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Official Release X5mini Kitkat 230 ( 23 march 2015 )

Discussion in 'NEO X5 mini Official Firmware Releases' started by KAR, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    How come noone tells us just one USB device works?
    Ken just tested the x5mini and found that only one USB port can be used at one time.
    I just verified it.

    We will fix this asap!
    over 1000 downloads/ota, test crew... noone reports back :(
  2. Sam Myers

    Sam Myers New Member

    I noticed that I can only connect to my pc with the front port and insert my usb sick on the back port.

    I didn't realise this was an issue as I don't normally use the usb ports.
  3. Dan1234567890

    Dan1234567890 New Member

    Maybe those reports that stated that camera is not working, was really saying only one USB is working...

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  4. Makis

    Makis New Member

    I use a wireless mouse in one port and many times a flash drive in the other. Both working and the same time. No problem for me. I used to have that issue with the 4.2.2 from minix but not with this rom.
  5. my kid broke first port so never had a chance to test both :)
  6. aedam

    aedam New Member

    Confirmed a usb port does not work . No function or mouse or pendrive in Minix X5 mini.
  7. KAR

    KAR Developer Super Moderator

    Just tested 230 CE it and seems to work fine. Please plugin a mouse and reboot the mini... see what happens.

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  8. aedam

    aedam New Member

    I tested . If reset works, but when disconnecting and reconnecting no longer recognizes , but if you light the mouse .
    Thanks for answering.
  9. aedam

    aedam New Member

    First of all , thank you for the work you do.
  10. demetris

    demetris New Member

    If you guys cleaned up the device tree from blobs i could try port L to this i just need your sources on github/bitbucket
  11. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Will not happen.
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  12. demetris

    demetris New Member

    ok thanks. i started working with marsboard sources when i find time, long way to go.
    Respect of what you guys doing here and thanks for it.
  13. neonicus

    neonicus New Member

    How do I use bluetooth if I plug the bluetooth dongle into USB port?
  14. Sam Myers

    Sam Myers New Member

    I'm having serious audio issues with my x5 mini recently. I'm running KK firmware.

    The problem is that when I use hdmi bitstream the audio cuts out after a few mins. When using default the audio stays on.

    Can anyone explain why this would happen?

    Also has anyone been able to get DD 5.1 and DTS audio from their x5 mini. I haven't been able to since I upgraded to KK.
  15. Makis

    Makis New Member

    Hi. I have an SDcard in my minix and since kitkat update there is the cards icon in the upper left corner of the screen (notification area) and it wont leave. In 4.2.2 the icon was on the screen when plugging in the card and then you could delete the notification. I was wondering if there is a way to remove the notification in 4.4.2 and if not if there is a possibility to add that option in future releases.
  16. Sector51

    Sector51 New Member


    I have just updated to 4.4.2 , its realy nice! Here is my review:

    - Fast
    - Better MINIX Launcher (better looking , easier to customise)
    - Popcorn Time working!!!!!! No choppy video's or disconnections!!!!! Love this!!!!!
    - Netflix
    - Other app's that did not work before, work now (especially Video streaming apps)

    Some things i have found not working, or strange behavior (but to be honest i dont care much for it):
    - Weather widget in the MINIX Launcher can't sync. When selecting this , it open's WIFI Settings. (will try to check all again this evening).
    - Why is there a Youtube application installed by default? When installing a new version , we have 2 YT app's. I have de-installed one.
    - I had some issues with Youtube (not starting video) , fixed this with HLS settings to 1 -> back to 0 (as mentiond in one of the previous posts).

    Thanks for the good job guy's!! I'm also willing to test other versions/builds , so if you need help contact me!
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  17. KAR

    KAR Developer Super Moderator

    Good to hear!
    From which version did you came ?

  18. Sector51

    Sector51 New Member

    From 4.2.2. , one of the Official Version published in the "NEO X5 mini Official Firmware Releases" section. Sorry dont know exactly what version it was.
  19. klauzer

    klauzer New Member

    Why I can't update OTA? It says up to date. But it isn't.
  20. MaxeL

    MaxeL Active Member

    @up: what is your current system version?