looking for software and firmware but.... these thread are full of warning...
    So I ask to you if there is a guide for stupid that show step by step what i have to do. My Minix have android 4.1.1, kernel version 3.0.8+, build number 2013-05-
    First of all:
    - I have to download these files
    or the files for OTA
    Full OTA:

    After this I have only star my minix in flash mode and follow the guide, isn't true?
    Thank you
  18. Franko14

    Franko14 New Member

    I can upgrade kodi 17.1 because neox5 version is 4.4.2 when are you going to upgrade version 5.0 please
  19. midnight

    midnight Moderator Moderator

    In the future please do a simple search here in our forums ! ;).... as stated several times here .... unfortunately nothing below X8H-Plus will receive 5.0. The X5 series has had an amazing run and actually still works well with Minix 16.3 :)
  20. Franko14

    Franko14 New Member

    You don't have month when are going to upgrade noex5-116@ to 5.0 I but 3 box neox5 do have to buy new version x8h this not good please upgrade 5.0