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Beta Release X6 Lollipop beta firmware (July 2017)

Discussion in 'Beta Firmwares' started by MINIX - Ken, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. Sracimir

    Sracimir New Member

    Hi Andy,

    Yes, it is quite annoying that no one from Minix is commenting. It would be enough to simply state if they are working on the firmware at all or not. Because this is delaying my decision if I should purchase a new box. I was actually intending to buy a U9-H or a U1, but now I am not so certain.

    Still my questions remain open for any Minix representative if they miraculously decide to step in.

    Will this beta release become an official one? Can you, please, provide some details? Are you working on the bugs that were reported by the users in this thread so far?

    Or is this box abandoned?

  2. weebelly

    weebelly New Member

    hi guys since i update my firmware my neo 6 is freezung and really slow
  3. Andy 4

    Andy 4 New Member

    Hello again my friend. Well it must be clear by now that Minix don't care much about their customers. I'd say yes, the X6 is abandoned whatever anyone says. They've had our money and the relationship now is over like every other box maker.

    Would I buy another Minix? Probably not to be honest. The hardware is generally better but not in a way that offers any real advantage over a well chosen alternative. Put it this way, I could have bought a box for half the price of my X6 and used the change to buy another box today. I doubt the user experience would have been worse!

    Have a good day my friend :)
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  4. Andy 4

    Andy 4 New Member

    Mine too my friend. Unfortunately, Minix aren't interested. I've tried lots of things before and after this beta, but the truth is the X6 is a buggy P.O.S and Minix will never fix it. What's worse is that Minix don't even have the basic human courtesy to monitor their own forums and reply. I mean, we could talk about sex and porn on here and nobody at Minix would notice!

    If you ask me there's barely a trace of honor in these guys. They should have fixed the X6 or refunded owners long ago if its a design problem. There are way too many of us that have found it to be buggy as hell from day 1. We can't all be wrong!

    My advice, save up for another box if you can't live with the broken X6. There are quite a few good options out there my friend from other manufacturers at half the cost of a Minix. Google around for guidance on what to go for, and best of luck. :)

    p.s. wouldn't be surprised if Minix woke up and started deleting these posts. The last thing they want future customers to know is the truth!
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