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X6 008 firmware via MINIX FOTA (20150923)

Discussion in 'Official Firmware Releases' started by MINIX - Ken, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Vlad64

    Vlad64 New Member

    IMO: FW005
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  2. haovh_85

    haovh_85 New Member

    I do not see any download link FW005.
  3. Vlad64

    Vlad64 New Member

    I did the following:
    1. flash FW 004 (look "24333-new-minix-x6-stock-rom-004-02-03-in-flashable-zip-format" at freaktab forum)

    2. updated through FOTA up FW 005 (20150307).

    ... but, imo FW008 very nice. you just have install "Top TV launcher" (very light launcher) and "Speed Up Swap (root)" (for rooting device use KingoRoot, see http://www.minixforum.com/threads/solved-3g-dongle-on-minix-x6.7184/)
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  4. artouiros

    artouiros Member

    any way to modify the power on scancode? If i modify the scancode in the /etc/remote.conf it only works on power off, and I still need to use the shipped remote control to power on the box. I guess it's hardcoded somehwere in the kernel. any chances to get the kernel source?
  5. artouiros

    artouiros Member

    Ok, it's hardcoded in bootloader.(see my post http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player...on-scancode-hardcoded-somewhere-in-the-kernel ) Any chance to get the bootloader sources so I can recompile them?
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  6. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    I've confirmed with our engineer, the X6's USB ports don't support suspend feature.
    Only shutting down X6 could cut off the power completely, please kindly note.
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  7. haovh_85

    haovh_85 New Member

    Waiting for new coming...
  8. artouiros

    artouiros Member

    any way to combine the
    that's strange, because if I connect the HDD while minix x6 is in sleep mode, HDD turns iteself off after couple of minutes. but it doesn't hapend if I put minix in sleep while HDD is on.
  9. haovh_85

    haovh_85 New Member

    No new firmware release...
  10. wool

    wool New Member

    I think this one is the final firmware release. They might focusing on newer products now and soon this will discountinued.
  11. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    There will be one more update at least.
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  12. downwithload

    downwithload New Member

    This is very good news! I hope the new firmware for Minix Neo X6 is ready soon!

    I'm wishing the new firmware has latest Kodi version working OK and supporting bitstreaming AC3 & DTS through HDMI...
  13. Hans-Jürg

    Hans-Jürg New Member

    That are very good news. I also have a X-8 Plus and an U1. But as my X-6 was my first Minix I love it a little more than the other ones :)
    Is also known when the new (and hopefully not the last) firmware will be rolled out?
  14. DyLitz

    DyLitz New Member

    Given there will be one more firmware release for the NexX6 (per Ken above), will that include (or support upgrading to) Android 5 (or 6)? And...is there a potential date for that release? Thanks! :)
  15. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith Member

    Hi, i am experiencing a problem with the X8H and also the X6 boxes where the large FILMON application freezes after exactly 30 minutes when streaming the mainstream UK channels like BBC1 or ITV1 etc. This problem does not occur on the X5 or X7 series, only on the X8H and X6. It does not matter which version of FILMON you try this problem is consistent. I have tried over 20 boxes in over 10 locations and they all suffer the same problem. Is this something you are aware of? If not, is there something you can think of that is causing the freeze at 30 minute intervals? Regards Joseph Smith
  16. artouiros

    artouiros Member

    I installed FILMON (from here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.barrydrillercom.android ) on my Minix X6 (2 years old) and watching BBC 1 for more than an hour in SD, can't try HD. But it seems okay.

    UPD: after 1.5h it freezed and I needed to pause/resume it. really strange, because I am wathcing youtube and netflix 24/7 without a freeze for 2 years. this can be an issue in filmon app which is using buffering in wrong way
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  17. joao98

    joao98 New Member

    Hi,I would like to know if there will be an update to the box minix x6 soon so we can install kodi 17?Thanks.
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  18. Andy 4

    Andy 4 New Member

    I too would like to know if our Minix X6's will ever receive a newer version of Android to keep them from becoming increasingly obsolete with Kodi. Unfortunately, this question has already been asked and I'd say the lack of response points to an Android update being totally out of the question as far as Minix is concerned. I don't believe there's a hardware limitation stopping this from happening with the X6. I think Minix simply want us to throw out the X6 and spend more money on a new box. That's why I'm so disappointed with them. Minix pride themselves in building a premium product, and naturally they sell them at a very premium price. The problem is that great hardware is useless without up to date software. Perhaps someone at Minix could explain to their customers why they should continue to pay three times the price for a premium product when its not going to serve them any longer than a cheaper box from one of their competitors? It seems like a bad idea to me given my experience with the X6.
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  19. Sotero De Asis

    Sotero De Asis New Member

    I will not buy minix anymore. Slow / no update firmware. Lot of issues. Waste of money.
  20. dryster

    dryster Active Member

    It is encouraging that there will be one more firmware update to iron out as many remaining bugs as possible, but it is logical that lollipop will not be implemented. I also have a Q-Box with 2gb and 16gb and for a generic S905 box, it is blazingly fast compared to the older, polished X6 which is now long in the tooth at 2.3 years old.