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X6 003 firmware (20141225)

Discussion in 'Official Firmware Releases' started by MINIX - Ken, Dec 26, 2014.

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  1. lifeisfun

    lifeisfun Member

    Doubt that in that case they wouldn't give us the file editing instructions.
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  2. congnguyen

    congnguyen New Member

    After Confirm "Update"

    System had rebooted but it had not updated


    Can you help me fix, please?
  3. lifeisfun

    lifeisfun Member

    The sdcard or usb flash drive wasn't created properly.
    Just reboot, it didn't do any changes to your box
    Make sure the media you use for the update is formated fat32
    Try again
  4. congnguyen

    congnguyen New Member

    Thanks, I have changed USB and It have worked
  5. Kintaro

    Kintaro New Member

    is it safe to upgrade from stock to 003 fw without the 002 "step"?

    edit: yes it is!
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  6. X6User

    X6User New Member

    Quick question, on the recovery screen where it says use volume up and down. I don't recall the remote working to make a selection. So how do you pick any of the options in that situation? Reboot as hard power off and on? Also does it make any difference what USB port is used for the update?
  7. Tomek

    Tomek New Member

    how long does it take to update with wipe option? I'm updating now and it's now longer than 15 minutes. Progressbar stoped on about 90% Android animation stopded also.

    It's about 20 minutes and still waiting... please help

    Ok... I've restarted minix (power off and on) and update started again with success
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  8. @MINIX - Ken @koying Any updates on this please? Is FW003 with 13.3.3 Beta 8 ok? Ethernet issues still persist? At the moment I do not have an X6 to give this a try.
  9. lifeisfun

    lifeisfun Member

    Yes, the problem is still there, I got access to two x6, both on fe003 and both have this problem with 13.3.3b8 13.3.0 no problems..
  10. Yes but using 13.3.0 and not 13.3.3 Beta 8, what benefits are lost? Framesync? h265? what else?
  11. PMC

    PMC New Member

    Same here...

    I have also restarted minix (power off and on) and the update restarted with success.

    I have updated the firmware through the usb port near the micro sd card reader (the inner port). Before the update I had not seen any mention to a specific usb port for the update. However, after it I saw a post in this forum talking about using the edge port. Is there a preferred usb port for the update? Murphy's law? :)
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  12. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    @koying must be working hard on it, please be patient. :)
  13. lifeisfun

    lifeisfun Member

    Thank you
  14. koying

    koying XBMC Guru Dev Group

    Can't reproduce the issue with FW 003 and XBMC b8 on ethernet via SMB.
    Please provide an XBMC log of when the buffering occurs.
  15. lifeisfun

    lifeisfun Member

    I would hate to screw up my set up again, can I just install kodi on the side ns send you log from that? It did exactly the same thing.
  16. koying

    koying XBMC Guru Dev Group

  17. lifeisfun

    lifeisfun Member

    Ok, I'm on it...
  18. lifeisfun

    lifeisfun Member


    Attached Files:

  19. koying

    koying XBMC Guru Dev Group

    Thanks, but please play a h264 file.
    xvid is s/w decoded on Minix to avoid compatibility issues, but still h/w decoded on Kodi.
  20. lifeisfun

    lifeisfun Member

    The same file has no problems on the old version though, and also no problems to play from sdcard or flash drive. Stream from HDhomerun tuner also buffering often (h.264) and working fine on the old version.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2015
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