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X6 004 firmware (20150204) via MINIX FOTA

Discussion in 'Official Firmware Releases' started by MINIX - Ken, Feb 4, 2015.

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  1. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear all NEO X6 users,

    the new 004 firmware is now available via FOTA,

    update package is about 20MB large, please kindly note.

    Feedbacks are welcomed~


    Change log since 003 firmware:

    1.) Sync. with Amlogic latest SDK (Jan 2015)
    2.) Fixed Bluetooh re-connection bug
    3.) Fixed keep buffering/loading bug on some apps
    4.) Improved audio passthrough support
    5.) Fixed some 25fps videos playback stuttering issue
    6.) System performance enhancement (around 5-10%)
    7.) Fixed Google TV remote app disconnetion bug (experimental)

    P.S. Please make sure you're with firmware 003 in order to receive the MINIX FOTA update~
    If not, please update to firmware 003 first:

    Team MINIX.
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  2. Action

    Action New Member

    Sorry for my English but use a translator.
    I thought with the new firmware had removed the problems related to the fact that the file mkv (264) of a certain normal size 16/17 gb continue to shoot while viewing (60hz 1080p - 1080p 24Hz).
    Does anyone know give me some solution to the problem or do I have to consider it a hardware limitation and therefore you can not do anything. I'd like to understand how can run a H265 when already with the 264 you have these problems.
    Thank you all for any help.
  3. jukiveins

    jukiveins Active Member Dev Group

    Is there a way to revert back from this update to version 003?
  4. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Flashing with the firmware link provided on post 1.
    May I know why you want to do it? Something wrong with 004?
  5. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    What do you mean by "shoot"?
  6. jukiveins

    jukiveins Active Member Dev Group

    I had it working with MX player (switching perfectly from S/W to H/W+ and vice versa in movies). This update broke it and that is very important to me.
    Otherwise it is a perfect update with a better performance.

    I already found a way to revert back, thanks.

    SLIZZARD New Member

    I updated my X6 to 004 OTA and noticed that it is not working properly for me (I have been on 003 for a while and it has been running smoothly).
    Videos buffer a lot more in XBMC and some don't play at all anymore.

    Is there a way to downgrade back to 003?

    Figured it out; I had to flash the original stock firmware img file and then update to 003 afterwards. I would recommend everyone hold back on the 004 update until issues are resolved
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  8. Scugni

    Scugni New Member

    Good Morning,
    I installed the firmware 004 (via OTA) and I wanted to point out that now the H265 files no longer appear(audio only) in all player (tested with XBMC, MX and VideoPlayer) .
    There has been a regression in H265 support.

    Thank you.
  9. lifeisfun

    lifeisfun Member

    Well, also not happy after upgrade to 004, streaming from HDhomerun H264 no longer fluid in faster scenes. :(
  10. Tomek

    Tomek New Member

    I also have a felling that movies stutter sometimes (every 30 seconds ?) when using automatic refresh change
  11. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith Member

    Hi Did you have to revert back by flash, or do you know an easier way?
  12. jukiveins

    jukiveins Active Member Dev Group

    By flash into recovery.
    Used the modified Finless recovery for X6 to do that.
  13. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken MINIX Team Member Administrator

    Dear all,

    Please feel free to comment and report problems here,
    we will take care of them once our chinese new year holidays finished.
    We will resume working @ 27th Feb.

  14. bikerdays

    bikerdays New Member

    Hi all!
    I buy yesterday new minix neo x 6 and i have one question.
    My software version is (kot49h.20141018) do i need first update to 002 version or i can go directly to 004??
    Sory for my bad eng
  15. bikerdays

    bikerdays New Member

    I found a way
  16. Andy 4

    Andy 4 New Member

    Hello. I recently upgraded my X6 firmware from 003 to 004 and have the following observations so far:

    1. BBC iPlayer is still not working, giving a black screen with sound only when playback is attempted (as with version 003). Sometimes video will start to work if you move the playback slider around, but even then the video stream is low quality and not smooth. The problem is not related to my internet bandwidth as iPlayer works perfectly on my other wireless devices.
    2. Firefox browser is still not displaying correctly (as with version 003) . The display has a grey bar at the top and a black bar at the bottom.
    3. When the box is put to sleep the power light on my connected USB flash drive stays on, indicating that the USB ports are not powered down in sleep mode. This happens in both ports and even when the USB drive is unmounted in Android using the top left drop-down box. I cannot say if this was happening with version 003 as I have only recently started using a USB flash drive with the X6.
    4. The Minix XBMC YouTube add-on (version 4.4.10 from TheCollective) encounters problems playing back certain videos that seem to work fine with the YouTube add-on that runs under Kodi. It seems that the Kodi add-on is more up to date and so has less problems.

    On balance, I still feel this is a great TV box which hopefully will continue to be updated by Minix. Perhaps in the future we may even see the box running an Android L based firmware if Minix feels this would add further features and value. I do hope these comments are of help, and would appreciate any tips and advise you may have.

    Many Thanks.
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    SLIZZARD New Member

    I did a speed test with speed test App and keep getting 7Mb down and 20Mb Up on my 250/50 connection (Wired)

    Is there a way to increase my downstream I am unable to stream HD content because of this issue.
  18. xenon

    xenon New Member

    With 003 you did not have all this problems?
  19. bikerdays

    bikerdays New Member

    I have latest firmware 004 and minix xbmc 13.3.3 final.my internet speed is 10mbps.
    In xbmc when you watching 720p and 1080p movies all works fine but when you watch live streams for example sports in all addons (ace stream,i live,phoenix,aaa stream,v dubt25) and others streams have lags and somtimes when you want exit from chanel xbmc stuck in black screen or go to desktop.this is good device but developers need to fix this problems.
    one more thing i have and x5mini and all this addons works fine except hd chanels i think on sport chanels not movies.movies work ok hd and full hd
  20. jeyragusa

    jeyragusa New Member

    I would like to know the answer to this question as well. My s/w ver is 8th October 2014. Do I flash with 002 or 003?
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