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X7 Kitkat 250 beta testing invitation

Discussion in 'Beta Firmwares' started by HardwareGuru, Sep 1, 2015.

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  1. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    Release of X7 KitKat Version 250 - February 8th 2016

    **** Thread closed ****

    Hello Guys,

    We need beta testers for 250 beta.
    This will not be publicly released and will be managed from within a beta test crew with selected people.
    Please have a look at what needs to be tested below and if you want to join please let us know what you can test.

    We are looking for feedback, not for one time downloaders that want only the latest firmware.
    For this reason your forum activity will be looked at before you can join.

    What needs to be tested;
    1. Optical audio drops ( Big files 25+GB with DTS/Dolby )
    2. Audio MIC jack
    3. Apps that wont play video on 240

    Please let us know if you are interested to be part of the beta testing.
    Please provide enough info on hardware, apps, features you want to test.

    Forum Dev Team
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  2. SeKreet

    SeKreet New Member

    Hello HardWareGuru,

    Count me in!

    I'm experiencing Optical Audio (Toslink) drops in my Neo-X7-Kitkat-240 / Yamaha XRV1500 setup whilst playing different kinds of movies (DTS/Dolby Surround).
    These drops occur with diffrent kinds of file-sizes (among "Lord of the Rings III - The Return of the King (2003).mkv" - 28,1 GB ( bytes) )

    I'd really like to have that solved so I offer to cary some weight ;)

    Groet'n uut...
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  3. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    thanks for applying.

    At the moment i am at berlin for the IFA fair, we will start beta testing when i get back.(10th sept)
    I will let you know when we will start.
  4. hexstudy

    hexstudy New Member


    i have drops with 720p file and DTS audio, I have a kenwood KRF-V5200D

    I hope this firmware fix the problem.

    I using System Tuner for set governance to performance because i read that the first problem can be cpu on the web
  5. Marcos

    Marcos New Member

    hello , I have several files in 720 and 1080p mkv and iso . I can do tests using the neo minix 7 through hdmi connected to a 1080p television and via optical cable connected to a home theater 5.1.
  6. veiner

    veiner New Member

    Hello i can test Audio MIC jack.
  7. zatthegreat

    zatthegreat New Member

    I can test with big mkv files with DTS
  8. MCJPT

    MCJPT New Member

    I'll volunter to test the spdif dps dropouts in the official Kodi versions.

    Currently I have no dropouts in the minix xbmc or the spmc versions.
  9. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    We will add new test crew members next week again. We will let you guys know

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn ZP980+ met Tapatalk
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  10. Labero

    Labero New Member

    I can test HBO Nordic which the only thing not working for me right now.
  11. flugel1977

    flugel1977 New Member

    I want to test as well.
  12. HardwareGuru

    HardwareGuru Developer Administrator

    We still need people to beta test pre-250. Please let us know if you want to join. ( to enter you need to be active on the forum ).

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn ZP980+ met Tapatalk
  13. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

    You have to be an Active Member!
  14. chapito

    chapito New Member

    I have problems with crashes and restarts the 240 version.
    In this updated version was something more than the 240 version ?, ie, is an update in depth ?.
    If so, would be interested in trying it, test it.
    Thanks and regards.
  15. grunnvms

    grunnvms New Member

    Will you have the IPv6 stack running again in 250? It has always been present, but for some reason it was omitted in 240.
  16. bachikho

    bachikho Member

    please add youtube 480p option to v250 :)
  17. Jeyapandian

    Jeyapandian New Member

    Hi hardware guru,

    I can test DTS through optical.

  18. grzmrc

    grzmrc New Member

    1)I'd like to try your new rom because on 240 I was not able to use the microphone.

    2)Do you think that I can install your new rom on a tronsmart t428? The only difference is the internal flash. T428 has only 8gb

  19. graealex

    graealex New Member

    Crosspost from 240 announce thread.

    Count me in, I have an AC3/DTS capable receiver, X7 mini, no problem wiping it as often as it is required and experience the SPDIF dropouts with 5.1 audio output.
  20. Artur Rodrigues

    Artur Rodrigues New Member

    I would like to test te beta FW. I've been experiencing many problems with Kodi and now with xbmc, which happened after last FW upgrade. I also own an X5mini and an X6 that run perfectly.

    Please let me know if I am elegible.

    Thank you.
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