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Official Release X7 Kitkat 230 ( 23 march 2015 )

Discussion in 'NEO X7 Official Firmware Releases' started by HardwareGuru, Mar 23, 2015.

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  1. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    The first in Official range of Kitkat Firmwares ( android 4.4.2 )

    This release was made by the developers team at www.minixforum.com;
    - HardwareGuru
    - Gufone
    - KAR

    The firmware is build through the MINIX guidelines and thus provided as Official firmware.
    - Aproved by MINIX.

    Changelog (2.3.0) ( Current release )
    - Added: HLS configuration menu
    - Added: Preporation for Delta OTA (smaller update packages)
    - Added: Frameswitch working for SPMC
    - Fixed: remove not supported 1080i (X5 series)
    - Fixed: camera support
    - Removed: HD Filemanager
    - Updated: better branche managment (sources)
    - Updated: OTA update service ( complete revision )
    Some other stuff..

    Changelog (2.2.0); ( former: Community edition )
    - Huge HLS revision
    - Camera brightness/saturation fix
    - TCP buffer adjusted
    - Network fixes
    - Powermenu, removed power off. (x7mini branche )
    - HDMI changes
    - MINIX Official build
    - Finisched X7mini branche ( currently available: X7,X7mini)
    - Preporations for X5 serie branches for future builds
    - rk3066 random mac fix

    Changelog (2.1.0) ( former: Community edition )
    - sleep suspend fixed( wakeup from USB Remotes / IR remote / Powerbutton )
    - fully renewed audio bitstream system + audio input fix ( show usb audio input devices )
    - Screen settings all on one page
    - aditional VPN/networking config ( IPIP,L2TP,PPP )
    - removed PIN for VPN settings
    - VPN wifi hotspot fix
    - Removed google searchbar from desktop
    - long press menukey to hide/unhide systembar
    - update drivers for future X5 branch
    - recovery show UI + Null pointer fix
    - USB storrage announcements framework renewed
    - wifidisplay / miracast HDCP key integration ( not functional yet )
    - libffmpeg and RKffplayer updated to version 8-12
    - fixed RKexplore app
    - fixed WifiDisplay app
    - Small HLS fix ( not much yet )
    - Updated Gapps ( Google Apps )
    - Google sync issues fixed
    - New kernel logo / bootanimation ( add KAR )
    - a few others

    Changelog (2.0.0); ( former: Community edition )
    - recovery/OTA fix
    - static ip bug fix
    - video player/hls fixes
    - security vulnarability fixes
    - init.d support
    - camera brightness fix
    - freeze after uninstall app fix
    - HDMI patch for DRM apps
    - DDR optimalisation ( not overclock )
    - Multi user support ( not fully working yet )
    - Dual input devices frees/crash fix.
    - new kernel logo
    - etc.

    Download link:

    People that run the current Community edition firmware (2.1.0+) will recieve an OTA update online.
    You dont have to flash this firmware!

    (You need to use RK flashtool, do not try to flash it like an OTA update.zip !)

    *****************Make sure to reboot once after the Upgrade!*****************

    Available Updates:
    Kitkat CE - root update
    Kitkat CE - unroot update

    HDMI flicker patch: http://www.minixforum.com/downloads/download.php?file=X7-CE-HDMI-FlickerPatch.zip
    NOTE: this is not for everyone!, just for the few that have incompatable TV's and have screen flicker at 1080p60/50

    To install the available updates (this is not for the Firmware!) rename the downloaded file to update.zip and place at the internal flash drive root, android will find the update and request you to install.

    From the MINIX Forum Developers Team;


    Also thanks to the MINIX Engineers, without them we would not come this far!
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2015
  2. otchill

    otchill Member

    Many thanks for your effort...
  3. DutchDiversion

    DutchDiversion Active Member

    OTA update found, installing now! Keep up the good work. Will test some stuff after work today
  4. MichaelFanoe

    MichaelFanoe New Member

    Kodi and spmc works perfect so far

    Fast update D/l

    Nice touch with the app updating after ota

    Good work really
  5. Showgun

    Showgun New Member

    IT found the update as soon as the box rebooted
    a bit slow downloading but working it's way
  6. orcomanno

    orcomanno New Member

    Congratulations for the great work to Team EC .
    Please you can have MDsum file x7-20150320-230.img ?
    Many Thanks
  7. lardybarstow

    lardybarstow Member

    Update ota went fine can i just report the "film on live tv" app is not working properly still ,it wiil not play recorded content, i tried all the four hls configurations none worked plus i lost live tv when not on configuration "0" thank you all involved for the great continued work and support on this and other minix models.
  8. vn800art

    vn800art Member

    Hello! Applied the 506Mb update with HLS app control, unfortunately Skyonline is not working (the same as before the upgrade, no good news ). Infinity TV is working as before, i.e. image shrinked not filling screen neither horizontally, nor vertically.

    Inviato dal mio Nexus 5 utilizzando Tapatalk
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2015
  9. nomai

    nomai New Member

    Updated without any problems and working fine, except my Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth. It's detected by the system but unable to work with it.
    Help please because without any mouse I am lost. I have a microsoft keyboard and it works perfectly.
    Many thanks for all.
  10. hacii

    hacii Member

    Hii i upgrated succesfull whithout any problems but couldnot find any diffrences i
    doubt if my device is not defective.....have huge hls problems....:cry::cry::cry::cry: it only happens on app iptv but mot in kodi or xbmc very strange?
  11. nthemaster

    nthemaster New Member

    it will happen the update we are all waiting?
  12. vn800art

    vn800art Member

    It IS happening!

    Inviato dal mio Nexus 5 utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Did you try hls config menu? Settings > display..
  14. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    You have to have ar least CE 2.1.0 to get OTA.. Otherwise you need to flash the firmware manualy by flashtool.
  15. nthemaster

    nthemaster New Member

    i have the 2.2.0
  16. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Then the OTA will be pushed soon.
    Note; we can not push to 20.000 users(over 10 TB data) at the same time ( the server will probably die lol )
    There is bandwith managment in place so please be patiant.
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  17. boblim69

    boblim69 New Member

    After the upgrade to KK4.4.2 , I realised that my browser has no 'History' tab n the 'clear history' in settings is not functioning, appreciate your comment, thanks
  18. dbgm

    dbgm New Member

    Update worked perfectly. Just had time to check Chrome browser which was previously flickering and is working very well after the update. Many thanks!!!
  19. rondo4

    rondo4 New Member

    Congratulations: m3u8-mpeg2-m3u perfect work.thx (y)
    vn800art likes this.
  20. jmoli54

    jmoli54 New Member

    Update done without problems. Logitech cam c170 working. Logitech M555b bluetooth mouse detected but not pairing.
    Kodi 15.0 alfa 2 working well.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2015
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