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Official Release X5mini Kitkat 240 ( june 4th 2015 )

Discussion in 'NEO X5 mini Official Firmware Releases' started by KAR, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Zilch

    Zilch New Member

    Tomorrow i'll try on windows 10 to see if works there too! Thks for tips!

    Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
  2. KAR

    KAR Developer Super Moderator

    internal app, cannot be installed separately.

  3. Finn Jensen

    Finn Jensen New Member

    So how do I activate an OTA. I found a place where I should push a system update APP, but where do I find it?

  4. KAR

    KAR Developer Super Moderator

    Not, it is always activated, when we release a new version it will be pushed to all clients and you will receive an update.
    In the Setting you can check for an update but no update available now.

  5. NKarapinha

    NKarapinha New Member

    How can i flash my minix x5 mini without the flashtool? Is its possible via fastboot or adb? Or is there a rom for clockworkmod with this?
    I am using Ubuntu...
  6. pollopolea

    pollopolea New Member


    I downloaded x5mini-rk3066-OTA-240.zip and renamed as update.zip. When my
    minix x5 mini reboot, ask me if i want to update, and after that a
    message appears "not a valid update package"

    ¿Which package should I use?
  7. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    Check the MD5 Checksum of the file. Use this - http://www.winmd5.com
    x5mini-rk3066-OTA-240.zip - 3bf7b9f3ecd8e8ab17cad09a6a55d01b

    If it doesn't match then try downloading the file again with a download manager.
  8. pollopolea

    pollopolea New Member

    Thanks you Villa, i check md5 of the file and was correct. Maybe I need a different version of my system to update using update.zip?

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  9. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    You are still on Jelly Bean so you will have to flash a full system image.

    Download link (to be used for a Fresh install or pre CE210 versions)

    http://www.minixforum.com/downloads/download.php?file=x5mini-rk3066-240.rar (drivers and Flashtool included)
    x5mini-rk3066-240.rar - 44b141930e6490dde43e5dc258c14eea

    (You need to use RK flashtool, do not try to flash it like an OTA update.zip !)

    This is for the X5mini also!
  10. pollopolea

    pollopolea New Member

    Thanks you again Villa, now it's clear.
  11. Del80y

    Del80y New Member

    Hi new member here..
    The firmware was stating something from 2013?
    Tried to flash to the latest firmware so that I could put Kodi on it for my son
    Got drivers installed followed instructions and get an error after flashing
    Whats the best way to go?
    Win 7 pc
    After flashing failed the first time it came up a prompt for me to format G: which I declined
    After trying to flash again this came up.
    Have also checked the md5 of download and all is well.
  12. Del80y

    Del80y New Member

    Its all good it installed correctly even though it gave me an error message
    running ver 402
    Thanks Del:)
  13. lvt

    lvt New Member

    I dont know why this ROM does not show full screen with Xibo Digital Signage.
    I can not show status bar. I dont know where has it gone ?
  14. tuan tvbox

    tuan tvbox New Member

    Hi KAR and Dev,

    My Neo x5 mini using X5 Mini Kitkat v2.4.0 now , skype forces closed if call with/without my popular webcam. I tried older version but skype still couldn't be work with call, pls advice!

  15. richardsonlau

    richardsonlau New Member

    I am wondering how do I even begin, since I got the Minix Neo X5 I have not been able to upgrade the firmware, and worse, I am on a Mac Environment not even Windows..... Can anyone point me in the right direction to start, or should I just stick to stock firmware..
  16. Zilch

    Zilch New Member

    Well i hope you have some friends with windows 7 or 8 and update to this firmware, works great and for the next update you could make it via wifi :)
  17. phuhuunew

    phuhuunew New Member

    x5 mini android 5.1 have to get it? expected :)
  18. Zühtü

    Zühtü New Member

    It was loaded with success thanks to the new version. But I can not see files such as smartphones. I installed Windows on a DCM file and no others
  19. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith Member


    I have flashed an X5Mini box with the 240 firmware, but I cannot connect to the box via ADB, neither USB or Network. The box is seen by Windows 7 and Mobo, but cannot see it using ADB. Are you aware of this problem, is there a fix for this?


    Joseph Smith
  20. Stuart Groombridge

    Stuart Groombridge New Member


    I am a new member and I need some assistance. I have two questions?

    The new firmware seems great. I have a question about some errors when loading the firmware, although they seemed to have resolved themselves and do not seem to affecting the device's operation. The errors are highlighted in the screen shot below. The USB also disconnected out as well as can be seen in the screen shot.

    New Picture (2).png

    Any assistance with these errors who be greatly appreciated. Do I need to be concerned? Everything seems to be working Ok. There were no errors on starting the MINIX update and seemed to start ok.

    Second question. How do I enable VPN on the devices? Can I use Hola? These questions may be simply a product of my ignorance

    Thanks in advance