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X7 Kitkat 250 beta testing invitation

Discussion in 'Beta Firmwares' started by HardwareGuru, Sep 1, 2015.

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  1. bechor

    bechor New Member

    When the 250 fw will be realese ?
  2. otchill

    otchill Member

    This firmware will take to much time to release. I think this would be latest firmware for x7. Because minix stopped to sell x7.. :(
  3. Rufus

    Rufus New Member

    Maybe this will be the last firmware for the x7, but I personally think a 100% working firmware will positively influence peoples future decision to purchase MINIX brand.

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  4. Sleepy_Eyez

    Sleepy_Eyez New Member

    Are you still looking for beta testers..

    I'm getting really frustrated with kodi passthrough because with the stock 13.3 xbmc I was able to run dts and dd without any issues. Any other version of kodi the audio cut for millisecond every 5 seconds.

    I've tried just about every combination of Rom and kodi.

    I need kodi 15 and would rather run 1 rather than 2 version.

    I have 2 minix X7 so I can test any file you needed.

  5. m6242

    m6242 Active Member

    100 percent agree.
    I'm also able the test on an second MINIX X7 so tell us if you need help.
  6. otchill

    otchill Member

    If you need, i can help you to test beta version. Maybe we can reduce releasing time for beta firmware.
  7. Sleepy_Eyez

    Sleepy_Eyez New Member

    I would like that
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  8. ron

    ron New Member

    On 30 November HardwareGuru wrote:
    We will try pushing CE 250 within 2 weeks.
    There are still a few bugs to resolve that we did not expect.

    Since no word from the team on this subject anymore and people getting inpatient which I can understand as there is no progress being reported in any form.

    So looks like I'm going to ditch this box and find one that does work with spdif pass-through. Which is a shame as it was coming along so nicely.

    Anyway thanks for all support and effort on this forum!
  9. chr1s0fnak1

    chr1s0fnak1 Member

    Are you sticking with minix or broadening horizons. I still have my X7, upgrading to kitkat was a killer but I am relatively happy. Booting ubuntu from sd is ok but I just want stability within Android.

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  10. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

    I am not in a position to make promises, but I know that part of the development team is having a holiday and the decision was not to release 250 until their return.
    I would assume that it will be released very soon!
  11. MCJPT

    MCJPT New Member

    If you're having audio breaks with spdif pass-through I suggest that you download the 15.0 version of SPMC from here (it's based on kodi 15.0):



    It's from 25 July 2015 and it works good for me, although I haven't done any extensive testing.

    PS: You can install this version and keep the other xbmc versions installed you you want to.
  12. chr1s0fnak1

    chr1s0fnak1 Member

    Not sure if it has been covered but windows 10 driver's would be a bonus. I was frequently trying different roms but since updating to 10 my rom is the same. I want to come back to og minix.

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  13. Villa

    Villa Trusted Helper Super Moderator

  14. chr1s0fnak1

    chr1s0fnak1 Member

    Thanks Villa.
    I shall await and if kitkat 250 is released then dive in. Im sure it's going to be the best for X7.

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  15. ron

    ron New Member

    Cheers Villa!

    That is something we can understand, I would not have my holiday ruined as well ;-)

    It is always good to share something like a status as we can make or own plans accordingly
  16. ron

    ron New Member

    Not sure yet, there seems to be some issues with the X8 as well but I'm considering to give that a try.....

    Been there done it etc. but too much effort to switch from one to another... I decided to stay with the original i.e. Kodi as that is were the development will be in the future..
  17. cantenna

    cantenna New Member

  18. scrabble

    scrabble Member

    of course, I am very concerned about this vulnerability but also for the leaks involving the stagefright library.
    Hopefully with the elusive version 250 it is all fixed.

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  19. otchill

    otchill Member

    5 months was passed to release beta.. :cry:

    I hope that we dont need to wait another 5 months.. ;)
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  20. bartux

    bartux New Member

    Hi devs, thanks a lot for your work. I would like to beta test. I have a problem with: 'www.telecinco.es/endirecto'. Roughly only 1 of each 5 times I try to get the image I can see it, otherwise only audio and black screen. It's very annoying. I have official firmware 240. I have tested with Chrome (as described above) and Firefox (which just always displays an error). With lollipop or marshmallow on other devices the site always works fine.

    It seems that setting use overlay to 0 in the prop file helps. I have just rooted today to try this, otherwise the problem presents on a clean 240 system.

    Please keep us updated to the progress towards release 250. Thanks a lot.
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