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Beta Release X6 Lollipop beta firmware (July 2017)

Discussion in 'Beta Firmwares' started by MINIX - Ken, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. drgn

    drgn New Member

    Found more problem.

    I have to uninstall many apps and keep only FTMC and 10 other apps, if I install more, the box will start to hang for no reasons.
  2. Nuno Craveiro

    Nuno Craveiro New Member

    I'm not sure that the clean install of the beta firmware as that many apps. Did you wipe all data during the firmware update. The first time upgraded i didn't wipe de data and ended up with the new firmware but with all the old apps and the box became very slow and hanged. If you use the zip method, you have to select the option of whipping data on the amlogic update app and on the recovery menu after reboot.

    This new firmware as less apps that the previous version. I had no trouble installing new apps, and i use FTMC too. When all is working you should enable developer’s mode and keep background processes under 3.
  3. anthonws

    anthonws New Member

    First of all: a big thank you to Minix for not forgetting their customers :)

    #2 - Box is now much more responsive! Available memory has duplicated, as already referenced, although there's still space to remove a bit of "extra fat" from built-in apps which, in my point of view, are unnecessary (telephony, contacts, wallpapers, calendar, etc.). Nevertheless, one has the option to do it manually if intended.

    #3 - Android 5.1.1 allows us to evolve to newer Kodi versions and therefore take benefit of improved performance, compatibility and reliability.

    #4 - Netflix app from Store says that the device is not compatible. Is this due to the fact that it's a beta build?

    #5 - I was able to install Netflix from their website, but the maximum resolution is still 480p... Lack of necessary DRM? Widevine L1 and L3?

    #6 - As an alternative, Netflix Video Plugin for Kodi 18 + inputstream.adaptive allows me to watch Netflix up to 1080p :)

    #7 - I can also confirm that "Fake Wifi" has some weird behaviour and that some apps do not work properly, while in the previous firmware they did.

    Well, I'm a happy camper :) As it is, I'm super happy that I can, one more, use this device in my daily life.

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  4. drgn

    drgn New Member

    yes, before the upgrade, did the wipe data and factory, during the update, the 2 options were enabled, after the upgrade, did the wipe data and factory again after encountering problems.

    It was doing very well, very responsive, use less memory immediately after the upgrade, however, after I installed about 30-40 apps, it became very slow and frozen randomly. The old firmware has no such problem with the same number of apps.

    You may want to help to confirm this problem by installing addtional apps.

    Update: Manage to get it working smoothly after doing "wipe cache partition". However, the problem will come back again after installation of new apps, and have to wipe the cache partition again. It is troublesome, but at least it works.
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  5. andrewKay

    andrewKay New Member

    Does anyone know how to root this new beta firmware.

  6. Kojack69

    Kojack69 New Member

    Ok so I extracted the files and used the bootloader which said the file parse failed in USB burning tool after it showed my device connected. Very patient man but this has take me some time. The SD method sounds easier is there a You tube video or PDF on how to install this Lollipop on my X6 Neo,

    please help
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  7. sacp

    sacp New Member

    I followed the guide and vídeo on that thread, and updated it at first time. :)

    What took longer was not the transfer, but the update itself when the box rebooted.
  8. Kojack69

    Kojack69 New Member

    Im connected to to the USB burning tool, I grab the image file NEO_X6_LOLLIPOP_BETA which is different then the amg img they show in the video but the only one provided . I start it with the my USB cord connected after the X6 reset and power up and it gives me an error when it erases the bootloader . Maybe my reset with the pin in the bottom isnt working or something because my screen just stays black on powerup.

    The other way can I just use do you just load the file on a usb thumb/flash drive and use the Minix loader, seems simpler but no details really on how to do that.

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  9. Kojack69

    Kojack69 New Member

    Can you guys please send me the rar file , I used the one you posted on your method #1 and it gives me an error when it is starting the IMG download on the USB burning tool. It is connected successfully and I obtain the IMG file and it doesn't seem to like it as it keeps giving me errors. I push and hold the minix reset button with a pin on startup until I hear it connect to the USB driver so I'm thinking it's the file.

  10. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

    The video is from 2015 and is showing how to update. The img file being used in the video is irrelevant!

    The img file you need is contained in the rar file in post #1.

    Have you extracted the img file from the rar file?
  11. Nuno Craveiro

    Nuno Craveiro New Member

    Here is some additional feedback. I’ve been using wireless access to the network with no major problem (since the moment reoriented the antenna). Router automatically gave a static ip, which helped with the samba server use .
    I decided to try to connect to the network using ethernet with fake wifi. Speed an stability are better but, for some reason, ip keeps changing, although the router is set for fixed IP.
    Apparently , when using Ethernet connection MAC address keeps changing and the router reassigns a new ip after each box reboot.
    Try to use the box static IP config but with no luck (there is a network problem error message on samba server and other apps). The only problem is using samba server with changing IP on other devices. Is this firmware related or am I missing some configurations?
  12. drgn

    drgn New Member

    The second method using thumbdrive is easier.

    1. unrar the rar file to a blank thumbdrive: you should have only 2 files - "factory_update_param.aml" and "m201-ota-20170725-4.4.zip"
    2. do factory reset and wipe cache partition
    3. plug in the thumbdrive (the one nearer to the hdmi port)
    4. remove all devices from usb port except the thumbdrive
    5. run the "update and backup", select the file "m201-ota-20170725-4.4.zip", make sure you enable wipe cache and factory reset.
    6. That's all.

    If necessary, do the wipe cache partition again after upgraded to lollipop.
  13. Kojack69

    Kojack69 New Member

    Thankyou so much the valuable information drgn, I will try this. You don't know where I can get the file or do you have a link or hyperlink so obtain the correct file.

  14. Villa

    Villa Administrator Administrator

  15. drgn

    drgn New Member

  16. Smileygc

    Smileygc New Member

    I have a U1 and its nice and quick, but my poor x6 has been slowing over the last year. Factory resets didn't seem to fix it. So I was pleased when I saw the Lollipop update was available.
    Update went well using Ken's Method 2 - I ignored the old old video.
    XBMC backup restore, has many add-on not working, but I have left them to update.
    I will test then later.
    The Big bonus with this update is how much less work my cpu's are doing.
    50-80% constantly before the upgrade.
    Now they are running 4-25%.
    So very pleased at the mo.
    More work & testing to do..
  17. Kojack69

    Kojack69 New Member

    I have a Minix NEO X6, I cant find Update and Backup. I ran the factory reset. The RAR file is X6_LOLLiPOP.rar , When I extract the RAR file it wants to burn it to CD. I formated a thumb drive FAT WIN 32 and extracted the RAR file to it. There has got to be an easier way to get Lollipop 5.0 on this MInix X6 NEO. I will keep trying but man why doesnt Minix just enable a internet update.

    Im using Mixix
  18. Kojack69

    Kojack69 New Member

    Everyone I got it working thanks for all your help here's how I would make it easier for the next guy .
    1. Open Neo X6 perform factory reset
    2. Download link 1 as Drgn mentioned and extract the rar file and place it on a thumb drive or flash stick that is formatted for Win32 FAT
    3. Open Neo X6 go to apps and open Amlogic installer app I think or the one that comes with the android box, need the app to do the upload manually, was the hardest part to figure out with this procedure.
    4. Place thumb drive nearest to HDMI port as Drgn mentioned
    5. Choose file in loader app and check erase chache and factory reset
    6. Minix will perform update and after go to about to ensure it say 5.1 Lollopop
    7. Thank Drgn for simplifying this procedure
    8. Kodi Krypton runs pretty good thanks all
  19. portugalkid

    portugalkid New Member

    Hi! I followed the guide and video and updated my Minix X6, bu twhen I connect the box to the TV, the image of Minix appears, and then the screen goes black. Only the blue light is on, but there is no sign of life. Help me, please! Tanks
  20. Arturxsilva

    Arturxsilva New Member

    Hi everyone
    I seem to be having issues with usb audio. before upgrading to lollipop sound via 5.1. speakers would work and now it does not. Is this a driver issue? How can this be fixed