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X6 Crashes, goes back to Launcher screen

Discussion in 'NEO X6 Official Firmware Releases' started by jimn, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. sammo

    sammo New Member

    I got my X6 2 days ago. No issues with MythTV PVR addon in Kodi for both live and recorded shows (DVB-T in Australia). Actually quite impressed by the deinterlacing quality for 1080i channels.

    What do you mean by issues with IPTV?
  2. oldbirchy

    oldbirchy Active Member

    I have updated to 007A and still got the crashing back to home screen but only on live streams like FTV but fine on recorded streams like genesis.
    I tried updating from MINIX XBMC 13.3.3 to Kodi 14.2 and this resolved the issue. Don't know why but it worked for me.
    Incidentally, I assume a MINIX Kodi must be on its way as the MINIX launcher now has a Kodi symbol rather than XBMC.
    What I did not do was reinstall XBMC 13.3.3 as this was included in the firmware so I assumed that they must be the same? Either is worth a try?
    I have also seen this crashing problem on the x8 with latest firmware installed. Again, fixed by installing Kodi 14.2
  3. MINIX - Ken

    MINIX - Ken Former MINIX Team Member Administrator

    yes, it's a known bug of older XBMC, we are building a new version based on 15.0.
  4. oldbirchy

    oldbirchy Active Member

    Thanks for that confirmation Ken. Thought I was going nuts! Still works perfectly on my x7 running 010.
  5. oldbirchy

    oldbirchy Active Member

    Just a note. If your x6 crashes back to the home screen. Check the following:
    Xbmc/ kodi
    Click at bottom till you get to expert
    Go up to acceleration
    Ensure that amcodec decoding is checked.
    Although the x6 has this checked as a default. If you have loaded xbmc/Kofi addons from a backup copy, then that copy will not have amcodec if for example it was made on an x7.
    So after loading addons, always go back an check that amcodec hardware acceleration is checked.
    Works like magic!
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